Chapter 76

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Modern Civilization
Sasa Sasa Sasa
We ride through the ruins on Ado’s back.
Scenery which doesn’t change.
The same stone wall continues spreading out.


Sasa Sasa Sasa
We advance steadily, but…
The scenery doesn’t change.
It’s as if we weren’t advancing at all.


Sasa Sasa Sasa
The corridor continues.
It continues endlessly.
Enough to make me think that there’s no end.


A, at this time…
That feeling has assaulted me.
The feeling which makes my heart freeze.

The feeling of wanting to urinate.

Toilet, toilet, when I look around searching for toilet…

A familiar mark.
Has appeared on the corridor’s wall.
The gentlemen mark.

“Ado, stop!”

Kyukyukyu~ Pitan
Ado uses the emergency brake.
Because of Ado’s sudden break, Chiko who sat behind me crashed against my back.
But, I must quickly do my business now.
I get down from Ado and walk through the door.
I do my business into a familiar white urinal.
That was refreshing.
That was a close one-

Water starts automatically flowing, washing the urinal.

I was my hand in a basin with a mirror.
Kyukyu Zuba~
The water automatically flows out when I put my hands under the tap.
The soap also automatically comes out.
I wash my hand properly.
I wash the soap down with water.

When I put my hands under a hand dryer.
A warm wind dries my hands.

Gacha Batan
I leave the restroom.

Something’s strange.
It’s strange, right?
Why is a Japanese restroom here?

I walk through the door with the gentlemen mark again.
Inside the room is…
Unmistakable Japanse style restroom…
The hell…
I was pressed by the urge to urinate and never noticed.
It’s men’s Japanese restroom.
Not dungeon at all.

“Nyanya? What is this place nya? What were you doing nya?”
“Nu. A facility unknown to me.”
“Ado doesn’t know too deshu~”

O, ou.
The others suddenly entered the restroom.
Because this is a men’s toilet.
I don’t think Chiko should be entering…
Well, let’s not mind it this time.

“Nyanya. Water came out nya.”
Chiko puts her hands under the tap and plays with the water.
“Ado too~ Ado too~”
Ado starts doing the same thing Chiko does.
The water flows out of the tap.
“Nu. Just how does this mechanism work? It doesn’t seem to be moving with magic.”
En-san observes the tap.
I think it works because of the sensor, but…
That seems troublesome to explain.
It will become, how do I know that? kind of thing.

Not just the restroom’s tap.
The water in the urinal is automatic too.
The light from the ceiling that looks like a magic tool is LED light, right?
It feels like a part of Japan was transferred here.
This is…
Run with electricity, isn’t it?

“Somehow mysterious place nya~ I don’t feel magic at all nya.”
“Ado has fun~”
“Nu. It may run on a different system. This place may be a holy place.”
“Temple nya?”
“Deshu ne~ Holy deshu.”
Everyone looks around the restroom with sparkling eyes.
It’s not a holy place or anything~
It’s a pretty restroom, though…

But, but.
I feel uncomfortable with Ado and the others here.
Animal ears don’t match the restroom.
I can’t relax.
The combination doesn’t fit.

Wait a minute.
If this is a Japanese style restroom.
Electricity should be coming here from somewhere.
Automatic washing urinal, sensors on the tap.
It should be running on electricity, right?
If that’s the case…
Aren’t there cables leading from here to a generator room?
And possibly…
It may be linked to Japan.

If that’s the case!
“En-san. Could you try to tear this wall down?”
I point at the wall with the urinals.
If my conjecture is right…
There should be electric wires behind this wall.
“Nu. Is it okay? I think that this is a holy place, though?”
“It’s alright. It’s just a normal room.”
“Alright, I understand. Then, I’m doing it!”


“Nu, impossible…”

No wonder En-san is shocked.
There’s not a single scratch on the wall.
It’s unscathed after receiving En-san’s punch.
What is happening?
This room…
En-san’s punch can break mountains.

“Nu. One more!”



“Nu, nununununununu!”

En-san groans…
There’s not a single scratch after all.
En-san’s punch is not working.
Just what is happening here?
“Nununu. Again!”

The wall is unscathed.


The wall is unscathed.

The wall is unscathed.

The wall is unscathed.

The wall is unscathed.






Although En-san punched the wall many times…
There are no results.
Just what kind of wall is this…
Invincible restroom wall.

“It looks to be impossible, huh.”


“Deshudeshu~ Impossible for Ado too deshu.”
The wall is unscathed after Ado’s punch.
It seems to be too tough.

Which means…
We can’t follow the electric wiring behind the wall.




After that…
We looked around the restroom, but…
There wasn’t anything suspicious.
It’s a normal restroom.
A splendid Japanese style restroom.

We decided to stop looking.
And left the restroom.

After we came out…

Kyurururururu Supon

“Ah. The toilet has disappeared!”
“Deshu. Vanishedeshu!”
“The door has disappeared nya~!”

The restroom before us suddenly disappeared.
Only the usual corridor wall remained.

“Nu. I will prevail!”

Dokan! Boroboro

The wall collapses when En-san punches it.
But… the restroom wasn’t there.

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