Chapter 60

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Wyvern’s Nest Once Again
“Nu, we have arrived.”
“Waa~ Waa~ Nya.”
“M, made it…”

I didn’t grasp the speed fully, but…
Before I noticed, we have arrived at the wyvern’s nest.
It’s the Gate 3 we have come through the first time.

The three of us get off En-san while staggering.
Ado might have gotten dizzy again.
She’s making a delicate expression.

“Feeling bad deshu~”
Both her tail and ears look worn-out.
“Nyanya, that was funya.”
Chiko looks lively on the other hand.
Is this a difference between a dog and a cat…?

“Ado, it would be better if you go ahead and get a rest. I don’t mind reporting by myself.”
“I will do that deshu~”
“I have also burned out. Too exhausted from flapping my wings.”
Ado and En-san leave.

“Then Chiko, shall we go? Let’s introduce you to the wyverns.”
“Nya~ But, this place is really high nya. I have never thought this tree was this high nya.”
“I also came here just recently. It surprised me too.”
I and Chiko went to the hall.

Tekuteku Tekuteku
Waitarou and the others seem pleased by my return.
As soon as they approach me, they become slightly puzzled.
“Nn? It should be Tokukawa-sama, however… the atmosphere around you seems to have completely changed… That… did you perhaps become even more divine?”
Come to think of it…
It’s so.
My appearance was slightly altered after the evolution.

“This and that happened and I have evolved.”
“Is that so? Congratulations. Also, thank you very much.”
“What do you mean?”
“The unusual phenomenon has stopped. We have observed the tree and the stagnation seem to have disappeared. That is surely thanks to Tokukawa-sama.”
It seems the fruits are already showing results.
The wyverns probably have a method to confirm the state of the tree.

“Nono. We just had a fruitful encounter.”
Waitarou notices the cat ears standing beside me.
He extends his long neck and observes.
“Oh my?” He’s making such face.
“This is Cat tribe… Tokukawa-sama’s friend?”
“Yes. We have met in the underground dungeon. Is it alright if she stays here?”
“Of course. Tokukawa-sama’s friends are our important guests.”
There doesn’t seem to be a problem.
I thought it would be probably okay.
With this, we got permission.
“Isn’t that good, Chiko?”
“What would you like to do about her room, would she be staying in the same room with everyone else?”
I don’t particularly mind, but.
Chiko should decide herself.
“Chiko, what do you want to do?”
“I’m okay with staying together nya~ If I stay alone in a big room I will get homesick nya.”
“I understand. Let’s arrange it like that then.”




I and Chiko left the hall and returned to our room.
Ado and En-san are already asleep in the bed.
“Suu~ Suu~” Both are already sleeping soundly.
Both of them must have been quite tired.
“Good room nya~ I have been always sleeping outdoors nya. It was a tiring nya. My back always hurt nya.”
Chiko is like a worldly-wise man.
She has been living a stray cat life.


“Chiko. Choose a bed you like. Except the bed on the right, that one is mine.”
Sasa Pyon
“Feels good nya~ So soft nya~”
Chiko seems to be also dozing off.
Everybody who sees these soft beds would want to dive right in.
It’s like the bed is enhanced with magic.
Everyone went for a dive until now.

Pyonpyon, Chiko jumps on the bed up and down.
The bed is creaking.
“Chiko, you will destroy the bed.”
“I know nya~ It’s alright nya.”
Good grief.
If it’s like this, me too.
Seeing Chiko’s jumping up and down, my heart became noisy.

Sasa Pyon
I make a dive into the bed and enjoy the softness.
This is the best bed after all.
This softness… I can’t get enough of it!

I wrap myself into the softness.
Then… drowsiness attacks me.
A lot of things happened today.
I have evolved and sucked a lot of mana.
Well then… let’s sleep.

Good night.







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