Chapter 77

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Running Fast, Underground Ruins
“Nu. It disappeared.”
“There’s nothing nya~”

We stare at the wall absentmindedly.
But, there’s nothing.
There really isn’t anything.
Only a collapsed wall that En-san has punched.
The Japanese style restroom from a little while has completely disappeared.

“Nunu. Just what was… that…”
“Nyan double~”
“Ado… doesn’t know deshu… gusun.”
“It’s all right, Ado. I also don’t understand.”
I pat Ado’s head.
It’s soft and fluffy.
However, that restroom has really disappeared.
What is going on…

I touch the wall and pour magic in, but…
I don’t feel anything in particular.
There’s nothing.
Just a simple wall.
I thought that the entrance may have been hidden with magic, but.
It doesn’t seem like it.

Chiko inserts the syringe into the wall, but…
“Unya~ There’s no mana nya~”
Looks like she didn’t figure out anything.

Ado and En-san look through the crumbled wall, but…
They hang their heads in defeat.
It seems they can’t understand too after all.

The restroom has completely disappeared.

“Let’s keep advancing. We won’t understand even if we stay. We may find a similar room if we advance further.”
“Right nya~”
“I agree.”
“Ado too~”


I and Chiko get on Ado.
We run through the corridor.
Sasa Sasa Sasa



Sasa Sasa Sasa
We advance on Ado’s back.
The similar scenery continues.



Sasa Sasa Sasa
The stone corridor continues.
Whether Ado is running or the wall is moving, I’m not even sure now.



Sasa Sasa Sasa
We advance through the ruins.
En-san follows us while flapping his wings.



Sasa Sasa Sasa



Sasa Sasa Sasa



Sasa Sasa Sasa




A short time later…
“Nyanya, I see a room nya~ Over there nya~”
“Nu. Really.”
“Ado also discovered it deshu~”
When I look where everyone is looking… there really is a room.
I see a room on one side of the corridor.
“Alright, let’s carefully look around. Ado, stop in front of the room.”

Ado breaks.
Suta Suta
I and Chiko get down from Ado.
“I will go first nya~”
“O, oi. That’s dangerous.”
“Nu. Leave it to me.”
I pursue Chiko and let En-san go in first.
I follow immediately after him.

“Nyanya. There’s an illuminated hole in the ceiling nya~ Ascending nya~”
“Nu, certainly. I’m going too.”
Chiko nimbly climbs up the hole.
En-san flaps his wings and flies up.
I and Ado kick the wall and jump up.

When we do…
“Nu, this is…”
“The first place deshu~”
“You are right. That’s the center of the crater.”

It seems like.
We have returned to the beginning.
The underground ruins are probably formed in a circle.
Because the scenery didn’t change, we didn’t notice that the passage was slightly bent.

“The corridor was a circle nya~”
“That’s the case. I didn’t notice.”
“Ado too~”
“Yeah, me too.”
We stand stunned at the center of the crater.
I look around.
And I’m overwhelmed by the vastness of the crater.

However, there’s also a good thing.
We were able to come back to the entrance.
That’s a good thing.
Because we have advanced quite the distance, I thought it would take quite the time to return back.

“It’s getting dark. Let’s set up a camp around here. The room downstairs may be good.”
“Nyanya~ Dinner nya~”
“I have no obejctions.”

We return back to the underground room.

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