Chapter 3

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My Manservant (Planned)
Theodore Arditi.
That is the name of my manservant.
Taller than me, more grown-up than me, a boy year older than me.
A pretty boy with green eyes and black hair tinged with deep green.
A pretty boy! Thank you very much!
There’s a festival in my heart.
The day he came, all my lessons on that day were canceled. We should apparently become friends first.
How~ever! I knew it by a glance.
Not only is our affinity bad, but even his duty of being my playmate has also been removed.
No way~ I wanted at least one friend around the same age as me to be my playmate.
Therefore, I was going to make a good image first.

“How do you do, Leticia-sama. My name is Theodore.”

S, so distant…… that is only natural for a first meeting, though.
His voice had no life. I am awfully worried about it.

“Letty is fine. May I call you Theo?”

How about creating nicknames right from the beginning?
I felt like that way Theodore would lessen his guard.
He smiled and told me to go ahead, though. Yep.
I’m a little stuck here. He has such expression even though he’s a child.

“Well then, Theo. Is there something you want to do?”
“Something I want to do?”
“Right. Anything is good, eating sweets, playing, anything is fine.”
“…… Nothing in particular.”

So it came.
Then, I will have you accompany me to do something I want to do.

“Then, will you accompany me to do something I want to do?”
“Yes, in accordance with your orders.”
“…… It is not an order, I am asking you if you want to go together with me.”

Mindlessly following orders is too creepy. If you don’t want something, show it.
I somehow understand that he’s being reserved, I can’t say that right now, but still, I would like you to stop.
Something like an attendant, that still doesn’t matter to me!
I vented it out a bit. I feel better.
I caught my breath and noticed that my opponent was blinking with surprise.
I watch the state while thinking if I didn’t say too much.
Then, a smile blooms like a flower on Theodore’s face.
Hiyaaaaa!!! The destructive power of a pretty boy is amazing…… too amazing.
Hii, while swallowing my words, Theodore goes down on his knee and looks up to me.
I told you, something like that is!
Before I could open my mouth,

“Letty Ojousama, once again, please treat me well.”
“Y, yeah……”
“Ah, your speech too. You should be in check in front of Okaasama and others, but…… you can speak as you normally do.”

When I say that, Theodore becomes bashful.
S, so dazzling!!

“Because I have just arrived here, I would like Letty Ojousama to show me her favorite place.”
“Even though I told you it is alright to……”
“No, that can’t be changed.”

Theo! Letty! I wanted a good relationship like that, but I understand him.
This is where I compromise, yes.
Then, let’s go. I take his hand.
After that, we were exploring the spacious house, the people searched us, and we ran away until we were caught.
After that, I and Theo~~ got along well and even studied together.
Theo was also taught martial arts, during that, I spent the time doing my own thing.
And then, when I turned 12, I have started learning about magic.

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