Chapter 90

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Thunder Sword Virgo
I look at the man.
He’s a young man.
A man somewhere between 10-20 years of age.
A handsome face with a mole around his eye.
The so-called ikemen.

“Aah. Huge tree Mr. Spirit yo~ Give me the crystal? You have it, right?”
What is he talking about?
I’m not a spirit of the tree and I have no crystal.

“I’m a different person. Aren’t you mistaking me for someone else?”
“Aah. Liar. You are not a person, right? You are not a monster too. I can tell from the aura. You are stronger than the floor master, right?”
Certainly, right now I’m a “Baby Angel Vampire”.
I’m an angel race, I think.
I think I am different from other monsters.
It wouldn’t be weird to mistake me for a spirit.
I have no clothes after all.

“Certainly, I’m not normal. But, I’m not a spirit of the huge tree.”
“Aah. Doubt! Shameless liar~ Do you think you can deceive the Thunder Sword Virgo?”
T, this fellow is…
Aisha’s enemy.
Certainly, he gives off a dangerous aura.
His sword is crackling since a while ago.
That’s definitely that.
Flowing lightning.

“You have the wrong person. Well then. I will excuse myself.”
Sutasuta Sutasuta
When I carefreely leave.


I move my body at once.
The place I stood just now is charred and crackling.

“Tch. What a quick fellow.”
Virgo mutters.
His sword is shining with lightning.
It seems like I was attacked all of sudden.
What a fellow!
Surprise attacks are cowardly!

I instantly make a distance between us.
The opponent’s attacks are unknown, getting close is dangerous.
I pull the revolver from my waist.
There were many battles, but.
It has been a while since I fought myself.

I have 5 types of ammunition.
Blood Bullets.
Bone Bullets.
Salt Bullets.
Poison Bullets.
Moon Bullets.

Kuru Gacha
I load the barrel with bullets.
The one I chose is the Blood Bullets.
After driving into the opponent’s body, it will disturb the blood flow, making it explode.
Since the opponent is human, the effect should be sufficient.

I point the muzzle at Virgo.
And take aim.
“Spirit… you have an interesting weapon.”
“Virgo, you have mistaken me for someone else, if you don’t walk away, I will drive the bullet into you.”
“Aah. Threatening me? You have some nerve. I will be your opponent. I intended to hunt you anyway.”

I and Virgo face each other.
The night wind falls on two people.
The moment he started to move his hand towards his sword.
Ban Ban Ban
I shoot the Blood Bullets at him.
Kan Kan Kan

He flicked off all the bullets with his sword.
He flicked them off.
To think there would be a guy who could defeat bullets with a sword…


This is not the time to be surprised.
I’m in the middle of a fight.
Kuru Gacha
I quickly switch the bullets.
Body strengthening bullets, Moon Bullets.
Ban Ban Ban
I shoot myself.

“Aah, what are you doing~ Is self-harming your hobby?”
Virgo is surprised, but.
The energy inside my body is activated.
The cells in my body are activated.
I feel the rise in my physical ability.
This opponent…
I don’t think I can handle Virgo under normal conditions.

Kuru Gacha
I load the barrel with Blood Bullets again.
And then.
I start moving at high speed.
“What! This movement… tch, that thing just now was strengthening magic!”
I move around Virgo.
He grasps his sword and stands in place.
It seems he’s waiting for me to attack without moving himself.
In that case.
I will pay him a visit with my bullets.
Ban Ban Ban
I shoot the bullets while moving at high speed.
My own speed is added to the bullets.
The bullets are three times faster than before!

Ban Ban Ban
I greet him with Blood Bullets while running.
Kan Kan Bashu
Virgo reflected two bullets with his sword, but.
One made it home.
The bullet pierces his body.
There doesn’t seem to by changes in his blood flow.

Oh well, whatever.
It’s good as it is.
I will continue firing bullets at him just like that.
Ban Ban Ban
I shoot Blood Bullet repeatedly.
“Aah, eei, how restless!”
Kan Kan Bashu
Virgo’s sword resists the bullets, but…
One bullet made it in again.
Looks like he can’t keep the speed of my bullets in check.

I’m concerned about why the opponent’s blood flow doesn’t change.
It seems like the Blood Bullet’s effect is not effective on him.
Although he is not a monster.
The blood affinity should be working.
In that case.

Kuru Gacha
I exchange the bullets.
I load the barrel with Bone Bullets.
Bullets which make the opponent’s bones to bloat.
With this, it’s decided!

Ban Ban Ban
I aim at Virgo and shoot.
Kan Kan Bashu
One hit.
Virgo’s wound should have bloated, but…
The bullet instantly charrs and disappears.
It broke into small fragments and disappeared.

What’s going on…
Why are the bullets not working…
“Ahh. You keep attacking me with strange things!”
Virgo’s expression didn’t change.
I feel the calmness in him.
There are no traces of him being injured by my bullets.
“To think you could make me become sl~ight~ly serious. Well, you are a spirit, can’t be helped.”
Virgo brandishes the shining, crackling sword.
And shouts!

―――”Elemental Enchant, Raijuu!”


A sudden gust of wind arises around Virgo.
He gets wrapped in the crackling lightning.

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