Chapter 91

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Thunder Sword Virgo 2
Lightning flows all over Virgo’s body.

“Aah. The tingle feels good today~ With this, it’s your end!”

Virgo stoops down and readies his sword.

Suddenly a slashing attack flies above my head.
The distance immediately closed.
I’m glad I avoided it reflexively.
It would be really dangerous if my body wasn’t hit with Moon Bullets.

“O~u. You could dodge that~ As expected of a spirit.”
“I told you that I’m not a spirit.”
“Aah, lies! There’s no way you could be a normal monster or a person with such power, right?”
It’s hopeless.
I’m completely misunderstood.
I would get hit by his attack faster than I could clear the misunderstanding.
In that case.
I have no choice, but to fight.
I have no choice, but to exterminate my opponent.

Ban Ban Ban
I move at high speed and shoot Bone Bullets at Virgo.
Sa Sas Sa
He avoids all the bullets.
The opponent’s speed has increased.
This is bad.
This battle… might get prolonged.

Virgo attacks me with his sword again.
Biribiri Biribiri
When I avoid the sword.
I hear the sound of burning.
Something is burning.
I’m sure that the air is getting burned.

“Tch, missed aga~in. What a nimble fellow.”
“You too~”
Ban Ban Ban
I shoot bullets at him, but.
Sa Sa Sa
Virgo splendidly dodges them.
Looking closely, his feet are releasing lightning.
This might be what enables him to move so fast.

Ban Ban Ban
The exchange of attacks and defenses continue.
We attack each other without being able to land the hit.
A high-speed battle.
The attacks repeat continuously.






“Nu, who is that fellow Lord is fighting against?”
“What nyan~?”
“That is… Virgo! I have finally found you.”

Reinforcements have arrived.
My companions have gathered.
Our room is quite close after all.
It was only a matter of time for them to notice this loud fight.

“Aah. A group, what?… That is… Dragonewt. Also an ancient species, nekomimi and Magic Ten Houses, huh. Tch, now’s a bad time. The charge is insufficient.”
Virgo makes a distance between us.

A high-pitched sound.
“Stop right here, Virgo! How dare you do that to my country!”
Aisha teleports.
She shortens the distance instantly.
The same mysterious technique she used the first time we met.
When I notice.
Aisha already stabs towards Virgo.

“An? Kingsley house’s ojouchan huh, you did well chasing me this far. But, I don’t have the time to play with you.”
“Shut up!”

Aisha’s sword strikes Virgo, but.
Even though it looked like he would get hit.
The sword just slips through.
There’s not a single scratch on Virgo’s body.

Aisha is shocked.
Because of that.
She stopped her movements for a moment.
“It’s like that. Your sword won’t wo~rk on me. You had worked hard to reach this far, but… farewell!”
Virgo’s sword attacks Aisha.

Ban Ban Ban
I shoot the Bone Bullets.
Ado spits out a fire.
En-san charges at Virgo at a terrific speed.

Virgo senses our attacks.
And separates from Aisha at once.

He made an adequate distance.
He’s smirking at Aisha.
“You got saved, Aisha. I will take my leave today. See ya~ Farewell!”
Virgo disappears with a small explosion.
It might be some kind of teleportation technique.

“Ku, even though Virgo was right before my eyes… I let him escape.”
Aisha feels frustrated.
She sticks her sword into the ground.
“Goshujin-shama~ Are you all right deshu ka?”
“Nu, that was quite a strong person.”
“Nyanya, that fellow is dangerous nya~”
Everyone gathers around me.
Ado gently pats my back with her paw.
“I’m all right, no injuries. Although it’s the same for that guy.”
“Deshu ka~ I’m gladeshu.”
“Nu, Lord’s not injured. You are quite good~”
“I’m sleepy nya~ It’s middle of the night nya~”
That’s right.
Chiko and Ado are dozing off.
It should be better to let them sleep.
We return to the room with the frustrated Aisha.

And then. We decided to sleep.
Anyway, because of Virgo being around, it’s necessary to stand on guard.
This time, En-san has volunteered to stay awake.

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