Chapter 85

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Huge Tree Screen
After following the bunny.
To a dome room inside the huge tree.
Stars reflect on the ceiling… no.
It’s a video.
A video starts playing just like on a cinema-like screen.

I lie down on the ground.
And watch the picture reflecting on the ceiling.
The video resembles a video I have watched in a science class in the old days.

・A picture of the universe.

・Countless stars.

・Brightly shining sun.

・Is that… Saturn?

・And that would be… Venus?

・A picture of planets flowing one by one.

・Before long, the focus switches on a single planet.

・The Red planet, “Mars”.

・Eventually, the surface of Mars reflects on the ceiling.

・I can see many large ditches.

・The mountains and valleys of Mars.

・Before long, the picture focuses on the ground.

・The red soil and sand are dancing.

・The time passes…

・Oh. Something is flying in the sky.

・A spaceship lands on Mars.

・An astronaut sticks a flag into the ground.

・Dodododo~ The astronaut immediately returns back to the spaceship and flies away.

・The flag on Mars’s surface flutters.

I stare blankly at the picture.
It’s somehow making me sleepy.
I might have felt the same way when I was watching the science class video.
I continue gazing at the video while lying on the ground.

・A spaceship has arrived again. It’s a bigger one this time.

・People start coming out one after another. They put down some kind of containers and build a house.


・The number of houses increases.

・A town was built inside a large dome.

・The people live inside the large dome. They seem to be farming.

・After a while, the number of large domes on Mars increased.

・They increased rapidly.

・Tubes are connecting the domes together.

・The domes and tubes cover Mars.

Karakarakara Katan

The video suddenly stops.
The video disappears and the room becomes dark.

While thinking about what has happened.
I restlessly look around.
It’s ridiculously dark.
It seems that even the mana’s light has disappeared.
It’s so dark I can’t see anything.

First of all.
I must look for something that gives light.
The pitch-black darkness is making me uneasy.
Sutasuta Sutasuta
While walking in the darkness.
A sudden noise and light returns.
The soft and fluffy mana starts shining again.

The projector in the middle of the room has vanished.
In addition.
I can’t see the bunny around.
The pink bunny has disappeared.

Where did you go?
Also the projector.
Did the bunny carry the projector out?

I look around the room, but there’s nothing.
This room is a dead-end.
There’s no hole the bunny could pass through.

Can’t be helped.
I decided to return back unwillingly.
Sutasuta Sutasuta
I leave the hole and step outside.
I feel like it was a long time since I was outside.
The night wind is tickling me.

I return back.
To the room I made inside the huge tree.
“Suu~ Suu~”
“Suu~ Suu~”
Ado, En-san and Chiko, everyone is asleep.
I enter my bed.
And unlike before, I fall asleep instantly.







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