v2 Chapter 27

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Hiiro (17)
“Masher Hiiro, welcome back. Naruhito’s complexion looks bad.”

“Ikumatsu. We encountered trouble. Naruhito had been shot in the leg. I brought him back only after they performed surgery without anesthesia.”


“I’ll leave the rest to you. Is it okay to lay him down in the usual room?”


Since the lights were on in the Japanese-style room, I peeked in, and Otoha was arranging food.

“We just got back.”

“Master Hiiro, welcome back. How is Naru?”

“He got injured in the leg. I’ll rely on you again.”

To prevent the commotion outside from being heard, Ikumatsu and Yoshino must have been working in the back room. It seems that she hasn’t noticed the visit from the Nijo family.
Peeking at the face of Naruhito, tears spilled down her cheeks.

“I’m glad, Naru. You came back.”


She sniffled, and her laughter turned into tears.

“I told you I’d be back by dinner. Hitachimaru is back too.”

As I walked down the corridor, Hitachimaru was coming towards me.
He picked up the crying Otoha and returned to the room.
After laying Naruhito on the usual bed, Ikumatsu examined him and then connected an IV while he laid face down.

“He protected his life… I’m glad he tried to live. I was worried because it seemed like he didn’t have much attachment to life… No, that’s not it. He seemed satisfied. Like he was willing to die anytime… Because he was spending his remaining time happily. I thought he might give up on his life immediately to protect something.”

Ikumatsu’s voice trembled, and tears welled up in his eyes.

“I want him to know that happiness is not only on this bed… the bruises on his back were maddening enough, but I was happy for him too. I thought he was doing what he wanted.”

Various words I wanted to say to Ikumatsu came to mind and then disappeared.
I simply patted his head gently. He opened his eyes in surprise, then laughed while shedding a few tears.

“I think it might be difficult for him to breathe while on his stomach all the time, so if you have time, please sleep together, holding him sideways. The IV is for nutrition, so I’ll remove it by the time you go to sleep.”


I wonder if Naruhito remembered the vow not to die easily, not to give up on living.
If so, I’m happy. While thinking that, I dropped a kiss on his slightly warmer forehead.

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