Chapter 80

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Magic Ten Houses, Aisha Kinglsey
After the thunderous roar, the sound of huge monster getting blown off follows.

“It’s coming down from above nya~!”
“Nu, evade!”
“Ado, avoid it!”
Hiyoi Zaza
Ado avoids the shadow coming down from the sky.

At the place where we were standing a little while fell a…
Huge tortoise.
A monster that is familiar to me…
Appraisal-san, please.

Race: Triceratops Tortoise
Level: 7
Description: A huge tortoise averaging approximately 10m in size.
Because of its high defense shell, it receives damage only scarcely.

Long time no see, Tortoise-san.
It’s smaller in size than the one on the 49th floor, but still quite a big one.
A small mountain.
That Tortoise-san has been sent flying.
This is my second time seeing this huge tortoise flying.
En-san sent one flying before.
“Nu. Be cautious. There’s someone on top of the tortoise.”
“Really nya~”
“Deshu ne~”
A shadow of a person on top of the tortoise.
By the looks of it… it doesn’t look like a monster.
That silhouette…

Soon, the shadow moves…

And a high-pitched sound resounds.

“Nu. This fellow… leave it to me!”


A metallic sound.
En-san receives the attack of the person that appeared in front of us.
He crosses his forearms.
And receives a strong sword stab.

“Gu. To think my attack would be stopped…”

The knight raises a voice in surprise.
He withdraws and makes a distance between us.

“How foolish. You are not my opponent.”
En-san is full of spirit.
He may be excited at the powerful enemy after so long.
I can tell from his back.
Especially his tail.

The enemy knight looks our way.
He carefully observes us all, not just En-san.

“The monster is… talking…”
The knight who is surprised by En-san’s speech.
Are talking monsters rare after all?
However, the knight is on alert even though surprised.
“High-level monsters huh… besides, all monsters I’m not familiar with… Demi-human… Dragonewt…? A mutated demon?…”
The opponent raises his sword.
A pose ready to thrust the sword.

“Human, are you challenging me?”
En-san says something cool.
He has an atmosphere of a boss, but…
Because we are not a boss party or anything.
I don’t want to fight unnecessary fights.

I quickly appear in front of En-san.
“Mr. Knight. Wait a moment please, we have no intention to fight.”
“… This demon can also speak…?”
“Let’s avoid an unnecessary fight. My name is Tokugawa.”
“A name holder huh… a demon after all. Then. I will also give my name. My name is Aisha Kingsley. Belonging to Kingsley family one of the Magic Ten Houses.”


It’s hard to tell from the knight armor.
Probably… judging from the name and voice, a female?
However, Magic Ten Houses?
I unconsciously look at Chiko.
“Nyanya, seriously nya~ Magic Ten Houses are the most prestigious magic families nya.”

Chiko says in surprise.
Apparently, a distinguished family from this world.

“Fufu. A challenger has finally come to me. Warrior. Let me welcome you.”
En-san is full of energy.
He has the same atmosphere as when we met him for the first time in the temple.
He may have remembered his original? mission.
The mission where he tests warriors and heroes.
I don’t want to fight.

“Aisha-san. We have no intention to fight. I earnestly hope you can put down your sword.”
“A demon’s tricks… I won’t fall for that. You nudist demon. You want to strike when I lower my guard, right? I won’t fall for that trick. Wear some clothes first.”
It seems Aisha-san doesn’t believe my words at all.
She’s looking at us with a sharp glint.
“Lord. I will easily win. I’m itching to fight!”
“Eh, En-san.”

En-san charges towards the knight.
Although his form hadn’t changed into the big dragon, he’s surprisingly fast.



A high-pitched metallic sound again.
The knight is pretty far away.
She stands on top of the tortoise.

Rather than fast.
A teleportation-like speed.
She changed places in an instant.
Rather than physical ability, magic…?

“Nu. That fellow. Uses strange magic. She may be worthy to be my opponent.”
En-san broadly grins.
He’s full of motivation.

The situation has developed into something dangerous.
I stand on alert behind.


The high-pitched sound again.
The knight’s figure has disappeared.
“Nu. Escaped, huh? What a quick fellow.”
“Nyanya~ Magic Ten Houses are different after all~”
“Shu~n deshu~ Disappeared deshu.”
Everyone is somehow excited.
She surely had some mysterious moves.
The tortoise in front of us is dead tired.
She may be a great person.

I ask Chiko about the real nature of our opponent.
“Chiko, what is the Magic Ten Houses?”
“Nyanya. A prestigious family in this country nya. Because of their powerful magic, they have quite an influence in this country nya. It’s made up of ten houses nya.”
Which means…
The person from a little while may be quite an influential person.
“Kingsley family is famous for their powerful stabbing attacks nya~ I’m glad En is safe nya.”
“Fufu. My hand is numb. I found an opponent after so long.”
If En-san hand is numb…
She can’t be taken lightly.

She completely thinks of us as enemies for some reason.
Even though.
There’s really no need to fight.
It’s only natural that humans would attack monsters in the dungeon, huh…

Either way.
An opponent we can’t make light of.
Magic Ten Houses, Aisha Kingsley.

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