Chapter 92

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When I wake up.
Everyone was already up.
Waking up without Ado’s Peropero alarm somehow makes me feel lonely…
It seems everyone already went out.
No one is in the room.

When I go out…

Aisha is there.
“Morning, Aisha.”
“Tokukawa, good morning.”
Aisha returns greeting politely.
But, she’s restlessly swinging her sword.
She might be still bothered by letting Thunder Sword Virgo escape.

Something is on my mind.
When Aisha stabbed him, her sword just slipped through.
That is baffling.
Virgo himself said “Sword doesn’t work against me”.
Something like that is… strange.

“Aisha, just who is Thunder Sword Virgo? He had some strange fighting techniques. Your sword slipped through him, right?”
“That guy, huh… he’s a rare type of mage, an Enchanter.”
“Yes, that’s right. He’s a mage who possesses spirits in his body in order to fight. I’ve heard it’s a variation of summoning magic, but since Enchanters are so rare I don’t know much.”

Is that so?
The moment he shouted “Elemental Enchant, Raijuu”.
His power certainly increased.
Raijuu must be one of the spirits he possesses in his body.

“Then, about your sword slipping through?”
“It’s probably because of high integration with his spirit. I’ve heard it’s called a Unification… The mage would integrate his body with a spirit nullifying physical attacks.”
“How troublesome…”
“Then, about spirits… Raijuu? He shouted that.”
“Most likely. I’ve heard that everyone in his guild is an Enchanter. They attacked my country to look for valuable spirits in order to possess them in their bodies. Raijuu is most likely one of the stolen spirits.”
“So that’s why… he mistook me for a spirit of the huge tree, huh.”

Aisha san looks at me.
Her expression changed as if a fog has cleared up.
Did something happen?

“That makes sense. The reason he came into this dungeon. His purpose was a spirit after all. I’ve heard about a Spirit of the huge tree before…”
“Spirit of the Huge tree?”
“Yes. There are old rumors about spirits living in huge trees, the rumors also say that miraculous thins happen when you come across them.”
“What do they look like?”
“I’m certain it was… a mysterious reflection or… a talking rabbit… and so on.”


I might have met the Spirit of the huge tree.
Was the pink Usagi-san the spirit of this broken huge tree?
It has also shown me some strange images after all.

Huh, wait a second.
Rather than that…
“Does that mean I am being targetted by Virgo?”
“Yes. Tokukawa, are you not a spirit?”
“No, not at all. I’m originally a vampire.”
“Is that so… But, Virgo doesn’t believe that, right? He will certainly try hunting you down.”
“Right. From our talk, it doesn’t seem like he’s someone who can be convinced by words.”

The battle yesterday started so abruptly.
I think the same thing will happen next time I meet him.

“But, please rest assured. It’s just my opinion, but there is a way to defeat Virgo even if he’s unified with a spirit.”
“What do you mean?”
“Spirits are not invincible. Everything except physical attacks should work. Besides, these guys are hunting for spirits, which means they had to defeat the spirits first.”
“I’m glad. That he’s not an invincible opponent.”
“However… Raijuu is dangerous. It’s pretty formidable. I can’t get discouraged.”
“Me too, huh…”

Yesterday was somewhat evenly matched.
Obtaining some kind of game-winning skill might be necessary.
Which means… developing a new type of bullet or…
I might be able to obtain it once I evolve again.
Either way, I need opportunities for my growth.
It’s a powerful opponent in a while.
I’m itching to put my skills to use.

“Aisha, let’s defeat Virgo together.”
“Yes, Tokukawa. I will accomplish my mission. I’ve chased this guy all the way to this dungeon, after all.”

I and Aisha shake hands.

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