Chapter 97

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Virgo and Aisha
Thunder Sword Virgo.
A man belonging to th “Heaven’s Gate” guild.
Right now, he’s running inside the huge tree on the 46th floor of one of the seven great dungeons, “Great Dungeon of Aries”.
The one chasing him is one of Magic Ten Houses, the daughter of Kingsley House, Aisha Kingsley.
The country his guild attacked.
It is the place of Kingsley House’s stronghold.

Virgo retrieves spear from his item box, holds it in his hands and confirms the mana charge of the『Electric Lance』.
Until a while ago, the spear was stabbed into a place where the mana gathers inside the huge tree, the mana point, saving the mana in the spear.
In this world, weapons that can save mana are rare.
However, one of the guild’s members excels in weapon manufacturing, and the spear is an original weapon made by that person.
Thus, this spear is able to amass mana and demonstrating its full power is the result of Virgo’s ability.
His ability as an enchanted to bind lightning to his will.

When he checks the remaining amount of mana in the spear… it’s unfortunately not enough.
He set up a barrier as a self-defense mechanism around the spear which consumed a lot of mana.
He wasn’t worried because most monsters could be repelled by the barrier, but…
Seeing the scene when he went to the location of the weapon… it was those he fought yesterday.
Kingsley House, Dragonewt, Cat person, Ancient species… and the one he was searching for, the spirit of the huge tree.
It would be difficult to face them all at once, so he tried to eliminate the Kingsley girl first, but he failed.
Movement skills are the specialty of that house.

Because of that.
I’m running away from Aisha Kingsley now.
I broke the walls, soaked the passages with liquid, and aimed at them with a lightning attack, but it looks those fellows didn’t receive any damage.
I thought I could take them all at once… that was too optimistic.
However, other monsters got involved, and several got defeated.
It’s clear the lightning went through.

Virgo is running away inside the huge tree.
The reason is simple, both himself and his weapon are short on mana.
He’s running because he would have trouble fighting against the whole group.

When he glances back, he sees Aisha chasing after him.
But, she’s alone.
The others are chasing after him too, but they are quite behind Aisha.
It will take some time before they catch up.

He thinks here.
If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better to crush her here?
From the looks of it, the strong ones among them are the Dragonewt, Ancient species and the tree spirit.
He has the impression that the Cat person and the Kingsley girl aren’t that strong.
That being the case, he can’t miss this opportunity.
He’s currently low on mana, but he has enough to crush one person.
Deciding, he takes action.

Virgo stops and faces Aisha.
Thereupon… Aisha runs at him without stopping.

Aisha slashes her sword in a flash.
The moment you think she disappeared, her sword falls down at Virgo.
Instantaneous movement magic.
But… Virgo doesn’t panic.

Aisha’s sword passes through Virgo’s body.
Aisha opens her eyes wide in a startle.
On the other hand, Virgo is calm.

Aisha slashes again, but it goes right through Virgo.
Not a single scratch.

Aisha’s sword passes through once again.
Virgo’s body gets cut along the sword line, but it immediately restores.
With no blood showing, just white sparkling light.
Right now, Virgo’s body is a mass of lightning.

“A~n. Kingsley House’s girl. Have you finished?”

Aisha swings her sword in anger.
It goes through Virgo’s body.

“Stop trying the useless. Physical attacks won’t work against me.”

Virgo’s body has currently turned into the body of a spirit.
All physical attacks will slip through.
Aisha’s sword is the same.

She slashes again.
But, there’s not a single scratch on Virgo’s body.
His expression also doesn’t change.

“Stop it, it told you, stop wasting your stamina. It will be the same no matter how many times you try. That’s the difference between you and me.”

Aisha swings her sword, but it slips through Virgo’s body again.
Instead of slash, she stabs.
But… there’s no damage on Virgo’s body.

“Seriously… a fellow who doesn’t learn. You should have come with the other guys. To come by yourself… what a foolish girl. Since your foolishness won’t get cured even before death, at least die a noble death here.”

Virgo moves and brandishes his katana.
The katana is buzzing with lightning.
Crackling noises are escaping from the sword’s blade.

“This is the end.”

When Virgo swings his lightning katana at Aisha, the surroundings wrap with light.

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