Chapter 86

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Fruit and Dream
Is this possibly?
“Goshujin-shama~ It’s morning deshu yo~”
When I open my eyes.
Ado with bobbing dog ears.
“Good morning deshu.”
“Morning. That…”

When I look around.
The outside is bright.
It’s already morning it seems.
I don’t see En-san and Chiko around.
“The two went for a morning stroll deshu~”
“I, I see.”
The two are so energetic right from the morning~
I bring Ado down from my bed.
And stretch myself.
Ah, I slept well.
Somehow, I feel very refreshed.
My mind is clear.

“All right, Ado, let’s have breakfast.”
“Deshu ne~”
I and Ado share a breakfast.




After a short while.
En-san and Chiko return.
Both of them look cheerful.
“Early morning running nya~”
“Nu, you are not my match.”
Looks like the two had a good morning sweat.
They look refreshed.
Their ears are standing tall.
“How lively.”
“Deshu ne~”

Chiko and En-san already had breakfast.
Both of them are holding a big fruit in their hands.
“So, what is that?”
“Nya? Fruit nya~”
“I also have one.”
“Looks delicious deshu~”
“Nyanya, this is hard so it can’t be eaten nya.”
“Then, why do you carry it?”
“You use it this way nya~”

Chiko leans on the fruit.
She balances while lying on the fruit.
How dexterous.
“Nyanya~n. You play like that nya~ It’s quite the fun nya.”
“I can do it too.”
Gorogoro Gorogoro
En-san and Chiko are balancing on the fruit.
It’s similar to a balance ball.

“Ado too~ Ado too~”
Chiko hands a spare fruit she brought to Ado.
Gorogoro Gorogoro
Ado is quite dexterous too.
Demi-humans may have a good sense of balance.
While looking how cheerfully they are playing.
I somehow started wanting to do it too.
In that case.
Gorogoro Gorogoro
I get on the fruit.
Seems good.

Gorogoro Gorogoro
We spent the morning hours.
Balancing on the big fruits.





After finishing lunch.
We resumed the examination of the huge tree.
The same way we did yesterday.
Chiko is investigating.
En-san patrols around the neighborhood.
I and Ado sometimes investigate while taking a walk.

And because of that.
I went to see the hole the pink Usagi-san guided me to, but…
It’s empty.
There’s isn’t even a trace of the hole.
Nothing is there.
It was dark yesterday so this might be the wrong place.
That shouldn’t be.
This is strange~
I think this is the right place, but…

While in thought.
“Goshujin-shama, what’s the matter deshu?”
Ado makes a curious face.
She seems to be very interested in my behavior.
“Hmm. I saw a hole ever there yesterday, but. There’s nothing here.”
I explain honestly.
“Deshu ne~ That’s strange deshu.”
Pafu Pafu
Ado lightly punches the surface of the huge tree.
It’s Ado-san’s paw punch.
“As expected, huh~”

I also touch the surface of the huge tree, but.
It doesn’t look like something’s there after all.
I try putting both my hands on the ground.
And feel around the huge tree.

Tsu~n Tsu~n Tsu~n
It’s the same as any other place after all.
Just a tree.
I can’t confirm a cavity inside.
Why is it?
Was yesterday’s event just a dream?
I might have actually slept in the bed.
I feel like that.

“Well, it might have been a dream. Or it might not be the right place. Let’s take a look around?”
“Deshu ne~ Ado also had a dream deshu.”
Ado also has dreams?
Ado is a dog-eared ancient species.
“What did you dream about~?”
“Deshu ne~ I was on an adventure in a place with red soil and sand deshu.”
Red soil…
Red sand…
The video I saw in the planetarium.
It resembles the projection.
“Ho~u. What kind of place was that?”
“Extremely large red plains deshu. Occasionally, there were towns under big domes deshu yo~”
“I see, I see.”

Very similar to the projection I saw in the planetarium.
Why did Ado have such a dream?
I’ve heard that dreams might be reflections of memories.
If that’s the case.
Has Ado seen Mars somewhere before?
“What deshu?”
“Dou you know about the place you saw in your dream? Its location?”
“Hmm, deshu ne~ Don’t think so deshu yo~”
I see~
Well, yeah.
Ado lived on the 50th floor of the dungeon after all.
In addition, I don’t know how dreams actually work.
“Alright, Ado, let’s take a look at other places.”

We continue our walk.

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