Chapter 3

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Let’s Become an Adventurer
“I’m sorry, slaves are considered to be property and thus are unable to register at the guild.”

“Yes, understood.”

I am currently accompanied by two people at the adventurer’s guild.
I asked whether it was possible to register them as adventurers, but apparently, slaves can’t register.

For a while now I’ve been able to feel the gazes of the people around me, so much so that it hurts.
Well, at first glance, you see a timid woman with two young elf slaves trying to register as an adventurer, so of course, you would be interested.
I don’t like being observed though, so I slightly release [Coercion] around me.
Amongst the voices “Hou, this fellow is quite interesting” can be heard, but I ignore those remarks. It’s not worth involving myself with them.

“Then, only myself.”

For the time being, I register myself at the guild. I have the recommendation letter from the King, but it would be troublesome if I showed it off, so I don’t hand it over.

“Then please, fill in your name and age.”

On the paper I got, I write my nickname, Maika, and my age, 17.

“Maika-san is it? Please wait a moment.”

The Reception Onee-san gets a paper, and on that paper, she sets a black slate.
When she does it, the slate sinks into the paper, and a black card emerges.
Amazing. After all, fantasy-like this is impressive to see.

“This is your guild card Maika-san.”

Maika Age:17
Rank: 1

“A guild card is the only way for people to see your information. When the owner of the card touches the center of it, the owner’s possessed skills and money that is stored at the guild will be shown. When shopping, you can pay using this card, but please don’t lose it because it is used as identification as well.”

Hee, this card is quite high-tech.
I thought that such a high-tech guild card would only exist in novels.

Just like that, Onee-san starts to explain how the guild works.
It took a long time, so here are the main points:
1. There is a ranking system, with 1 being the lowest, and 10 the highest.
2. You can receive requests only 1 rank below or above your current rank. It seems sometimes a nomination request becomes available.
3. A certain amount of points are set for requests, and there’s an examination once you get enough points to rank up.
4. If you cancel the request you took, you must pay a cancellation fee of 5 times the reward.
5. Materials obtained from monsters other than the specified request are not able to be bought by the adventurer’s guild. You must sell them to the merchant’s guild.
6. Dungeons have a set rank. Adventurers with a lower rank than the dungeon, can’t enter (this, however, does not apply to recently discovered dungeons).
7. You can’t take the dungeon cores from dungeons up to rank 3 since they are designated by the guild to be for beginner adventurers (If there are too many dungeons, they seem to put in a request for a core).
8. The guild does not interfere with conflicts between adventurers.

It’s such a place.
After hearing about the guild, I decided to receive a request right away.

I go to the bulletin board, and as expected there are a lot of adventurers in this castle town. All of them seem to be at the bulletin board as well. Since I am bad with people, I quickly step up to the board, peel a request off, and go to the reception desk.
To be honest, the contents of the requests seem to be easy so I took a few at once.

The requests I selected are
– Yakusousaishi: rank1
Reward: 50 Gill for 10 pieces
– 5 Pieces of Boar’s Meat: rank2
Reward: 250 Gill
– 5 Boar Fangs: rank2
Reward: 250 Gill

It’s these 3. It’s difficult to read when there’s no kanji or hiragana though. When I submitted my requests, the reception Onee-san looked a little disappointed.
It seems it’s rare for a novice to suddenly take on 3 requests.


When we left the guild, I was called out to by Sara.
By the way, this is the first conversation we’ll have. I’m thankful that the other side initiated it though because I don’t know what to talk about.
However, she speaks in a very frightened voice.
I wonder if I did something that made them scared?

“Are we going on the request too?”
“That’s right.”
“There will be fighting, no?”
“Of course.”

Just what is this child talking about? I received a request to get materials from the monsters, so of course, there’s going to be fighting.

“My little sister is…”
I remembered that Sara’s level was higher than Mira’s.
Judging from that, it seems Mira has never experienced a battle.

“It’s okay, I will support you.”

I paid a large amount of money, I’m not going to let them die immediately.

I will let them act reckless, but I will prevent them from getting injured. That’s what I explained to Sara with a smile on my face, and in reply, Sara nodded desperately.

That reminds me, at first “That child” also showed a similar reaction. Perhaps my smiling face looks strange?

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