Chapter 12

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Emmy the Dwarf
The day after the feast, Kreiss and the others were laid out with hangovers.

Liam and Rune also seemed to be in bad shape, rolling around in the living room.
Sister Emilia seemed embarrassed by how drunk she got yesterday and hid in another room to avoid seeing me.

Doltan said to me, “Come with me for a bit,” and we left the house together.

As we walked through the village, the dwarves outside waved at us with smiles.
It seems that the dwarves, who were so wary of us when we arrived, had warmed up to us after last night’s feast.

Doltan and I walked to the edge of the village and arrived at a large house made of earthen walls.

Doltan kicked open the sturdy door, shouting “We’re coming in!” and entered the house.
Following him inside, I saw various pieces of junk scattered around.

Doltan stomped through the junk towards the back and yanked off a blanket.
A surprised dwarf girl jumped up and started complaining to Doltan.

“What are you doing all of a sudden! I just went to sleep after working all night!”

“Don’t be angry. I’ve brought a very special guest for you. He knows a lot about mechanical devices.”

“Is that true?”

The girl turned towards me and ran over, grabbing my hand with a beaming smile.

“My name is Emmy, let’s talk about mechanical devices.”

According to Doltan, Emmy is the most skilled person in the village when it comes to making tools, and there’s no one better.
She loves making mechanical devices and has created various tools based on her own ideas.

Emmy held a self-made tool in her hands to show me.

“This tool, when you wind the spring, the wheels under the box start spinning. I got the idea when I saw a carriage in the city.”

It was indeed a tool similar to a toy car I remembered from my previous life in Japan.

When Emmy wound the spring and let go, the square box ran towards me.

“That’s amazing! This is a great invention!”

“I’m so happy to find someone who appreciates the greatness of my tools.”

“I’d love for you to come to the Capital with me.”

“I’ll go, I’ll go. If I can make mechanical devices, I’ll go anywhere.”

As Emmy and I clasped hands in joy, Doltan shouted out happily.

“This is truly a cause for celebration! Let’s have a feast today!”


The dwarves’ feast lasted for three days and nights, and Liam, Rune, and Kreiss were all terribly hungover, collapsing after the festivities.

Sister Emilia was ashamed of how she had drunk and didn’t touch a drop of alcohol since.
I’m a minor, so I was focusing on eating, and I didn’t drink any alcohol.

While Kreiss and the others were bedridden, Doltan and Emmy, leading the initiative, selected twenty dwarves who enjoyed making tools from among their settlement to accompany us to the Capital.

However, Doltan, who was currently the acting village Chieftain, apparently couldn’t come with us.

A week had passed since we arrived at the dwarven settlement, and with the dwarves’ travel preparations complete, we set off to return to the Capital.

The dwarves walked through the intricately intertwined forest as if it were their backyard.

We were attacked by monsters many times, but with a party of over twenty people, we easily subdued them and made our way through the forest.

Five days after leaving the settlement, we emerged from the Primitive Sea of Trees.

Walking along the road towards the town of Beakel, we found Mr. Berd standing in front of the outer wall’s large gate with a group of adventurers.

“I heard from the adventurers that a bunch of dwarves were coming out of the Primitive Sea of Trees, so I came to see, and it was indeed you guys.”

“Yes. We found a settlement of dwarves. So we came out of the forest together.”

“I figured as much. However, you cannot bring the dwarves into the town.”

“Why is that?”

“Think about it. If the dwarves coming out of the forest enter the town in such large numbers, it will surely provoke the rough adventurers stationed here. It’s bound to cause trouble. As the Guildmaster, I can’t overlook such a situation.”

Dwarves live within the kingdom, but they are still a rare demi-human species.
If they enter the town in large numbers, they will inevitably stand out.

That might provoke curious adventurers to meddle.
As the Guildmaster responsible for the adventurers, I can understand wanting to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

I raised a finger towards Mr. Berd.

“I understand your circumstances. We won’t force our way into the town. But please, we ask for assistance with alcohol and food. The dwarves are tired from traversing the forest.”

“That’s an easy request to fulfill. I’ll arrange for it.”

After the discussion with Mr. Berd, I headed towards Emmy, who was with the dwarves.
When I explained the reason we couldn’t enter the town of Beakel and that we would receive alcohol and food instead, Emmy’s face lit up with joy.

“We’re dwarves. We’re used to sleeping in open fields and grasslands. So it’s fine that we can’t enter the town. Besides, getting free alcohol is our fortune. Looks like we’ll have an all-night feast today.”

Ugh… more drinking.

How much do dwarves love their feasts?

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