Chapter 82

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The Broken Tree
We arrive at the base of the huge tree on Ado’s back.
It’s necessary to go up from here.
Which means… En-san’s turn.
“Nu. My power is needed?”
En-san transforms into the big dragon form.
We climb up on En-san.
Well then.
Let’s get to the top of the broken tree.

“I’m going, hold on.”
Basabasa Basabasa
En-san flies up.
To the sky.




Basabasa Basabasa
Superexpress En-san.
We rise at incredible speed.
Soaring through the sky at great speed for an unknown reason.
“I’m the dungeon’s strongest!”
En-san is in high spirits.
We are chilly.

[After the high-speed flight]

I’m still alive.
That was close.
In the middle of the way.
I really thought I was going to die…
We somehow arrived before I noticed.
We have arrived safely.

The huge tree’s slit is right in front of me.
“How was it? My flying technique?”
En-san looks proud, but…
Ado next to me is in a completely groggy state.
She’s swaying back and forth.
She’s wobbly.
“Uuuuuuuuuu~ I feel badeshu~”
Ado looks sick.
Her face looks terrible.
Somehow, both her ears and tail are hanging down.
Her fur is also disarranged.
“There, there, Ado, try breathing like this, Suu~ ha Suu~ ha, it’s better to get the fresh air in.”
“De, deshu~”
I pat Ado’s back.
On the occasion, I fix her disarranged fur.

“Suu~ Ha~ Suu~ Ha~”
Ado’s chest moves greatly.
She’s breathing in the fresh air.
Yep, yep.
“That’s right Ado, just like that.”
“Suu~ Ha~ Suu~ Ha~ Deshu.”
Yup, yup.
It’s better to breathe more to refresh yourself.
If head refreshes, the sickness should also cool down. “Good, good.”
Suu~ Ha~ Suu~ Ha~”
I pat Ado’s back.
Her warm body temperature transmits to my hands.




After a short while…
Ado is looking much better.
Her complexion has recovered.

“Suu~ Ha~ Suu~ Ha~, Suu~ Ha~ Suu~ Ha~ …… Suu~ Suu~, Suu~ Suu~ …… zzzzzzz.”
My, oh my.
It looks like Ado has fallen asleep.
Her squishy cheeks move up and down.
She’s breathing comfortably in her sleep.

“Tokukawa nya~ I will investigate so you can take it slowly nya.”
“Nu. Leave the lookout to me. I will patrol around.”
“Then, I will be depending on you.”
I decided to take a rest with Ado.
When I look up, the huge tree enters my view.
The tree is cut open, I can see the insides.
Water might have been flowing through there until recently.
A tree cavity is visible.

“Suu~ Suu~” I think while patting the sleeping Ado’s back.
This tree is really large.
Outrageously huge.
Because the tree is split open, I understand the size well.
To fracture a tree like this.
How much strength is needed for that?
I can’t even imagine.

Well then.
Should I take a look around?
Ado is sleeping comfortably.
She probably won’t be getting up anytime soon.

Let’s do that.
Yeah, yeah.
I carry Ado on my back.
I hold her firmly.
This is a dungeon after all.
Although Ado is plentily strong.
I can’t leave Ado alone while she’s asleep.

Sutasuta Sutasuta
I walk at the top of the tree.
After taking a closer look at the slit… it’s perfectly split.
A beautiful slit.
It’s cut rather well.

I admire how nicely it’s cut out.
I look at the clean cut.
The tree’s surface is not destroyed.

When I touch the tree’s skin.
I see.
I feel a life force.
Looks like mana is still circulating.

Let’s check it out a bit~
Chiko is investigating, but I may be able to find something too.
I was able to investigate the 48th floor’s tree fairly well.
I’m doing it.
I concentrate.
And probe the huge tree’s mana.

Tsu~n Tsu~n Tsu~n
I feel the huge tree’s mana.
I feel an incredible amount of mana flowing through the tree.
But, it feels different from the Wyvern’s tree.

Tsu~n Tsu~n Tsu~n

[During Mana investigation]

The mana is in disorder.
Because the tree is broken right in the middle, the mana may be running wild.
It’s difficult to comprehend what’s happening.

I’m going to search for the mana’s destination.
It’s quite difficult.
I can’t understand the circuit clearly because the mana is disheveled.
It’s hard to grasp the complete picture.

I explore the circuit thoroughly.
Let’s investigate the close part first…

Let’s see~
There nothing strange in particular.
I probe some more, but.
I can’t find anything.

“Nn? Deshu~ Deshu?”

Ado who is getting carried on my back has awakened.
She restlessly moves around.
Her soft and fluffy dog ears are tickling my neck.

“Ado, are you awake?”
“Deshu~ My eyes feel heavy deshu.”

Ado rubs her eyes.

I gently move.
And carry Ado on my back again.
It would be bad if I dropped her.

“Where is this place deshu ka?”
“On top of the huge tree. Look, it’s the tree we have been carried to by En-san.”

“De, deshu~ I remember deshu.”

Ado moves her head in the spur of the moment.
A soft feeling touches my neck.

“Ado, should I put you down?”
“Nn? Stay like this deshu~ I’m going to sleep for a little more deshu~… Suu~ Suu~, Suu~ Suu~, zzzzzz.”

Ado falls asleep again.
Her breath tickles my neck.
Good grief.
Ado is a sleepy head.
Well, let’s keep on investigating.

I touch the huge tree with my hands.
And continue the mana search.

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