Chapter 84

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Pink Bunny
“Suu~ Suu~”
“Suu~ Suu~”
It seems that everyone fell asleep.
I hear sleeper’s breaths from the beds.

I’m not able to fall asleep for some reason.
I can’t sleep no matter what.
I’m idling on the bed, but.
Why is it?
My eyes are open wide.

Can’t be helped.
I get up from the bed and leave the room.
I went to get exposed to the night wind.
I’m limited only to this when I can’t sleep.
It might have been like this even before coming to this world.
A habit from the previous world?

Zaza~ Zaza~
The wind is blowing.
We are now in the broken part of the huge tree.
Although the tree is half-broken, there’s still a considerable height from the ground.
Because of that, the wind is quite strong.

It’s a good wind.
A comfortable feeling lands on my skin.
While being exposed to the night wind.


Something moves in the corner of my view.
What is it?
When I look closely.
W, what…

―――It’s a Bunny!

It’s a pink-colored Bunny.
Mofumofu pink color.
It’s pyonpyoning on top of the huge tree.
It has a certain mysterious feeling.
I’m like a rabbit attracted by the moon.
The pyonpyon rhytm is fascinating me.


The Bunny started to walk.
No, wrong?
It’s started bouncing around.

What to do~
I feel like it might be bad to chase after it alone.
The night is so dark after all.
It would be serious if I lose my footing and fall down the tree.
A night journey is dangerous.

But, you see~
I’m interested~
Let’s chase.
Let’s chase after the bunny.
It will be all right if I’m careful enough.


I start chasing the bouncing bunny.





The pink bunny advances smoothly.
Its movement is quite fast.
When I approach it with a dash, the bunny would dash and pyonpyon too.
But, conversely.
When I slow down or stop.
The bunny would pyon slowly or pyon in place.

Why is it?
How mysterious~
What about it?
That bunny.
I feel that the bunny is matching my movements.
I’m also matching its movements, right~?
A mysterious bunny.

In that case.
Zaza Suton
I pretend to run and suddenly stop.

Pyonpyon Pyo Suton
The bunny starts running and suddenly stops.
The movement was slightly awkward.
“Owaa!” that surprised me, that kind of feeling.
It seems it got surprised by my sudden movement.
The bunny looks at me.
I have a feeling that it’s making a somewhat angry expression.
Because it’s rabbit face, I can’t tell well.
Intense bunny.

Sutasuta Sutasuta
I start walkign without minding.



The bunny advances.
I also advance.
I thought.
Where am I going?
This me…




After walking for a while…
A hole in the huge tree?
Was there such a thing?
I should have been walking around here before, but…
There shouldn’t be a hole here…
Was it my imagination?


The pink bunny enters the hole.
It’s waiting for me to enter the hole.
It’s rabbit ears shake.
What should I do?
Should I enter~?
To be frank, I’m at a loss~
I feel like I shouldn’t be entering.
It’s a sensible thing to do, but.
I also feel that I shouldn’t turn around here.

It’s the same feeling I had in Anima Temple and the mysterious restroom…
Deep inside me.
My soul is tickling me.
“Don’t enter that place” it’s whispering to me.

Let’s enter?
I have come this far after all.
It’s a pink bunny after all.
It does not feel dangerous at all.
Tekuteku Tekuteku
I enter the hole and follow the bunny.




Inside the huge tree.
Probably because it’s filled with mana…
It’s quite colorful here.
Light and fluffy spheres are floating around.
The mana density seems quite high.


The pink bunny advances.
It’s moving to the depths of the hole.
I continue following it.
We reach a very bright room.

This is…
Reasonably large room.
The light gathers at a part of the room.
When I look closely at that part…
There’s a pedestal…
On top of that, a projector?
It feels like a projector in a planetarium.

I look carefully around.
This room is a dome.
It’s similar to the construction of a planetarium room.


The pink bunny moves.
It tackles the projector.

Gacha Gacha Gacha
Mechanical noises.
With the sounds of cogwheels turning around, the room darkens.

Karakarakara Karakarakara
The projector on the pedestal lights up and images start projecting on the ceiling.

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