Chapter 5

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At the End of the First Day
After washing Sara’s body off in a river near the Imperial Capital, we are heading back to the adventurer’s guild to report the results. However, there’s a problem.

“I can’t buy a bag.”

With the money I have, I can buy a small bag, but I can’t afford to buy a bag that’s big enough to hold all of the boar’s meat and tusks.
I can put the herbs and fangs in the small bag, and after getting the money for those, I can buy another bag for the meat. That’s what I’m thinking, but because it’s weird to bring only the tusks back without the meat, the idea is rejected.
There’s no bag small enough to hold only the herbs. Prices in this world are surprisingly high.
Handing the materials over directly out of the item box would stand out too much, so I can’t do that.
Now, what should I do?

“Umm, Master what’s the problem?”

Sara asked worriedly.

In this case, let’s listen to the twins.
I tell the two that I don’t want to show other people my item box magic, and that I can’t afford a bag for the materials.

“Can you take out the items in the item box anywhere?”

I nod at Mira’s question.

“Then, buy a decently sized bag, and make it look like you’re taking items out of that bag, but take them from the item box instead. That way it would be as if you’re taking the items out of the bag.”

After stroking Mira’s head, I buy a suitable bag at a street stall with the remainder of our money, and we head to the adventurer’s guild.

We hadn’t encountered any trouble along the way, but the atmosphere at the guild was really bad.
I don’t know why everyone is so nervous. What happened?

“Did something happen?”

I asked the receptionist Oneesan.

“Yeah, actually a party of rank 5 adventurers was found on the brink of death near the city. Everyone thinks a strong monster did it, so everyone is nervous.”

Hee, I would like to fight this monster.
Well, now isn’t a good time though.

I finish the requests and pass over all the excess boar material. All for 550 Gill.
I also had my rank raised to 2. It looks like there’s no exam needed to rank up from 1 to 2.
Also, I asked receptionist Oneesan about an inn. She said the cheapest one cost 100 Gill per night.
It seems that recently the prices have been raised, and beginner adventurers are having a hard time making a living.

I say my thanks to the receptionist and leave the guild. It’s time to shop. The weapon shop is first. Sara has a means of attacking, but Mira doesn’t since light magic is recovery-type magic.


When we enter the weapon shop, a small bearded man welcomes us.
Definitely a dwarf.
Dwarves are a standard when it comes to weapon shops.

“Choose a cheap weapon to your liking.”

Personally, If I were Sara, I would choose a wand that increases magic power. I’d get a bow if I were Mira, but I’ll let them choose what they like.
When I said that the twins should choose a weapon that they like, both of them were puzzled, but soon they began to look around.
In the meantime, I focused on my own business.

“Storekeeper, can you fix this?”

I show him the katana I broke when I was fighting the boars.

“Hou, a sword? It’s unusual, but I can fix it.”

After I handed over my katana to the storekeeper, the twins walked up with the weapons they had chosen.
Mira had picked a bow as I expected, and Sara chose a sword.
When I asked Mira why she chose a bow, she said that she wants to be able to protect people on her own.

“A total of 250 Gill, and the sword will be ready tomorrow at noon.”

I pass the money, receive the goods, and leave the store. I’m now left with 300 Gill. I wanted to buy armor as well, but I would probably spend a lot and wouldn’t have enough money left to stay at an inn.

“Slaves are refused here.”

2 hours have already passed while we were searching for an inn. It’s already dark, and traffic has decreased. I didn’t eat anything today, so I’m very hungry.
The treatment of slaves is crueler than I thought though. Every inn has refused to take slaves.
When I asked where slaves could stay, I was told that they could camp outside the city.
People who buy slaves, like the many adventurers and nobles, let them stay outside the city where they are attacked by monsters. The lowest-priced slaves are treated like trash. If they can’t be used, they are thrown out.

“I’m sorry, Master.”
“We are fine camping outside. At the very least Master should stay at an inn.”

I cut the suggestion of the twins off right away.
If I left these two outside by themselves, they’d be attacked right away. There are a lot of dangerous nocturnal monsters. There’s also the danger of being attacked by bandits.
Therefore, I can’t let the twins stay outside by themselves.
If possible, I wanted to rest in a bed, but there’s no helping it.

“I will sleep outside as well.”

I’ve decided on this, so there’s no room to talk.
I took both of the girls under my arms and headed to the general store to buy small tents.
After surprising the twins, I take their hands and walk towards the gate.

The gate was already closed, but I told the soldier at the gates that we were going to camp outside, and he opened the gates for us as we headed out of the Imperial Capital.

We then walked along the outer wall of the capital towards the river Sara had washed in. I saw plenty of other people camping out along the way.
Not all of them were enslaved, but most probably were. It looks like there’s a lot of slaves in this city.
There were some people near the river where we had planned to sleep.

“Let’s camp here.”

I take out a tent. I have Sara and Mira, who have experience in camping, assemble the tent.
I also wanted to help out, but I’ve never built a tent before, and I would only drag the twins down. So while they are doing that, I’m going to hunt the prey for our dinner.

The forest is about 1 kilometer away, but since I’m on my own I can get there in 1 minute.
Because I was anxious about leaving the two girls waiting for a long time, I cut down a tree. I then cut it into round slices and put it in my item box.

On the way back, I found a horde of wolves using [Detection].
Today’s dinner.

When I return, the twins were still assembling the tent.

“Welcome back, Master. You haven’t been out for long.”
“I flew.”

I take out the logs, that I had cut into round slices earlier, out of the false item bag, away from the twins so as not to disturb them.
It seems like I’m used to this after only a day.

After taking out the logs, it’s time to skin the wolves.
I hunted 8 of them, but it’s a dinner for three women, so I only skin 2 of them.
I will skin the rest tomorrow with the help of the twins.
First I cut the head off with a sword, and then I skinned the fur off the body with the knife I borrowed from Mira.
On Earth, I was very clumsy, but this body is quite dexterous, so this task is really easy.
Because only the meat and fur of a wolf will sell, I’ll put the rest of the parts in the item box and throw them away somewhere later. If the parts were disposed of here, the smell could attract monsters.
Monsters are quite mysterious. Even though they’re alive, blood doesn’t flow through their veins and yet their organs are still active, and their flesh is fresh. It may be good for me to learn more about monsters soon.
After I finish skinning the wolves, I have Sara light the firewood.
Magic is convenient. I want to learn it.

I stab the meat with a bone and roast the meat on the fire.
After confirming that the meat is golden in color, I bite into it.

“It’s not that good.”

Is it because I didn’t use seasoning? Is seasoning for wolf meat even sold?
No, right now clothes are the priority.
I’m still wearing the “IDO”; beginner equipment, but the twins are still in their slave outfits, and I want them to look nicer.
Let’s buy new clothes first thing in the morning.

Then I notice that the slaves that had been around us started to gather.
Everyone is wearing the slave outfit. Perhaps the slaves of an adventurer? I believe a noble’s slave would at least have some decent clothing.
Still, what is going on?
If someone touches the twins, I will kill them.

“Erm, won’t you share the meat with them, please?”

Mira and Sara have sad expressions while watching the slaves.
Do they sympathize with them because they are slaves as well?
Looking at the slaves carefully, they look very weak and skinny, and they look ill. I guess it’s because they don’t have tents and sleep on the ground.

As for me, I don’t really care, but I want to grant the wish of the twins, so I prepare the rest of the wolves reluctantly. Their meat and bones, as well as some firewood, will be handed over. Sara seems to be the one to light the fire.

“Keep it a secret.”

Of course, I tell them not to tell others.
If the rest of the slaves came it would become troublesome.
Well, even if they do come, I will send them away with [Coercion].

While passing the meat, everyone conveys their gratitude to us. Seeing Mira and Sara happy for being thanked, it makes me happy too.

We enter the tent after eating our share of the food. As expected, the tent is very narrow. If I save up enough money, I’ll buy a bigger tent.

Author notes:

1 Gill = 10 Yen
The available coins are the 1 Gill coin, 10 Gill coin, 100 Gill coin, 1000 Gill coin, and the 10,000 Gill coins.
The king handed Maika about 200,000 Gill.
Slaves are priced the same as consumables, except for certain slaves.

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