Chapter 13

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Kreiss and the others arranged for a carriage to be brought from the inn, and were seen off at the city gates by Mr. Berd, Rinmei, Liam, and Rune. Together with the dwarves, we departed for the Capital.

On our way to the Capital, we stopped at various towns along the road to buy food and wine, continuing our journey by camping outside the towns.

The dwarves were pleased with the abundance of alcohol, and there were no complaints about not entering the towns.

However, with banquets happening almost every day, Kreiss and the others found themselves caught up in them regularly, suffering from severe hangovers that wouldn’t go away. They might end up as serious alcoholics by the time we reach the Capital.

A week after leaving the town of Beakel, we arrived at the Capital, attracting curious looks from passing merchants along the road.

Since the dwarves couldn’t enter the Royal Castle, they agreed to camp at the training grounds of the Royal Castle Knights.

It might be inconvenient until we find a place to live for them, but as long as we prepare plenty of alcohol, there shouldn’t be a problem.

For detailed discussions on tool making, Emmy was brought to the Royal Castle.

As Emmy and I discussed tool making in our room, Sister Emily suddenly appeared at the door.

“Can you create a tool that would silence the Elfast Magic Kingdom?”

“… If it’s a simple structure, their craftsmen might imitate it. But our Kingdom’s magic formations can’t compete with the Elfast’s core systems for extracting mana from magic stones. Developing a tool to counter theirs would be quite challenging.”

In this world, magic tools operate using the mana from magic stones. The Elfast Magic Kingdom has developed methods of extracting this energy through their magic formations.

Their formations are complex and difficult to analyze, beyond the capabilities of our Kingdom’s magicians to reproduce. That’s why we rely on magic tools that we import from the Elfast Magic Kingdom.

If we can overcome this hurdle, we could develop our own, Critonia-made, unique magic tools.

After hearing my explanation, Emmy muttered quietly, “We could use Mithril for mana conduction.”

Mithril is a metal in this world with the property of conducting mana, often used in materials like magic swords.

As Emmy and I pondered, Sister Emily tilted her head curiously.

“Extracting mana from magic stones is that difficult, huh? I thought it would be easy if you just held a magic stone and let your mana flow in.”

It’s considered common knowledge in this world that if you hold a magic stone and channel your own mana into it, you can utilize the mana contained within the stone.

So, perhaps if a small amount of mana were to be infused into the stone, it could draw out the mana within…

I smiled slightly and took Sister Emily’s hands.

“Thank you, Sister. I’m starting to see a hint of how to approach this.”

“That’s good to hear. I’ll help you think it through.”


With Sister Emily joining us, the three of us discussed the tool further.
After a while, Emmy, looking exhausted, grumbled.

“It’s impossible to constantly use one’s body’s mana to extract mana from a magic stone through a tool.”

“Yeah, doing that would cause the body to run out of mana and faint.”

“Hmm~ Is there any substance that releases mana?”

Emmy’s complaint piqued Sister Emily’s curiosity, and she started grumbling too.

A substance that releases mana… I feel like I’ve heard of something like that before…

Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind.

“There is! A miasma marsh!”

In this world, there are many forests where ferocious monsters roam, similar to the Primitive Sea of Trees.

In these forests, magic particles dissolve in the air, precipitate in the ponds, and become putrid, creating miasma marshes.

Ancient civilization texts mention that ferocious monsters evolved by absorbing the miasma emitted from these marshes into their bodies.

It’s also said that monsters convert the inhaled miasma into high-purity magic crystal within their bodies, preventing the miasma from filling the world.

So, there’s a high likelihood that deep forests like the Primitive Sea of Trees have miasma marshes.

As I explained my thoughts to the two of them, Emmy’s expression suddenly lit up.

“There was a swamp near the dwarven settlement where the water was putrid and undrinkable. We couldn’t drink it, but the monsters seemed fine drinking from that swamp.”

“If there’s a place like that in the Primitive Sea of Trees, then I’ll go investigate. It’s not fair if you and Sister Emily have all the fun without me.”

Suddenly, a voice came from the door, and as I turned around, Brother Adel was standing there with a smile.

Upon seeing him, Sister Emily stood up sharply.

“No, Adel. You have to assist Brother Roland.”

“It’s already unfair that you went to the Primitive Sea of Trees without me. You can handle the political matters, Sister.”

“Don’t be so selfish.”

The two of them immediately started arguing face-to-face.

Hmm, once they get going like this, it’s hard to stop them, isn’t it?

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