Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I am I, I think
Ah, I thought I died there for a moment.
Ugya, I recall something, open my eyes and see an unfamiliar ceiling. Or rather a cloth. Deep blue cloth――a canopy, I come to understand.
However! There’s no such thing in the sphere of my life! Rather than that, it would be weird if it were!
In other words, a dream? Un, this is a dream!
Then, what was my last memory before going to sleep?
Right, when I saved a cat I got crushed flat. Crushed flat…… was that also a dream?
…… I think it’s fortunate that I don’t remember the pain.
No, feeling pain in the dreams would not be a joking matter, un, un.
While thinking so I look around.


An unfamiliar beauty has arrived.
Eh~! Who is this!!
The woman with nicely arranged glittering blond hair falls to the ground.
Are you okay? What happened?
While I’m blinking in thoughts, nn that person raises her head.
And then, she turns her gaze towards me.
She opens her absentminded eyes wide.

“You have woken up! I am glad…… I am so glad, Leticia…… I am glad……”

The woman says relievedly. Uh, I, what did I do!?
Before that, don’t you have the wrong person!? My name is, my name is…… huh…… I can’t remember.
That’s not it, It’s not like I can’t remember, my name is Leticia.
What’s going on…… I don’t understand!
No, wait, wait.
Right, I’m Leticia. I definitely have memories of spending time as Leticia, I can’t lie about that.
But, at the same time, I have different memories.
I can’t recall the name, but Earth, Japan I was there.
The time I spend there is also not false.
In other words, it’s that.
That reincarnation thing? If it’s like that, I can somehow understand.
Manga, novels, and fictions.
It’s that situation I read in those.
…… I got here after stealing Leticia’s memories and place……
I shudder. I have snatched, overwritten someone’s life…… it’s not something good.

“Really…… you were lively, so I more or less approved of your mischief, but…… tree climbing is prohibited from now on!”


Tree climbing??
It’s something I did. Something I did recently.
In other words, I!!
From there, the blond beautyーーOkaasama, begins to scold me tediously.
However, this scolding felt comfortable for some reason.
I thought about various things during that scolding, but I came to the conclusion that I’m Leticia, I didn’t snatch the character named Leticia.
How should I say it, I have remembered what I had forgotten. It’s such a feeling.

“Are you listening to me, Leticia.”
“Ah, so…… sorry.”
“Very well. You better properly reflect on it…… really, I am really glad you are all right……”

Ah, I really made Okaasama sad.
I climbed a tree and fell when caught up at the moment and lost consciousness. I feel like that crash made me remember that which is me!
I think I should reflect and behave like a good child for a little while. Just for a little while, though.
I will stop climbing trees for a while.
For a while.
I can think like this. I can understand the memory of the past.
Although there’s nothing particularly good about pain like that.
Something like disadvantages…… not even funny.
But, there’s nothing like that.
Past, the memories of my previous existence are vague, not everything is clear.
If I have to remember, I will, but they are not needed for now?
Not needed.
Are they the foundation of my character? Feelings, the way of thinking. They are not unstable.
I and I Leticia don’t have any differences.
If I have to say which is which, they were both me from the beginning.
Oh, if there’s a problem, it would be the sense of incongruity towards this woman, my mother.
It’s a tremendous fact and it’s weighing on my heart.

“Okaasama…… thank you, I’m sorry for making you worry.”

Okaasama blinked her eyes and, well, made a gorgeous smile.
Thus, in the real meaning, I began being me, I think.

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