Chapter 89

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Pink Bunny 2
“Suu~ Suu~”
“Suu~ Suu~”
“Suu~ Suu~”
I hear everyone’s sleeper’s breath, but.

I can’t sleep!
I can’t sleep at all!
I couldn’t yesterday, and I can’t today.
I can’t sleep even after entering the futon.
I idle around without being able to sleep.
I get out of the futon and get down from the bed.
Tekoteko Tekoteko
I leave the room and get exposed to the night wind.

Zaza~ Zaza~
The night wind blows.
I look at the broken huge tree.
It’s a seriously huge tree.
To think a tree like that could be broken.
I’m still surprised.

While exposed to the night wind.

It’s the pink bunny.
It’s Mr. Bunny!
The one from yesterday.
He appeared again.
It seems that yesterday’s event wasn’t a dream.


The bunny bounces on the spot.
His rabbit ears cutely shake as if inviting me.
The bunny is full of spirit.
He’s inviting me with unsteady movements.
Can’t be helped~
Should I follow him again?
They might be something again.

Sutasuta Sutasuta
I follow the bunny.


The bunny jumps up and down.
When I dash after him.
The bunny’s pyonpyon speed increases.
I can’t get close.
After all, he keeps a fixed distance between us.
When I stop, the bunny also stops.
It’s probably the same bunny from yesterday.


We slowly advance with the bunny in the lead.
Along the way.
I find a stone.
Hiyoi Poi
I pick it up.
And throw it towards the bunny.
Sasa Bakon
The bunny smacks the stone back with his tail.
It nearly hit me.
So close, so close.
That was a close call.


I pull myself together.
While following the bunny.
We arrive at the tree hole again.
There shouldn’t be a hole in this place.
I follow the bunny in while thinking about it.


A space filled with fluffy mana lights.
Indeed… this is probably the same place as yesterday.
In addition, the huge tree is losing mana.
The lost mana may be right in front of my eyes.
Is the lost mana gathering in this mysterious space?


We have arrived at the dome-shaped room.
The light is gathering in the middle of the room.
At the planetarium-like projector.

Gacha Gacha Gacha
With cog-wheel sounds, the room becomes dark.

Pyonpyon Doka
The bunny tackles the projector again.

A projection is reflected on the ceiling.

It seems the projection continues from yesterday.

・Red soil and sand planet. A place similar to Mars.

・Cities under domes connected with tubes.

・People are living under transparent lids.

・Mars’s surface gradually changes.
Lakes covered by tubes and domes start forming.

・A meteorite directly hits one of the domes.

・It seems that the dome was abandoned because of the serious damage it received.

・After that, domes and tubes were directly hit by meteorites several times.

・Then, something flies through the planet’s sky… Bako~n!
Something flies up and destroys the incoming meteorite.

While looking at the projection.
I start dozing off.
I became slightly sleepy.
I’m not good with science videos.
I become sleepy watching NHK programs late at night.
I may be sleepy for the same reason.

Karakarakarakara Katan
The projection disappears again.
The room becomes pitch black again.
Looks like it’s over for today?

Because lights returned immediately yesterday.
They will probably return again.
While keeping still…

As expected, the light has returned.
Because it’s the second time this happened, I wasn’t surprised by it.
When I look around.

It’s Mr. Bunny
The pink bunny is near.
It’s carrying the projector on its back.

As expected.
The bunny is putting away the projector.
It stares at me.
His rabbit ears are bobbing.
His mouth is clapping, but.
I can’t hear what he’s saying.
I’m going to approach in order to hear it.


The bunny enters a wall and disappears.
He went straight into the wall.
Just like a ghost.
Together with the projector.

The hell!?
I’m surprised.
I touch the wall the bunny disappeared through.
I can’t pass through.
It’s just a wall…

W, why…
What is happening?
I look around the wall for a while, but.
I’m not able to find anything.
Then, I thought.
I pour magic down my hands, but…
As if the wall was covered with some kind of shield, I can’t feel around.
I can’t force my magic to flow to the huge tree.
S, something like this…
Never happened before.
Just what is happening in this place?

Peta Peta
I tried it several times, but…
This won’t do.
I didn’t succeed at all.
My magic can’t pass through.
Why is it?

I won’t understand even if I think about it.
Since I have been loitering around the dome room for a while.
I decided to return back.
In the overflowing mana’s light.
I walk towards outside.

I went out.
A feeling of freedom.
I stretch my body.
The night wind feels great~

While thinking such.

“Hee~ So you are~ this tree’s spirit, huh? I was looking for you~ Finally found you.”

Come again?
A man laughs while looking at me.
A dangerous-looking man carrying a sword.
Pachipachi, the sword occasionally sparks with lightning.

The man smiles at me.

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