Chapter 94

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Virgo’s Whereabouts?
“Nu, you have finally returned.”
“Nyanyanya, Tokukawa has come back nya~”
Chiko, En-san and Aisha.
Looks like everyone is here.
“We went for a walk. So, why has every gathered?”
“Apparently, En has discovered a likely place the enemy could be hiding nya.”
“Is that true, En-san?”
“Nu, finding likely places one could hide in is an easy task for me.”
“If that’s the case, we should all go take a look. I have been chasing him for so long, I won’t let him escape this time.”

Aisha is fully motivated.
But, I stop her.
“Wait a moment, Aisha. Impatience is forbidden. There’s a potential of it being a trap. Let’s take it slowly and carefully.”
“But, if we take our time, that fellow might escape. Just like yesterday.”
That is possible.
Even though he was a disadvantage against all of us, he still escaped.
In that case, should we charge in immediately or…
Let’s attack first.
Surely… that guy is the type who will fight even if he’s ambushed.

“All right, let’s go, everyone. But, be careful of his attacks. His movements are fast and physical attacks won’t work on him because he’s an enchanter.”
“Nu, my skills are itching to be used after so long.”
“I, I… I’m good house-sitting nya. I will guard our home nya.”
“Chiko, it will be more dangerous to stay alone. Can you defeat him alone?”
“Nyanya, I will go with you, after all, nya~”
“Ado too~ Ado too~ Fight deshu.”

Everyone is full of fighting spirit.
“En-san, please guide us.”
“Nu, leave it to me.”
We follow En-san to a likely place Virgo is hiding at.



The place En-san leads us to is… the base of the broken huge tree.
There’s still considerable height when I look down.
The huge tree’s height and greatness make me feel amazed again.
En-san, is it in here?」
“Nu, that’s right. That fellow is going in and out of the huge tree. Seriously, what a shrewd fellow.”
“If that’s the case… it makes things quite difficult.”
“What, just get on me.”

En-san turns into the big dragon form…
“W, what, w, why did a dragon suddenly appear in this place!”
Aisha draws her sword.
Which reminds me… We haven’t explained it to Aisha yet.
“Aisha, that’s En-san, it’s all right.”
“Right nya~ En has transformed nya~”
“Deshu yo~”
“I, I see… Is that so? It’s a dragon, you know?”
Aisha lowers her sword in puzzlement.
She stares at En-san with hesitation.
As expected, she can’t understand something so abrupt.

“Alright, everyone get on.”
Sutasuta Sassa Sutasuta Sassa
We all climb on En-san’s back.
No, Aisha is late.
She might still be surprised by En-san’s dragon form.
He looks quite scary visually after all.
“Aisha, here, over here.”
“Y, yes… I’m coming.”
I extend my hand to Aisha and she climbs up.

“Now then, everyone is on. I’m going.”
Zaza Zaza Zaza
En-san flaps his wings and starts flying.


Byu~n Byu~n
“This is… dragon…”
We approach a cross-section of the huge tree on En-san’s back.
Aisha absentmindedly trembles in fear at her first dragon ride.

Ahead of us is… water and nourishment passages.
I can see several passages.
“En-san, can you tell which hole the enemy is hiding in?”
“Nu, believe in me.”
En-san approaches one of the holes and enters right away.
It’s a big hole that even En-san in his dragon form can easily enter.
It’s of a considerable scale.
I think it’s even larger than the undersea tunnel between Aomori and Hokkaido.

En-san advances and then he lands on a thin branch road.
We all get off.
En-san transforms back.
“He’s in here. I have felt his magic power in here.”
“Nyanya, as expected of En.”
“Ancient Dragon, huh… it’s different from the rumours.”
“En is amazing deshu~”
“Nu, it was an easy task for me.”
“Good, let’s advance carefully.”
We advance further.



The surroundings inside the huge tree are full of walls.
It somehow resembles the underground cave of the huge tree.
The reason for that is…
“Mana is beautiful deshu ne~”
“Nyanya~ The mana is overflowing nya.”
It’s filled with mana light.
Although the tree is broken, it seems that mana is not disappearing immediately.
Although there’s no mana outside, the inside is overflowing with it.
When I touch the mana…
Suu~ the mana enters my body.
My whole body overflows with power.
“Nyanya. Tokukawa nya.”
“Goshujin-shama, amazing deshu.”
“As expected of Lord.”
“Tokukawa, you can absorb the mana?”
“Yes, probably… I think I can.”
I should be able to absorb mana after my evolution.
Rather, I have evolved after absorbing mana.
I haven’t touched mana after that, but it seems like I’m able to still do it.

“Lord is special.”
En-san looks proud.
Aisha is considerably surprised.
“Indeed, I thought that you are not an ordinary fellow, as expected of Tokukawa. You stood on equal ground against Virgo yesterday, after all.”
“You overestimate me. We didn’t come to a conclusion yesterday.”
“No. You wouldn’t be able to fight against that Virgo if you were ordinary.”
“Is that so?”
I’m not sure because I don’t understand the power relationship above the ground.
I haven’t seen Ado’s and En-san’s full power, but I think they are stronger than me.
I think that Chiko is also considerably strong.
She came all the way here alone after all.
Also, as a member of Magic Ten Houses, Aisha shouldn’t be any weaker.
There are only a few feelings in me that say I’m strong.

“I’m still only a fledgling of Kingsley family. Although I do not stand a chance against the strong ones at the top, I’m viewed as strong to the rest of the world. I’m certain that someone who can fight against Virgo is among the top of the ranking.”
“That is good.”
I may not be troubled once I get outside.
When I let my guard down in relief…
“Nu, Lord. We will soon enter a room. The presence of his magic power is close.”
En-san says in a serious tone.
“Alright, be careful, everyone.”
I hold the revolver in my right hand.
I choose the Moon Bullets.
To make sure I can increase my physical strength at any moment.
I won’t be able to fight against him without Moon Bullets if he uses his enchants.
I brace myself and prepare for battle.
After we make preparations, we enter a spacious room.

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