Chapter 81

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Arrival at the 46th Floor
“Magic Ten Houses, huh… they are suitable to be my enemy.”
En-san says happily.
Which reminds me…
En-san was waiting in the Temple of the Warriors for a challenge all this time.
He wants to fight after seeing a warrior.
No, he may want to give her a trial.

I don’t want to fight.
I’m peaceful nanodesu.
“Ado, let’s go? Beast mode, please.”
Ado transforms into the beast mode.
I and Chiko climb on her back.
Well then.
Shall we go?
“Chiko, please continue guiding us.”
“Leave it to me nya~”
Sasa Sasa Sasa
We advance through the jungle.




Sasa Sasa Sasa




Sasa Sasa Sasa




Sasa Sasa Sasa




After a short while…
A familiar scenery.
A staircase to the 46th floor.
We were able to proceed steadily so far.
Thanks to Chiko’s guidance.
Most monsters ray away after seeing us.
We may be emitting a “strong being” aura.
“Goshujin-shama~ Go up?”
“Yes. Dash up in one go please.”
Sasa Sasa Sasa
Ado starts running up the stairs to the 46th floor.




“So wide deshu~”
“Nu. It’s a Deserted Land this time. Seems similar to the 48th floor.”
“A huge tree is collapsing nya~”
Certainly, a collapsing huge tree can be seen in the distance.
I’m certain it would look like this if the tree on the 48th floor was falling down.
The wind in the valley is considerably strong.
Just like on the 48th floor.
“Chiko, Ado, I’m relying on you.”
“Leave it to me nya~ We will be all right if we advance along the cliff nya~ This way nya~”
Ado starts running again.
Sasa Sasa Sasa




Sasa Sasa Sasa
We run along the cliff.
Indeed, the most noticeable thing is the collapsing huge tree.
It’s fractured in the middle.
I see a huge slit.
Just how much power does it take to take down a tree like that…
The crater on the 47th floor pops in my mind.
If it can make a hole of that size…
It might have been able to snap that tree.
“Chiko. When you were here before, was the tree already collapsed?”
“Right nya~ It was the same as now nya~”
“I see.”
Which means it wasn’t fractured today or yesterday.
From its appearances, it doesn’t look like a day passed since it fell down.
I mean, the tree doesn’t seem to be withering.
“Should I try breaking one too?”
En-san says something dangerous.
“En, can you do it deshu ka?”
“Stop joking. There’s no way I could do that. The circulation of mana would become strange.”
“Right nya~ If such amount of mana becomes disarranged, it will have a great effect on the dungeon nya.”
“What would happen for example?”
“The ecosystem would change nya. The mana flowing in the huge tree is supplying mana to other places nya. If you look closely on this floor, you would see that the mana isn’t scattering into the air, the mana is flowing somewhere nya.”
Certainly… the air seems ordinary.
I don’t feel full of mana.
Which means that the air is not overflowing with mana.

“Where is the mana of this floor flowing then?”
“Nnya~ I won’t know more unless I examine it nya~ Although I checked it out a little before, I didn’t find out anything nya~”
That means…
The destination of the mana is unknown.
I have evolved into the Baby Angel Vampire after absorbing a lot of mana after all.
There’s a possibility that other monsters can evolve the same way I did.

“Do you want to examine it in detail, Chiko?”
Chiko stares at me absentmindedly.
It seems she didn’t expect me to ask her about that.
“We are not, particularly in a hurry. If the dungeon is in a danger by any chance, it would be better to investigate. Because the Wyverns are on the 48th floor and Moon Foxes are on the 49th floor. El Jiisan and Marilyn are on the 50th floor.”
It’s necessary to protect the peace of the dungeon.
I can’t make mistakes.
“Is it alright?”
Chiko’s eyes are sparkling.
Her scholar spirit may have been aroused.
“I don’t mind.”
“Ado doesn’t mind too deshu~”
“I do not mind either.”
Everyone agrees.

“Nyanyanya~ Research is happiness nya. I will investigate then nya. I didn’t investigate properly before because I was scared of the threat of other monsters nya.”
“Nu. With me here you do not need to worry.”
“Ado helps too deshu yo~”
I’m here too!
I should be able to fight, probably.
I haven’t fought recently so I don’t know.

“Then, let’s head towards the huge three nya~”
“Ado, we are relying on you.”
Sasa Sasa Sasa
We run through the deserted land.
The objective is.
The broken huge tree.

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