Chapter 75

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Mysterious Ruins
“Descend carefully~”
“It’s all right nya~”

Chiko promptly jumped down the hole.
“Chiko? How is it?”
“A normal room nya~ There doesn’t seem to be anything dangerous nya~”
That is good.
I thought there will be some terrible monster down bellow~
Or even a trap could be there.
There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong.
Then, I’m going down too.

Hiyoi Suta
When I jump down the hole…
Certainly, it’s a normal room.
A room made out of stone.
If I had to say, it looks similar to the room I met En-san in.

Hiyoi Suta
Hiyoi Suta
“Nu. Looks similar to my temple, huh~”
“Deshu ne~”
Ado and En-san also jumped down.
“This leads to a corridor nya~”
Chiko advanced ahead.
She’s beckoning us to the exit of the room.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
While following Chiko…
“What a long corridor…”
“Nu. Really long. I can’t see the end.”
“Deshu ne~”
And strangely bright.
Because the walls itself are emitting a faint light, there’s no trouble with visibility.
“Ruins under the ground. Also, they are quite down. Considering the scooped ground of the crater… this might originally be a temple.”
“Nu. Certainly. My shrine is also reaching deep in the ground. The top part of the temple might have been blown off.”
“Nyanya~ A temple shouldn’t be in such a place nya~”
Chiko makes a confused expression again.
If there was not a temple before as Chiko has said…
This means that these ruins were originally buried deep underground.
Is that even possible?

“Anyway, let’s look around. There may be a part connecting to the ground.”
“Ado will investigate deshu~”
“Nu. Everyone get behind me. I will lead you. If it’s about temples, I know a lot.”
That’s right.
En-san has lived in the temple after all.
“En-san. We will leave it to you.”
“Leave it to me.”
“Nyanya~ Followinya~”

Tekuteku Tekuteku
We start looking around with En-san in the lead.
En-san, Chiko, Ado and I advance through the ruins one by one.




Tekuteku Tekuteku
We walk for a while, but…
It’s that.
There’s nothing at all.
The long corridor just spreads out.
It’s just really that… we have not found a single room.
“It’s empty nya~”
“I also can’t find anything.”
“Ado too~”
“Me too.”
There also doesn’t seem to be any traps.
There’s nothing.
No signs of monsters.
If that’s the case…
It may not be necessary to be overly careful while looking around.

“Everyone. Please, stop. I will search with magic.”
Although I may activate some kind of trap.
I think it’s okay to search with magic.
I touch the floor with both hands.
I pour magic in and look around.
Tsu~n Tsu~n
Although I pour my magic in…
There’s no reaction.
There’s no magic circuit leading to a single room
Like in En-san’s temple.

Tsu~n Tsu~n
I feel around a bit more, but…
There’s no change.
It’s empty after all.
I separate my hands from the floor.

“There’s doesn’t seem to be anything.”
“Nu. I see. If Lord can’t find anything, it’s probably true.”
“Nyanya~ My intuition is also not reacting nya~”
“Ado’s too deshu~”
A policy change.
Let’s advance faster for now.
“Ado. Can you turn into the beast mode? Walking will take too much time. Let’s run through.”
“Easy task deshu~”
Ado turns into the beast mode.
I and Chiko get on Ado.
“All right. Well then, Ado. Let’s run until we find a crossroads.”
“Nu, that’s excellent. Leave the rear to me.”

Sasa Sasa Sasa
Ado starts running.

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