Chapter 95

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Thunder Spear
When we enter inside… there was a plaza.
A spear-like thing was struck in the center.
It’s buzzing with lightning and shining brightly.
“Nyanya, pikapika nya~”
Chiko jumps out with sparkling eyes.
The cat people may be attracted by shiny things, huh.

“Watch out!”
I shout at once.
I sense a strange sign.
It was at that moment.

Biribiri biribiri zudodododododo!!!

“Nya, nya, nyasu~n!”
Chiko became charred.
Her entire body is smoking and lightning is jumping out of her.
She seems to be paralyzed.

“A, are you okay?”
“Nya, nya, nya… nyasun…”
Her voice somehow came out, but she suddenly collapses.
It seems she lost her consciousness.
Her cat stache is broken to pieces.
“Nu, pathetic nou. This is why the cat people are…”
En-san moves at high speed and secures Chiko.

Biribiri biribiri zudododododo!!!
The lightning struck En-san who’s carrying Chiko on his shoulder, but his scales are hard.
Juwa~ smoke is coming out of his body, but he’s not faltered at all.
With a nonchalant look, he returns with Chiko to us.
“En-san, there’s smoke coming out of your body…”
“What, it’s alright. It just tickles a bit. It’s nothing compared to the lighting from the lower floor.”
“As expected deshu.”
“This are the scales of Ancient Dragon, huh… I see.”
Aisha admires.

En-san lowers Chiko onto the floor.
The completely exhausted Chiko stretches.
Her shock resistance may be low.
I heard that cats dislike lightning, so Chiko may be the same.
But, however.
Thanks to Chiko sacrificing her body, I have understood.
As long as the spear is there, we can’t advance through the plaza.
If we advance, the lightning will come flying.
En-san is fine because of his scales, but we would have most likely a hard time.

Also, what concerns me… why is that spear here?
It’s pierced in a huge manmade object.
It’s obvious that it’s not something that happened naturally.
Then, someone must have stabbed the spear there.
“En-san, do you sense magical power of that fellow, Virgo?”
“Nu, it’s coming out of that spear.”

As expected.
That lightning spear…
There may be something that he wants to keep secret.
Virgo didn’t use the spear when we fought, but it must be one of his weapons.
In that case, it may be better to destroy the spear first.

“Let’s destroy that spear. If it carries his presence, we may get some clue.”
“I agree.”
“Ado too deshu~”
“Let me assist you. At this distance, I will be able to approach the spear without getting hit by lightning.”
Which reminds me, Aisha can use a teleport-like move.
We may have to rely on her in this matter greatly.
It would be best to destroy it in one blow, though…
The possibility of getting shocked in turn is high.

“Let’s destroy it as safely as possible. Destroying it from a long distance should be safe.”
I pull out the revolver magnum from my waist.
Kuru gacha
Body strengthening bullet, Moon Bullet load & fire.
Ban ban
I shoot myself and strengthen my body.

Kuru gachan
Next, I load the Salt Bullet.
The opponent is a spear.
Not a living thing, but a metal weapon.
Rather than the Blood Bullet which is effective against living organisms, Salt Bullet’s effect may be higher.
If it goes smoothly, the spear may rust and break.
I aim at the spear and… fire!
Ban ban ban
The Salt Bullets hammer into the spear.
Biribiribiri bashu bashu bashu
The lightning bursts out and a small explosion occurs in front of the spear.

“Nu, the vicinity of the spear is apparently covered in a lightning barrier.”.
“Deshu ne~ If I squint my eyes, I can see a thin, transparent film deshu.”
“A kind of barrier magic, huh.”
Fumufumu, a barrier, huh.
I think about Aisha’s remark.
With the established barrier… thrusting in would be meaningless.
But, just how strong is the barrier?


“I will try again.”
This time, I increase the number of bullets shot.
With more bullets, it’s possible that one of them could go through.
Ban ban ban ban ban ban
The Salt Bullets shoot towards the spear.
Biribiribiri bashu bashu bashu bashu bashu bashu
Lightning bursts out again, and a small explosion occurs in front of the spear.

“They were all stopped by the barrier.”
“Deshu ne~ Bashubashu deshu~”
“Nu, that’s a seemingly strong film.”
“Yes. There seems to be a certain degree of strength. It may be difficult to break through even if you continue shooting.”
Then, should I try a different bullet?
Salt Bullet is not able to breakthrough.
There are three more bullets I can test.
Blood Bullet.
Bone Bullet.
Poison Bullet.
The speed of the bullet is the same for all.
Because of that, I don’t think it matters which bullet I shoot, but… let’s try all of them for now…
While thinking so.

“Nu, leave it to me. I will push through with power.”
En-san moves in front of us.
Because he was hit by lightning just a while ago, the smoke is still coming out from his body.
“You sure? En-san.”
“What, it’s simple. I just have to receive a small shock.”
Pyon, pyon
En-san jumps up and down on the spot…
He faces the spear.
And at tremendous speed.
Biribiri bashu
En-san receives a lightning attack and smoke rises from his body.
But, En-san continues charging forward without minding it.

When En-san approached the spear, just a few meters away from the spear.
En-san’s advancement stops as if he hit an invisible wall.
A film can be clearly seen around the spear and En-san is caught up in a lightning attack.
Echoes of electricity resound, and En-san gets entwined in a white net-like lightning attack.
However, because En-san got entwined, we can finally see the true shape of the barrier.
Moreover, a small gap has been opened.
A gap enough for a human to pass.
It seems possible to pass through now.
En-san opened us the way.

“Deshu~ A hole deshu.”
“Right. It may be possible to approach the spear now.”
“Then, I will go.”
Before I could respond…
Shun bashu
Aisha who was next to me disappeared.

The next moment.
As if teleporting, Aisha entered the barrier.
She’s in front of En-san.
She surely entered through the gap En-san has created.
Thereupon, Aisha’s skill may not be teleportation, but rather a high-speed movement skill.

Aisha drew her sword inside the barrier, but the lightning doesn’t come.
The inside of the barriers appears to be safe.
Gashi gashi gashi
Aisha swings her sword and attacks the spear.
Receiving continuous attacks, the barrier appears to be weakening.
As proof, the barrier starts fluctuating.
The lightning net is getting thinner.

Gashi gashi gashi
The moment the barrier breaks…

Zudodododododododo basha~n!
The lightning twinkles.
Suddenly, the huge tree’s wall breaks.
A line of lightning suddenly appears from within the destroyed wall.
That lightning obviously aims at Aisha.

I shout.
Just before the lightning hit Aisha.
Suta bashu
Aisha barely gets out of the way.
No, she vanished.
I confirm Aisha’s safety in a far away place.
She looks at the direction of the destroyed wall.

A shadow appears from the settling dust.
That man has appeared.
Thunder Sword Virgo.
“A~n, I missed~ I thought who came uninvited, so it was you guys after all. To break into someone else’s place…”
He is holding a lightning katana in his hand.

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