Chapter 98

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Virgo and Aisha 2
The moment Virgo’s swings his katana at Aisha.
Aisha was waiting for that attack.
At the same moment, feels a counterattack coming.

There was an instant change of Virgo’s movements, but his sword slipped through Aisha.


Virgo feels a chill and instantly takes a distance from Aisha.
Aisha doesn’t chase.

(What’s the meaning of this…)

Virgo wonders.

(Just now, I have cut Aisha. Because it seemed as I would get counterattacked, I changed the trajectory of my thunder katana and cut her with the electric sword.)

(I can’t be sure, but… has that fellow noticed? That when I attack, I have to materialize… In other words, when I attack, my body must be ready to receive an attack back… That although I can’t get hurt by physical attacks while in the spirit form, I also can’t use my weapons…)

(No, more than that… I changed my attack and cut. It should be the same as struck by a lightning… yet why?

“Why have you not received any damage? You were cut by my katana.”
“I could ask the same.”

Aisha responds in a state of no surprise.
She retorts as if it was natural.
Seeing that, Virgo thought.

(This girl… why has she not received any damage. Besides, was attacking at the same time as me just a fluke?)

Virgo swings the thunder katana in his hands as if shaking his doubt.

(Well, I won’t understand from one try. Let’s do it again)

Virgo cuts at Aisha.
Aisha counterattacks at the same time.

Suka suka
Both swords slip through both bodies.
There is no change in the expression of the two.
Both are completely unhurt.

(There’s no mistake. She’s matching my timing to attack. Moreover, my thunder katana doesn’t work against this fellow. Even though she was hit by thunder. It should be same as getting hit by lightning… ridiculous)


“Why are you making such composed expressions?”
“I wonder why?”

Virgo observes his opponent.
He looks at the calm Aisha and thinks.

(Nonetheless… lightning doesn’t work… there’s not the slightest change in her expression. In addition, I don’t smell the burning scent from the lightning. I don’t think that Aisha is turning into a spirit like me, but… Oh well, let’s try it out with a physical attack)

When the thunder katana is swung, a white blade of light attacks Aisha.

Aisha dodged the attack, but the white blade destroyed the ceiling.

The pieces of ceiling assault Aisha, but…

Shun pasu
Aisha isn’t at that place anymore.
She instantly moved away.
She moved away with the instantaneous movement skill.

(She dodged the rubbles and the physical attack… In that case, physical attacks may be effective. But, there are too many unknowns. I should withdraw at once. Since the weapon and spiritualization consume mana, there are many uncertainties with the present mana situation. Fighting prolonged battles with low mana will eventually exhaust my mana, and I won’t be able to spiritualize anymore. Besides, if the battle gets lengthy, her friends will appear, and the troubles will increase)

Virgo quickly takes a distance.
He observes Aisha again, but there are no changes.
After all, if black smoke doesn’t appear, she didn’t take any damage.

When Virgo looks around… his eyes stop at certain something.

(That is… I can use that. At any rate, I have to recover my mana quickly. To begin with, I didn’t have sufficient mana, and a lot was also consumed during yesterday’s battle.)

He swings his thunder katana and breaks a wall… the sap spurts out.
The sap spreads everywhere, even Aisha’s body is covered in sap.

When Virgo continues in destroying walls… with a buzzing, butterfly-like monsters came out.
Their number is countless.
There was a monster nest inside the wall.
The human-sized butterfly monsters swarm Aisha.
They go straight for her.
The monster that is attracted by the smell of the sap is this very butterfly monster.

“Go play with monsters.”
“Wha, you bastard.”

Virgo flees to the inner part of the huge tree to secure mana.

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