Chapter 78

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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First, we had to clean the room so we could spend time here.
We carried the large debris outside.
After that.
“Leave it to me nya~”
Chiko blows the grit and dust with wind magic away.
Chiko is able to use wind magic.
She’s manipulating a¬†whistling wind.


A few minutes later.
The interior is clean.
I retrieve blood and bones from the item box.
“Blood Bone Alchemy.”
I create four improvised beds.
I then quickly pull out the wyvern’s soft and fluffy futons from the item box.
(Because of the sleeping comfort, I had to get some from Waitarou)

“There you go.”
“Nu. As expected of Lord.”

Sutasuta Bashu
Sutasuta Bashu
Chiko and Ado dive into their beds.
“Fluffyfluffy deshu~”
“To think I could have futon outside nya~ I’m glad I came along nya~”
Chiko and Ado lie on the bed with overjoyed faces.
I understand, that feeling.
The bed dive is supreme.

I take out Cup Ramens.
I bought it with Online Shopping.

I also take out a pot and water from the item box.
“En-san. Could you boil the water for me?”
“Nu. Leave it to me.”

En-san spits a little flame from his mouth.
The water starts boiling instantly.
I pour the water from the pot into the Cup ramens and wait for three minutes.

“Lord~ What’s that?”
“I also don’t meow nya~ But, it smells very nice nya.”
“Ado too… delicious smell deshu~”

“This is called a Cup Ramen. It’s an instant food. You add hot water, wait for three minutes and eat.”
“Nyanya~ A wonderful dish nya~ Never heard of it nya.”
“Me too. But, it smells good.”
“Ado wants to eat too deshu~”

The one I had prepared this time is a soy sauce flavored Cup Ramen.
The fragrance drifts around the room.
I swallow my saliva unconsciously.
Three minutes have passed.



“Everyone. The time has come. It’s alright to eat now.”
“Nu. It’s finally here. That was awfully long three minutes.”
“Nyanya~ The insides of my mouth are doing gokugoku nya~ Gokugoku~”
“Ado too~ Ado too~ Waited lots.”

I tear the lid off the Cup Ramen.

“Listen. You eat using chopsticks. You grasp them like this. And eat noodles first.”

Surusuru~ Paku
Just the right feeling.
A nostalgic taste of Cup Ramen melts my cheeks.

“After that, you drink the soup and savor the taste in your mouth.”

I can’t get enough of this taste!
The peculiar taste of Cup Ramen.

“Looks delicious nya~”
“I can’t endure it anymore.”
“Ado too deshu~”

Surusuru~ Paku
Everyone starts eating the Cup Ramen.

“Nunu. D, delicious. What’s this? It’s tastes like magic!”
“Nyanyanya! It’s extremely delicious nya~ The soup is strong nya.”
“Ado is melting deshu~ Soup is delish deshu.”

Everyone stuffs their mouths with Cup Ramen.
Well, can’t be helped.
I think that I have also received a shock when I ate Cup Ramen for the first time.
I don’t remember well, though.

“Everyone, be careful so you don’t get burned.”
“Nu. Delicious, this is delicious~ This soup.”
“Nyanyanya~! I can’t stop eating nya~”
“Ado can’t stop gulping too deshu~”

My, oh my.
It seems that no one heard my warning.
Everyone is eating in a trance.


Surusuru~ Paku


Surusuru~ Paku

Surusuru~ Paku

Surusuru~ Paku


“””Thank you for the meal!”””

Everyone finished eating.
They make content faces.
Overjoyed expressions.
Of course, I’m the same.
Cup Ramen is delicious after all.
I’m pleased.

“Lord, that was wonderful. This Cup Ramen thing.”
“Nyanya~ That was amazingly wonderful nya~ Revolutionya!”
“Ado wants to eat lots deshu.”

Good grief.
“It’s not a big deal. There are various flavors, let’s eat them in order.”

“Nu. My enjoyment of the journey has increased.”
“Mine too nya~”
“Ado will become a Cup Ramen deshu.”

It’s good that they liked the food.
I’m happy.
The joy of Online Shopping has also increased.

“Then, we ate dinner. Let’s go to sleep in a bit. What will we do about the watch?”
We are more or less in a dungeon after all.
We need to be cautious.

“That won’t be a problem. I am able to sense the surroundings even while sleeping.”
“I can also somehow tell nya~”
“Ado can do it too~”
Does every monster have such a wild ability?
I may be able to do it too.
I don’t expect much, though.

“Then, there’s no problem to sleep as usual.”
“Nu. Leave it to me.”




Free time after dinner.
Everyone spends time as they want.
Ado is idling on the bed while playing with a ball.
The ball used for wyvern’s training became Ado’s favorite.
She’s punching the ball with her paws.

Chiko is rustling with her magic tool.
She may be analyzing the data from the time she prickled the wall.

En-san keeps still.
He curled up on the bed.
Only his tail is rapidly moving.
I can’t tell if he sleeps or not.

As for me…
I leave the room and go for a stroll.
I loiter around the underground ruins.
It’s the thing called exercise after a meal.
I walk in the proximity of the room.
Because I always ride on Ado’s back, I feel like I haven’t been moving much.
I must exercise properly.

I tried pouring magic into the wall along the way, but.
It was not effective.




I return to the room after a while.
I lie down on the bed.
“Suu~ Suu~” “Suu~ Suu~”
Ado and Chiko are already asleep.
En-san’s tail sways around as usual.
I become gradually sleepy too…
I’m drowsy.
I fall asleep.

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