Chapter 93

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Bunny Fur
“Goshujin-shama~ Goshujin-shama~”
While I was resting at our temporary residence… Ado finally returned.
It’s full of energy Ado-san.
“What is it? Ado.”
“I have picked up this.”
What Ado holds in her hands is… a pink fur.
I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere before…
Is this perhaps…
A fur of the pink Mr. Bunny?
It looks like the hair of the pink bunny who guided me around the huge tree.

“Ado, this, where did you find this?”
“Umm~ That way deshu.”
Ado points at the direction of the hole that Mr. Bunny guided me too.
“Was there perhaps a hole or a room nearby?”
“It was empty deshu yo~”
“I see~”
I thought that maybe the dome room would be there, but…
It doesn’t look like it’s still there.
When I receive the fur from Ado and touch it…
It’s an ordinary fur.
Because there’s no blood on it so it probably wasn’t forcefully torn off.
Why such things were there is… a mystery.

But, it may be better to take a look at the place where Ado picked the fur up.
There might be something important left behind.
“Ado, won’t you take me to the place you found the fur?”
“No problem deshu, this way deshu.”
I follow Ado.



“Over here deshu.”
The place where Ado took me to is indeed the place Mr. Bunny guides me yesterday.
It’s the entrance to the dome room.
The hole is not there anymore, but it was there just the night before.

When I touch the wall… I feel nothing.
It’s a normal wall.
Nothing happens even when I pour magic in and when I search with magic.
It only tells me that it’s a normal wall.
“Ado too deshu~ deshudeshu~”
Ado petapeta touches the wall, but finds nothing as expected.
“Ado, how was the fur dropped?”
“Umm deshu ne~ Like this deshu.”
Ado energetically falls on the ground and plays dead.
She closes her eyes “Suu~ Suu~” and exhales.
Looks like she will fall asleep at any moment.
But, I have understood something.
It was heading towards the direction of the hole.
It’s like it took off its fur and quickly entered the wall leaving the fur behind.
Almost as if it left behind the fur as a scapegoat.


But… Indeed, I don’t know the details.
No, wait.
It might be turn of that gentleman at a time like this.
I thought about calling that gentleman after a while.
Well then, Appraisal-san, your expert opinion, please.


Others: Moon Bunny’s Fur
Description: Fur of a Moon Bunny. Valuable material.

Apparently, that pink bunny is called a “Moon Bunny”.
Bunny of the moon, huh?
The one who would take care of making rice cakes in the old folklore?
Also, the dome room in the hole showed pictures related to space, right?
Certainly… that was Mars… I don’t think it had anything to do with Moon, but.
The mystery just keeps on deepening…
I have thought this before, but that recording seemed somewhat familiar.
I wonder why…
Where have I seen it before…
I feel like I have seen it somewhere before…

“Deshu? I fell asleep deshu.”
Looks like Ado woke up from her nap.
“Then, let’s return to our room, everyone might have already returned.”
“Deshu ne~”
I and Ado return to our room.

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