Chapter 31.1

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The Treasury of Contracts, and Secret (1)
I’m so sleepy… it’s me, Alicetia, who doesn’t wake up well.
It seems that after the duel, I fell asleep before I could recover, and I was currently in the inn’s room. But even though I fumbled with my hands, I couldn’t find my wand where it should be.
Basically, I never give up my wand. I was taught to keep it with me when I sleep or take a bath for self-defense. So, not having my wand in an unusual situation made me uncomfortable. So, I reluctantly reached for the key that was hanging around my neck.

“Hear my wish. I ask you, door of the treasury that disappeared into the void, reveal your treasure to me for a moment.”

Then a gorgeous door appeared in front of me. The door was adorned with gold and silver, and jewels decorating every part of it. Then I sleepily inserted the key into the keyhole and turned it.
The door opened by itself, revealing a luxurious room inside. However, there was no money or jewelry in the room. Although it was called a treasury, I call it a hangar.

“Development number: Wand 1-1. Come to me, Dragon Wand.”

When I called for the wand I use, it emerged from the treasury, wrapped in cloth and amulet, and came to me. The door to the treasury closed and disappeared into thin air as I locked it.
I hugged my wand close to my body and tucked under the blanket. I’m sleepy, so I’m going to sleep again.

“… Wait a moment, please.”


Good night.

“… Please wake up!!”

It was too noisy, so I took off the amulet on my wand and formed a Fireball.

“Wha!! Seriously, please wake up, Ojousama!!”

So noisy. Sleep is important for ladies, and for children, it’s one of the most important factors in their growth, so I won’t allow anyone to interfere with that.

“I beg of you. Please wake up.”

It was too loud, so I moved the blanket away a bit violently and sat up in bed. Then I glared fixedly at the voice. If you are going to disturb my sleep with something trivial, I will order you to standby burnt black until the morning.


I turned my intimidating gaze at Alicia. She seemed to be shaking and shivering for some reason, but it doesn’t matter now. I glared at her with even more intimidation.

“… Please wake up… would you like to eat cookies?”

She fearfully offered me a plate with cookies on it… I was like a fierce animal in a cage being fed meat by hand, but the smell of freshly baked cookies made my stomach growl, so let’s eat.
By the way, I haven’t eaten lunch yet. I can normally last until dinner without eating, so if I’m getting hungry, it must have been quite a while. I feel like my magic power increased. My head hurts a little and I feel tired.


I chewed on a fluffy, crunchy cookie. The sweetness was just right for my taste buds. I don’t eat many sweets other than those made by Alicia, because the amounts of sugar the sweets of this world use is just silly. They give me heartburn and make me sick to my stomach.
After eating a few pieces, I finally woke up and noticed that there were other people around me besides Alicia. It seems that my brother was also in the room. He was leaning against the wall, seemingly thinking about something.

“Elder brother… Why are you here? Breaking into a maiden’s bedroom unannounced is an act that you should get kicked out for, you know?”


Elder brother didn’t say anything. However, he opened his closed eyes and looked at me. Not having an idea what he was thinking about, he spoke up.

“… I thought it was still too early. We are indeed a family, but it’s not like we talk about everything. Father and Mother, both as parents and the King and Queen of a country, must have many things they cannot tell us. I know they do evil for our country. I understand that. But Alicetia, what are you hiding? You were born too different from other humans. I and the others understood that, but no one said anything because we felt that if we asked you that, you would disappear from us. You can live anywhere, you can be anything you want with your intelligence, your magic, your skills, you can even be the Queen of Arland. But you won’t do it. I have seen the way you live your life. I have seen you live your life as a tool of the country. Sure, I’m the Crown Prince and you are the princess… so it’s not surprising that you would be used as a tool. But you have the ability to run away if you dislike it, and you have the intelligence to hide that ability, but you don’t hide anything… No, aren’t you hiding your true nature by not hiding it?”

… Hm? What is he talking about all of a sudden? Something I’m hiding… yes, there’s quite a lot. For example, my work shed is actually a camouflage for a (still unfinished) underground research facility that I’m building, or that I’m using magic to recreate something from my previous life, but I’m sure I have that completely covered up.

“What are you talking about?”

“Alicetia, you must have been too sleepy to see what was going on, but we saw what you did. We don’t know what it was, but I have a rough idea that what was inside was a weapon or something of similar kind, so it’s not like you weren’t creating a weapon, you were just not showing it. There’s no need to be anxious. I don’t believe you are planning a rebellion. I’m sure you have your own ideas as for why you have not revealed it to us until now.”

………… Crap. It was seen!! I have shown it!!… Wwwwhat do I do? That thing isn’t something I can keep in my own room. Showing something like a rocket launcher would destroy the fantasy this world has… it’s not something that appears in ancient times. No, if I’m caught making such a thing, I could be charged with treason. It’s OK to work hard for my country, but it’s not OK to be executed for a rebellion I didn’t even plan!!
So I’m going to pretend it never happened.

“… Good night.”

I said and crawled back into bed.

“You can’t. It’s obvious you are fully awake now. This is a good time, so please just tell us everything. As expected, we cannot overlook something like that.”

So it didn’t work!! No, failure is the source of success, and I know this because I have repeatedly failed to recreate things from my previous life in another world. I will have to get through this somehow, by deception or something.

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