Chapter 96

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Thunder Spear 2
The moment Aisha confirmed Virgo’s appearance, she instantly went for the kill, but.
A line of light was fired at even faster speed.
Virgo swung his katana.
When that guy swung his katana, a line of white light came flying.

A white line, a powerful lightning attack.
That lump of lightning doesn’t aim at Aisha.
It hits the huge tree and destroys the ceiling.
Virgo creates a wall between him and us.

The figure of Virgo can be seen through the gaps of the cloud of dust… he’s collecting the spear.
He puts the spear into an item box.
He looks at us and grins.

“Laters, I have retrieved what I came for.”

Virgo fades to the inner part of the road.

“Nu, he ran away.”
“Deshudeshu, are we returning deshu ka, Chasing deshu ka?”
“I will chase ahead!”
“Eh, wait, Aisha.”
Shun bashu
The ceiling is still continuing to crumble.
Despite pieces of ceiling falling, Aisha disappears.
She must have used the teleportation-like move.
I can see Aisha’s figure ahead.
She’s in pursuit of Virgo.

If it’s like that… we should too…
“En-san, Ado, we are chasing after Virgo!”
“Me too.”
Their spirit is plentiful.
Oops, before that.
We must secure the pitch-black smoking Chiko.
I don’t know what would happen if we leave her here.
She may get squashed under the crumbling ceiling.
“En-san, I leave the completely exhausted Chiko to you.”
“Leave it to me.”
En-san carries Chiko on his shoulder.
“Ado, dog mode please.”
Ado turns from person to dog.
I get on Ado’s fluffy back.
“Going deshu yo~”
“Nu, chasing.”
Zaza zaza zaza
We run inside the huge tree and chase after Virgo and Aisha.


Zaza zaza zaza
We run inside the huge tree.
Virgo seemed to run while attacking.
Most of the roads inside the huge tree are destroyed.
A light drifts from the destroyed walls.
This presence… mana?
The light sphere floats…
Mana is surely leaking from the broken walls.
In addition…
A liquid is gushing out from the walls.
Puddles deep enough to reach ankles accumulated here and there.
Liquid inside a huge tree… this is… water?

Kunkun kunkun
Ado’s nose twitches while running.
“Good smell deshu~”
My nose twitches too.
A sweet scent drifts from the liquid.
“Certainly~ A melting scent.”
“Hmm~ deshu~”
Peropero peropero~
Ado stuck out her tongue and skillfully licked the liquid while running.
Peropero peropero~
The end of her tongue rolls, scooping the water as if using a spoon and she drinks it.
A method the dogs use to drink.
This is unique to dogs who don’t have hands to hold a cup.
Even humans know how hard it’s to drink without using hands.


“Sweet deshu~”
“Nu, indeed!”
En-san flying next to us is also licking the liquid while carrying Chiko on his shoulder.
“Certainly… sweet.”
En-san praised it.
Finally, I scoop the water with my hands and drink.
Sasu gokkun
“R, really… it’s sweet.”
It’s sweet and delicious.
What is it~ it tastes familiar?
The smell of forest on a summer day.
That thing.
The smell drifting from trees on a summer day.
Sweet liquid flowing from trees…
Perhaps, is this…

A liquid that insects love to drink.
It’s no wonder there’s so much sap considering the size of this tree.
The method of creating the sap is…
Using the water and air obtained from roots and the surface as ingredients, the leaves photosynthesize using solar energy, producing carbon dioxide and sugar.
So, when the sugar moves inside the tree, it comes out on the surface, creating sap.
When considering that, it’s not strange that it’s sweet.
It’s sugar after all.
“It’s the sap, after all.”
“That’s probably it.”
But why… is the sap flowing out?
The sap is certainly flowing in plants, but this is overflowing.
From what I can see, Virgo may have been attacking places where the sap was flowing.
It’s as if he was destroying it intentionally and scattering the sap.

The next moment.
I could feel faint numbing on my hand with which I picked up the sap.
A bad feeling.
I noticed.

S, shit.

“Everyone, quickly separate from the liquid. Move on the land!”
“Nu, leave it to me.”
En-san and Ado quickly move away from the sap.
Right after that…
Instantly, smoke fills the surroundings.
Black smoke emerges from the place where we had been just a moment ago.
The sap burns, releasing a sweet smell.

“Virgo sent lightning through the sap.”
“That was close deshu~”
“Nu, as expected of Lord. Such awareness.”
“Just a stroke of luck.”
Well, it was because I felt something strange.
Perhaps Virgo sent a bolt of faint lightning as a test first.
To find out how much force he should use.
If he didn’t do that, we would get hit.

Now then.
I hope that Aisha didn’t receive any damage from that attack…
While anxious, I hoped for her safety.

Zaza zaza zaza
We advance through the huge tree with the lingering sweet scent.
Looking at the passing scenery, there are places with cuts.
Aisha and Virgo may be moving while exchanging blows.
We hurry up while watching the cuts.

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