Chapter 2

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10 Years old Me
One day, I fell from a tree and remembered memories of my past life.
That is my current situation.
I’m ten years old right now. However, at the time I died, I was over thirty.
There’s a feeling of my mental age being suddenly stretched.
After falling from the tree, I ended up rolling on the bed quietly for several days.
In the meantime, I summarized my present conditions.

My name is Leticia Aria de Vivier.
Aria is the middle name which I received from my late grandmother. I’m usually called Leticia.
The name of the country I live in is the Lugantia Kingdom. The country is vast, and the nobility governs the territories.
There are some fundamental laws, but the rest feels like ‘do what you like’.
And, the nobles that support this country are divided into different classes. On the top are four Duke houses, and my family is one of them.
Otousama mostly isn’t in the territory. Because it concerns national affairs. My Ojisama is working as acting feudal lord in his stead.
Okaasama is going back and forth the territory and Royal Capital in off-seasons.
And, I also have Oniisama. He’s slightly older, and he’s now attending a school in the Royal Capital. Oniisama bullies me and teases me, but he’s a good Oniisama.
Well, that’s everything the current ten years old I can pick up.
Things like the status of the territory, I naturally don’t know.
It was alright not knowing so far!
From the knowledge of my previous existence, isn’t this considerably hard difficulty setting in mangas, novels, and otome games?
I mean, doesn’t this have extremely hard education feeling…… haah.
No, I don’t particularly dislike studying. That’s because of my original temperament.
I have been enjoying learning etiquette little by little so far.
If the environment is good, you must become a person appropriate for it. That’s something I thought in my previous existence.
My former self was considerably blessed by a good environment. Therefore, I worked hard without complaining.
I had a friend, but I became estranged. I don’t remember that person well, though.
Yep, I should do what I should do and absorb various things.
There should be a meaning to recovering my memories. No, there may be not, though.
Yeah, I honestly feel like there’s no meaning to it.
Anyway, I have decided to do my best to become a respectable lady the family won’t be ashamed of.
I will do my best. After I’m freed from this bed, though.
And after a while, I was released from the bed. I did it!
Okaasama visited me several times while I was idling in the bed. But, the one who took care of me, for the most part, is the maid Emme.
Emme is a beauty-san with her black hair tied up. Just a slight move of mine would lead to her scolding.

After the Tree falling incident (what I named it), I learned etiquette and studied in the mansion as per usual. I also learned a bit about this territory.
There wasn’t much at the start, probably because I’m still ten years old, but I quickly absorbed everything.
But, the teachers who saw that increased the level little by little.
I did my best to learn. Probably.
And right now, I have a wonderful day drinking tea outside with Okaasama.
During that, Okaasama suddenly says.

“I have decided to take care of the son of a Baroness I am acquaintances with. You are one year younger.”
“Afterwards, he will become your retainer.”
“Retainer, is it?”
“Yes. He is the fourth son, so he won’t become the heir… Because of that, the other side suggested to let him serve our family. Of course, the one who choose that was her son himself.”

However, I’m still young.
Because the talk about retainers is still unreasonable, he will be apparently my playmate and study together with me.
I don’t understand well, but I can make a friend?
Serving our family while having a peerage? A hostage? But, it doesn’t feel like that.
In the first place, I never heard of people from Baron house becoming servants…… I don’t understand even after thinking about it.

“Does Oniisama not need a retainer?”

Okaasama calmly replies that Oniisama already has a retainer.
There are still many things I don’t know.
Few days after the tea with Okaasama, the fourth son of Baron house arrived.
The fourth son who is destined to become my manservant. Retainer is the proper way to call him, but I just wanted to try saying manservant.

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