Chapter 88

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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When we return to the room in the huge tree.
Chiko and En-san were already there.
It seems that they have just returned from the investigation.
“Nnya. Nyanya!? Magic Ten Houses nya.”
“Nu, looks like she came to have a match with me.”
The two react after seeing Aisha-san next to me.
En-san immediately enters a battle mode.
“Wrong deshu yo~ She became a friend deshu.”
“Right, right. She’s looking for a certain person so she will stay with us for a while.”

I explain to Chiko and En-san.
That Aisha-san is searching for a Thunder Sword Virgo.
“Nyanya, the ‘Heaven’s Gate’ are super dangerous fellows. I’ve heard about them nya.”
“Nu, I don’t know, but if he can clean this huge tree, he’s a suitable challenger.”
Chiko trembles in fear.
En-san trembles in excitement.
Two contrastive people.
“Well, that’s how it is, please take care of me, everyone.”
“Best regards nya~ Aisha.”
“Nu, respect me.”
“Please take care of us.”
The self-introductions finished.

Aisha-san looks around the tree room in bewilderment.
“Bed, futon, also this room…”
“I made it with my skill.”
“I, is that so… You have quite the talent, Tokukawa.”
“I will make your bed Aisha. Wait a moment.”
“I see. Thank you.”

I arrange the blood and bones and activate the skill.
“Blood Bone Alchemy.”
The bed was made.
I retrieve a futon set from the item box and put it on the bed.
“Here you go.”
“N, yeah…”
Aisha looks at me while blinking her eyes.
What’s the matter?
Is alchemy rare?
“Tokukawa, you use quite a strange skill.”
Is it about the alchemy?
“Is that so? I thought that alchemy wouldn’t be that rare, though.”
“No, alchemy certainly isn’t difficult. But, only a few can use it to this extent. Most alchemists can create only things of a cup size or fix broken things. Creating a product from raw materials… I haven’t seen anything like that before.”

Is that so?
Because this is a world of magic.
I didn’t think that alchemy would be that difficult.
“Also, Tokukawa. One more thing?”
“You seem to be using alchemy without a formation, how is that possible? Normally, an alchemist would be able to practice alchemy only after drawing a formation.”
Magic circle?
A drawing with many weird symbols and signs?
“This is my original style, though… I haven’t seen other alchemists before.”
“Is that so… the most famous alchemist would draw blueprint-like formations on the ground in order to practice alchemy. Without that, they won’t be able to do anything. I’ve heard that sometimes a person that can use alchemy without formations appear. Still… they are definitely not at your level.”
A formation, huh~
It might not be bad to try it out.

“Besides, from what I can see you are using blood and bones, right?”
“That’s right.”
“Yea, I see… that… may be quite dangerous.”
“Blood and bones. Alchemy without formations. Some knowledgeable people may regard Tokukawa as dangerous.”
“Dangerous, me?”
“That’s right. If you have this much skill. People will start thinking that you will try taboos like human alchemy. Tokukawa, so far, you haven’t done human alchemy, right?.”
Something like that?
As expected, human alchemy is taboo even on this world.
In Japan, experimenting on humans should be prohibited.
I’ve heard about crossbreeds like chimeras.
“Of course not.”
“I see, in that case, it might be better to not show your alchemy in public. Especially if you get interested in human alchemy and people become aware, you may attract some bad people.”
“I understand. I will do that.”
I obtained good information.
If I practiced alchemy in public without knowing.
I might have got myself into big trouble.


After that,
Aisha sits on the bed.
She relaxes.
“By the way, what are you doing about dinner? Are you going to hunt?”
“That’s right. En-san and Chiko already went, they will return soon.”
“I intended to participate in the hunt, would it be all right to tag along tomorrow?”
“You don’t have to worry about food.”
“Thank you.”
Aisha bows her head.
A dignified attitude.
She’s a knight alright.



After that.
We ate a dinner, then went to sleep.

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