Chapter 29.2

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Stomping Duel (2)
A was in front of me. But his appearance had changed.
At first, he was wearing expensive looking leather armor, but now he was wearing boots that seemed to be made of metal. I believe they were leather boots at first… and they had magic power. Has he changed into them? No, with this much magic power, I would notice it if he was just holding them… and I couldn’t hide my surprise when I looked at my arm.
My left hand, which had been under Protect, had been cut. The wound wasn’t deep. But, I was a bit surprised since his sword went through my Protect. As for pain? It’s nothing compared to the fight with the Ogre King. I can heal it later without leaving any scars. I could also feel an unusual anger and killing intent coming from behind me, but I ignore it for now.
Anyway, I understand that A’s attack is beyond my defense. And it’s not just his boots, but more and more of his body was covered with metal armor. Is it some kind of magic?

“This is a magic suit.”

A magic suit? That’s something I don’t know, let’s analyze that as well. Anyway, I understand that my previous actions won’t work anymore. I tried to use the Flame Lance, but it bounced off the armor. I can guess the strength of the fast equip magic, so I don’t have many expectations, but this magic suit armor is not compatible with me. I can win by making the entire training grounds disappear, but I can’t kill people, so how do you fight him? The impact from earlier undid all of my spells except the Full Boost, so these kinds of attacks won’t work on me again.

“Interesting… too interesting. A spell I don’t know. Tactics I don’t understand… show it to me all.”


My thirst for knowledge was satisfied. Studying abroad was not a mistake. No one can teach me magic, no one can teach me anything. It was just the royal education and no one showed me what I wanted. I like Alicia, but all she does is say no to everything I do. Although it is very constricting, I know it’s a because I have the power to hurt people, but all I could do was put up with this ancient measure. The knights could train by themselves. Elder brother could also practice on his own. But I couldn’t. I sometimes wondered why we were so different… so I took the liberty of reading my Mother’s grimoires. I wondered if there was something I could do on my own. I was sure that something I could do would come up if I walked my own path. I have knowledge of another world, so I should be able to make use of it. But I don’t understand anything and no one would tell me anything… Then I will just learn on my own. I won’t rely on anyone else, and I will turn other people’s knowledge and skills into my own power.

“That magic… you are wearing your own magic power… it not only strengthens your abilities, but also makes you resistant to magic and interferes with my defensive magic… the downside is that it consumes a lot of magic power, causing your magic power to leave your body every second, and you will completely run out in a few minutes.”

A’s eyebrows twitched when he heard the results of my analysis… though it was hard to see with his full-face helmet.

“Hoh, you understood it well, even though this was your first time seeing it. However, a few minutes is enough for me to defeat you. I have cut through your prided defenses, after all. I will make you kneel before me!!”

Mhm, I’m surprised that you were able to defeat Protect, but I’m feeling quite regrettable that you think this spells your victory. This is just the first, basic layer of defensive spells… well, you could say it’s the first layer, but it’s also my most profound, and the only defensive magic I have, though.
But if I use the maximum amount of firepower in my offensive magic, I will be exposed as a user of spirit magic, and I would scorch this whole area, too. Similarly to the battle with Coote, I have to minimize the damage to my surroundings.

“Should I aim to make him exhaust his magic power or to knock him down… anyhow, Hellfire Ball.”


The Hellfire Ball that I deployed from the magic circle without a chant blew A away. As expected, this seems to be working. It seems that there is a limit to his armor’s strength. In addition, although the Flame Lance doesn’t work directly, it makes him consumes his magic power by defending, so if I push him around with firepower, he won’t last more than a few minutes.

“It’s no useeee!”


As he charged again, I used Squall to send myself flying backwards and A to the other side.
As I thought, if I can keep my distance, I can’t lose. The only thing I want you to do is to quit slashing magic with your sword and charging at me with bloodshot eyes because it’s bad for my heart.

“You can’t beat me if you just charge at me in the blindly like an idiot. I suggest you relearn your tactics from scratch.”

“You, YOU, you bastard!”

No wonder I thought he was simple-minded, it’s probably because he lost it. I’m relatively calm. I would like to end the duel as soon as I’m done analyzing the magic, since my cut arm hurts thanks to it.
After that, I continued to blow away the charging A and shoot magic at him when I was out of his range. The strong point of this strategy was my chantless magic circle, so the spells could be deployed at high speeds. The only drawback was that it was not very cost-effective, since it took a lot of magic power to project a magic circle, which I had to imagine accurately at all times. In the event you have any questions regarding where and how to use it, please feel free to contact me. And I’m also worried that my body will get overloaded from overuse of magic… well, since I’m using Full Boost, I’m sure there will be a hell of a lot of suffering waiting for me after the duel, so I need to leave a minimum amount of magic power behind… so, I guess this is enough?

“It’s about time to end this. Sleep in serenity, so your nightmares can emerge, Nightmare.”

Here’s a brief moment of happiness for you…

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