Chapter 87

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Magic Ten Houses Again
“Goshujin-shama~ I’m entering the fruit deshu~”
Ado enters a husk of huge fallen fruit.
She just entered the fruit.
Yet she seems to be having so much fun.
She’s smiling from ear to ear.
It may feel like being wrapped in something comfortable.
And above all.
Ado who entered the fruit is adorable.
“Goshujin-shama too deshu~”
M, me too?
I also should enter inside?
What should I do~
Somehow, looking at Ado having so much fun.
Is making me want to enter too.

I will do it too.
Let’s do that.
I enter the nearby fallen fruit.
It’s quite pleasant.
Just as Ado said.
It’s making me comfortable, at peace.

Gorogoro Gorogoro
“Deshu~ Going deshu~”
Ado rolls the fruit from inside.
Korokoro she lightly rolls it.
Ado steadily separates from me.
Isn’t that dangerous?
She continues rolling like that…
It would be serious if she fell down from the huge tree.

I have to stop her immediately.
I get out of the fruit and chase after Ado…
Wait, wait a second.
I can’t move.
I can’t get out.
I’m stuck in the fruit and can’t get out~
My body was an exact fit.
Jasuto fitto. [Perfect fit] This is bad…

“Deshudeshu~ Too fast deshu~”
Ado is steadily moving away.
Looks like she’s having fun.
She looks happy, but… she’s in danger.

Can’t be helped.
If it came to this…
There’s no helping it.
Gorogoro Gorogoro
I decided to roll too and chase after Ado.
While stuck in the fruit.




Gorogoro Gorogoro
“Deshudeshu~ High-speed deshu~”
“Ado, that’s dangerous.”
I pursue Ado while rolling in the fruit.
I’m dizzy, my head is spinning.
I feel sick~

“It stopped deshu~”
“M, me too.”
It seems we have hit something and stopped.
That’s great.
Peace of mind.
I’m glad we didn’t fall from the huge tree.
Good grief.

A sound of impact…
The fruit around me and Ado breaks.
A sense of freedom after what felt like a long time.
How refreshing.


Then, in front of me is…
A familiar person in knight equipment.

“What. So the talking rolling fruits were you two.”

In front of me is.
Magic Ten Houses, Aisha Kingsley.
The person who blew away a huge Tortoise-san just yesterday.

I hold Ado under my arms.
I quickly make a distance.
I feel Ado’s warm and fluffy temperature under my armpit.
But, it seems the opponent doesn’t seem to be vigilant of us.

Aisha takes off the helmet.
Gold hair streams down.
A woman has appeared after all.
No, would a girl be more suitable?
A European-like blond-haired female knight with a dignified aura.

“You guys, what happened to the other two? Nekomimi and Dragonewt? Aren’t you together?”
“They are probably near deshu yo~”
Ado answers before me.
Having Ado talk is making me slightly uneasy.
“I see, I see. I have greeted you quite dangerously yesterday. After thinking about it carefully, I couldn’t think of you as enemies. I didn’t feel in danger.”
I’m glad.
She might have understood that we are not enemies.
I feel relieved for the time being.
“What are you doing at a place like this, Aisha-san?”
“Hm? I? I’m chasing after a certain person.”
“Deshu? Who would that be deshu?”
Ado asks full of curiosity.
Aisha sighs deeply at Ado’s question.
She starts talking in a serious atmosphere.

“One person from the guild which ruined my country. They destroyed the whole country with just five people.”
“C, come again? Something like that…”
Aisha is from Magic Ten Houses.
From Chiko’s words, they should be quite a powerful family.
Yet they with just five people… is that even possible?
“Who is that, that fellow?”
“The guild’s name is ‘Heaven’s Gate’. One of them went inside this dungeon. I came in pursuit of that man. You guys haven’t possibly met strange fellow?”

A strange fellow…
The people I met so far.
En-san, Chiko, Marilyn, and Sage El Jiisan.
If you think about it, they are all strange people, but.
I haven’t heard about a man Aisha is chasing.
She must have mistaken us yesterday.
That’s why she probably attacked us.
Then, the only candidates would be El Jii and Marilyn.
Marilyn is a female. And El Jiisan is a member of a former hero party.
“Did not meet deshu.”
“Hmm, I also think so.”
Aisha-san didn’t seem much disheartened hearing our response.
She might have expected that.

“I see… there are traces of him…”
Aisha-san looks at the broken huge tree and mutters.
Surely not…
This huge tree…
“Aisha-san, those traces you are speaking of…”
“Yes, this huge tree. The one who broke this tree is the man I’m chasing after. ‘Thunder Sword Virgo’. This clean cut is definitely a work of that guy.”
This fellow…
If he can do this to the huge tree.
He must be quite a powerful person.
“Amazing deshu ne~ That person.”
“Yes, considering just strength he’s quite amazing. But, he’s someone I must defeat. For that reason, I have traveled from afar all the way here to this dungeon.”
“But, what is this Virgo’s purpose?”
“Deshu~ Is he a woodcutter deshu ka?”
“I don’t know much. It’s certain that he entered this dungeon in order to obtain something. Because other members also seem to have entered different dungeons.”
Aiming for something in dungeons?
What would that be?
I doubt he would cut the huge tree without a reason.
They might be a reason he cut it.

“By the way, what are you guys doing at a place like this?”
The question has been reverted to us.
“Investigation deshu~”
Ado answers reflectively.
Aisha asks curiously.
I will explain.
“We are checking whether the broken tree will somehow affect the dungeon.”
“I see… A tree of this size could cause an accident because of the amount of mana it posses. I will participate.”
Ado tilts her head in puzzlement.
She’s surprised.
I’m also similarly surprised.
“Thunder Sword Virgo is most likely on this floor. I think that the huge tree is the key. It may be possible to find him quicker if we stick together. How about it? You might get attacked by Virgo after all.”
If that’s the case, having Aisha-san on our side would be safer.
Having a person who knows the enemy would be nice.
It’s decided then.
“I don’t mind.”
“Ado too deshu~”

“Then, please take care of me.”
I, Ado and Aisha shake hands.
In this way.
Magic Ten Houses.
Aisha became our companion.

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