Chapter 83

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Yakiniku Sauce
“Unya~ The noise is quite terrible nya~”
Chiko groans while looking at the gathered data.
Her tool is buzzing noisily.
“I haven’t found an enemy.”
En-san sits down and caresses his tail.
We have gathered again.
Ado sits down quietly.

“Chiko, have you figured something out? Although the huge tree is broken, I hope is not some kind of bad effect.”
“Unya~ In the current situation, I can’t say anything nya~”
“What do you mean?”
“The mana was in disarray while I tried to examine it nya~”

“But, even if it’s disarranged, it doesn’t mean that there’s an immediate danger nya~ It may calm down over time nya~ But nya~”
“Is there something?”
“This is just my estimation nya, but I think that there’s not enough mana nya~ The mana is flowing to some unknown place nya. A great quantity of mana is most likely missing nya.”
“Mana’s destination, huh…”
Because the tree is this huge.
It should have an enormous amount of mana.

“I’m feeling it too. I sense something bad.”
“Ado too~”
It’s so after all.
Everyone seems to have the same concern.

“Then, it would be better if we investigate thoroughly.”
“Right nya~!”
“I also approve.”
“Ado too~!”

The objective has been set.
But, since it’s already late~
Let’s rest for today.

But, however.
What to do?
I feel like this is not a good place to camp.
The huge tree’s skin is spreading in front of me.
Part of it is split open.

That’s right.
Let’s do that.
I retrieve blood and bones from the item box.
I line them up on the ground and touch the ground with my hands.

“Go, goshujin-shama?”
Everyone looks around restlessly.
I pour magic into the ground.
I use that skill.

“Blood Bone Alchemy!”

A room is created inside the huge tree.
I changed the structure of the wood and create a room with alchemy.

“All right~ Let’s spend the night there today.”
“As expected of Lord.”
“Nyanya~n. Sleeping outdoors evaded nya~”
We enter our new room.




When I enter the room.
I quickly pull out futons out of the item box.
Because I made beds with Blood Bone Alchemy before, I also quickly pull them out.
The sleep preparations are complete.
Only I am in the room right now.
As for everyone else…

“Big catch nya~”
“Ado also worked hard deshu~”
“Hmph, you are not my match.”
They went hunting for food.
They are carrying a monster similar to a boar.
Wondering what it is, I quickly appraise it.

Race: Wild Boar
Level: 3
Description: Wild Boar. Be cautious of charge attacks.

I’ll be darned~
It’s a normal wild boar.
The same old wild boar.
I was expecting that it was some kind of monster, but it’s a normal wild boar.

“Then, let’s have a meal.”
“Deshu ne~”
“Me too.”
“Leave the wild boar here.”
The wild boar is placed right before me.
I prepare the wild boar with a knife I made with Blood Bone Alchemy.
I take out the internal organs and bones.

After that.
I prick the meat with big skewers and stick them into the ground.

“Then, Ado please, medium, don’t burn it.”
“I want rare.”
“I also want medium nya~”
“Deshudeshu~ Fireee~!”

Ado’s fire magic explodes.
The wild boar cooks instantly.
A fragrant smell drifts around.

“Alright, looks good~”
“I’m drooling.”
“Nyanya~ Me too nya~”

I take the skewer.
And bite the wild boar meat.

Chiyu Chiyu

The meat juices are overflowing.
Because the meat was alive just a moment ago, it’s overflowing with juices.

Mushamusha Mushamusha


“Ho~u. This is quite delicious.”
“It’s overflowing nya~”
“Ado also thinks it’s delicious deshu~”

Everyone looks pleasured.
I’m glad you like it.

Chiyu Chiyu

I also eat meat steadily.
Then I remembered.
Wasn’t there a way to make the meat even more delicious?

From the item box.
I retrieve out a certain bottle from the item box.
That’s the “Yakiniku Sauce”.
I have bought this with Online Shopping.
I drip the sauce over the meat and bite.

Chiyu Chiyu

Too delicious!
I double the amount of sauce on my wild boar.

“Kuuuuu~ Delicious.”
My voice comes out unconsciously.
“Nu, Lord, what is that? I can smell a nice fragrance?”
“Ado too~ Ado too~”
“I want some too nya~”

I haven’t intended to monopolize this.
Let’s share the deliciousness with everyone.
“Here you go. If you drip this over your meat, it will become even more delicious. It’s a magical liquid.”
I hand them the “Yakiniku Sauce”.
Everyone drips and eats.

Mushamusha Mushamusha

“Gu, what’s this! A shocking deliciousness!”
“Nyanya~ It’s melting nya.”
“Ado too~”

Everyone eats the meat with overjoyed faces.
Good grief.
It seems they have fallen under the “Yakiniku Sauce” magic.
How troubling.
It better not become a habit.

Mushamusha Mushamusha

Mushamusha Mushamusha

Mushamusha Mushamusha


Yakiniku Sauce.
I gave them another bottle.
Well, I bought quite a few so there’s no problem.

“Here, but you are not supposed to put so much on the meat.”
“Nu, is that so?”
Everyone makes a puzzled expression.
It seems they don’t understand the meaning behind my words.
I must explain here.
“Too much is not good for health. Use it moderately.”
“Nu, I understand. This deliciousness. I guessed there would be side effects.”
“Ado also understands deshu~”

Our meal continued.

Mushamusha Mushamusha


Mushamusha Mushamusha


Mushamusha Mushamusha


And then.

“”””That was a delicious meal!””””
We have become full.
It was a good dinner.
Thank you.

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