Chapter 13

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In the town of Aranda
“You can do anything, huh.”

Maria, who saw my work, is looking at me with a big smile.
As she promised yesterday, Maria brought the swords, the alchemy set, and the item bags.
We are in one of the inn’s rooms at the moment.
I’m playing with the alchemy set Maria brought… It was difficult in the beginning, but after using the set once, I learned the alchemy skill.

After I acquired the alchemy skill, I put the materials in the item box and I press the Alchemy button. It’s completed instantly. Furthermore, after doing this process several times, the skill became lv100, so I can now make anything as long as I have the required materials.
I made the following items.

– Detoxification potion rank6
Quickly cures powerful poisons.
– Detoxification potion rank1
Can cure weak poisons.

I made 7 rank 1 Detoxification potions and 3 rank 6 potions.
As I had expected, I was able to make detox potions from the poison grass and antidote potions.
However, it was unexpected that the rank of the detox potion is determined by the rank of the antidote potion.
Maria told me that nobility and royalty will pay a lot of money for a rank 6 Detoxification potion, but I decided to save it for the girls.

However, I decided to give half of the rank 1 potions to Maria.
It’s my way of thanks for the katanas. Speaking of which, these katanas are really poor quality.
Craftsmen are typically able to make better quality swords than this, but I had really wanted katanas.

“So, about the troll.”
“That’s right. Looks like the meat isn’t usable, but the skin is. However, there are no craftsmen that can process it.”

After all, the skin can’t be processed, huh. Maria still wanted to buy the skin, so I forced the meat on her too.

“I don’t need the meat though.”
“It’s troublesome to peel the skin away.”

Maria received the skin, with the included meat, while looking unpleasant.
The purchase amount is 310,000 Gill. I’ve made so much, that a normal person could live comfortably for a year off of this. After the journey ends, I’d like to possess more money than this state’s budget.

After Maria had left, I went into the middle of the forest alone.
The 4 girls are doing a request commissioned by the guild. At first, I had wanted to go with them, but I want them to fight without having to rely on me, so, because the monsters in the vicinity of the town aren’t that strong, I decided that it’s alright to let them go alone. However, I’m worried about one thing. I used [Detection] to its fullest while in the town, and found about 200 goblins in the middle of the forest. I came here to expel them.
Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if the goblins attacked the town, but if they do, the girls will be sad. Besides, I’d be forced to fight them anyway if they did attack the town.
Is this an event influenced by the [Hero] skill as well?

When I reach the middle of the forest, I confirm the location of the goblin settlement and use [Coercion].
Just like when a frog sees a snake, the goblins froze in their tracks.
When exterminating small fry, intimidation skills are very useful.
I didn’t use it that much though.
This is an easy task. I’m just snapping their necks one by one while they’re frozen.
In less than a few minutes I finished exterminating the horde of goblins.

“He-Help me please.”

There was a man, surrounded by goblins, in the middle of the village.
He grimaced in fear and had tears in his eyes and a runny nose after seeing me.
A man surrounded by goblins. Frightened for his life.
That he did not die from my [Coercion] skill, means that he is no ordinary man. An ordinary person can’t survive my [Coercion].
Adventurer? Goblin? His face looks goblin-like.

“I, I was attacked by the goblins…”

Well, it doesn’t matter. The [Detection] skill identifies him as an enemy.
The man was yelling something, but I didn’t pay it any mind and wanted to cut his head off, but I soon gave up on the idea.
I have yet to fight with adventurers of this world.
I may be able to experience the might of the adventurers of this world for the first time.
I don’t know what level this man is, but to be able to withstand my maximum [Coercion], he should be fairly high level.

“If you win, I will overlook this.”
“… Eh?”

The man doesn’t have a weapon, so I take Sara’s old sword from the item box and toss it to the man.
The man looks confused. He looks back and forth between me and the sword, and as I urge him to take the sword with my eyes, he finally takes the weapon and enters a fighting stance.
However, his body is trembling. It looks like he will collapse at any moment.

“I’ll only use my left arm, and I won’t move from this spot.”
“u, uooooo!!”

It won’t be a battle unless I do something, so I might as well give him a handicap. While giving a courageous shout, the man finally decides to attack, so the man raised the sword and waved it around.

A little faster than the girls?
I raise my fist and punch the approaching man’s chest lightly.
I had hit lightly because I thought he would be sent flying otherwise, but my fist sinks into the left side of his chest. I hear his bones crack, and the man is sent flying. After that, he did not get back on his feet.

“So weak…”

I thought it would be a good fight with the handicap, but it looks like I had expected too much. I’m disappointed.
I approach the dead body of the man and look through his clothes to find his guild card.
The guild card was rank 5. If his rank was 5, then the adventurers of this world are really weak. However, I heard that the adventurers rank 8 and above are in another world compared to the lower-ranked adventurers. Let’s fight them next time.
For now, let’s do something about this mountain of corpses.
First of all…

“Alright, I will impose on Maria.”

Maria is handy in times like these. Even though there is a lot of material, I don’t know what the goblins can be used for.
Maria came to the forest about 10 minutes after I had contacted her.

“You’re slow.”
“Even though I rushed here.”

Maria looks around, and at the bottom of the mountain of corpses, she sees a man’s body.

“No, I’ve only seen his face before. It’s strange though, what was this man doing in such a place? I’m sure he was last seen at the borders of Midgard Kingdom.”

According to Maria, this man is a criminal who has a bounty on his head and has the special ability to control goblins. With this ability, various towns and villages were attacked.
Does his face resemble a goblin because of this ability? No, maybe because his face resembles a goblin, he got such an ability.

“You will receive a reward if you report this to the Knight’s Order. What will you do?”
“I don’t need it. The goblins are for free as well.”

The Knight’s Order or nobility, being related to such organizations would only be troublesome.
“I don’t need goblins either…” was ignored. The clean-up was left to Maria, and I returned to the town.

“Ah, welcome back.”

When I returned to the inn, the girls had already returned.
Good timing. I hand out an item bag to everyone.
It will become much easier for everyone to carry materials now, so the girls are happy.

“Speaking of which, when are you planning on leaving this town?”
“Tomorrow morning.”

My words surprise everyone.
I myself think that it’s a sudden departure, but with the things that have been happening, I feel like a lot of troublesome events will happen if I stay here, so it would be better not to stay in one place for a long time.

Ah, that right.

“I’ll give you all some money.”

I transfer some money from my guild card to everyone’s guild card.
Suddenly, a large amount of money is transferred to their guild cards. Everyone except Charlotte is surprised.
Well, if you suddenly receive so much money you would be surprised.
I explain to everyone, that if I hog all the money and lose my consciousness again, the girls would be in trouble.
Apparently, everyone is convinced by this.
After that, we prepared the things we’d need for the journey, ate dinner, and went to bed early.

That night, I make sure that everyone is asleep and leave the inn.
It’s around 3 in the morning, and the town was creepily silent. I’m sleepy.
Sound echoes around, but the only things I can hear are the howling of dogs and some galloping sounds from far away.
My destination is the outskirts of the town where we held our mock battle.
Just before leaving, what kind of event will happen I wonder.
Is this the influence of the [Hero] skill? Heroes are really troublesome. Why do I have to be a hero…
This must be the work of those three that were summoned by the king.

“I’ve arrived.”

I used my [Detection] skill and sensed enemies nearby.
I look at the enemy and frown unconsciously.

“The skill displayed ??? so I didn’t know what it meant, but it meant this, huh.”

It has a countless number of legs, countless hands grow from its body, and many people’s faces are everywhere. It was a creepy monster that had been created from dozens of people.
It was made by someone. Most likely it has no name because of this. Then, I can understand the funny reaction I got from [Detection].
Moreover, I’m surprised that the people this monster was created from are all still alive.
A magic square is drawn on its body. I can’t sense any other presences with [Detection] so it’s probably being controlled from far away.
Really, if this magician is strong enough to create something like this, he should go and conquer some dungeons instead.


I take a deep breath and kick the monster’s torso.
The monster is quite tough. Although it was sent tens of meters away, it still did not fall.
No, when I kicked the monster, one of the people it had been created from died, so it must have been effective.
When the other people saw the dead person, they started to scream resentments one after the other.
It was noisy so I used my [Coercion] on max to shut them up, but it wasn’t effective.
The skill is useful for small fry, but it has no effect on this monster. It seems this thing is quite strong.

The monster approaches me at a speed that doesn’t match its huge body.
It’s a pretty slow speed for me though.
I counter the monster charging at me with a kick.
The monster doesn’t learn, and charges at me once again.
It repeats the charge without ever learning a lesson over and over again.
It looks like its only attack is its charge.

By any chance, does this monster lack intelligence?

It appears to be that my idea was right. It hasn’t stopped attacking me with a charge.
I destroy its materials one by one after every charge.
After dozens of charges later, all the materials are dead and the monster stopped moving. (Ed: She considers people to be mere materials for a monster … respect Maika-san. Respect)

I thought it had died, but something is strange.
The monster’s body starts to grow little by little…

“Batter up.”

If I’m thinking about this correctly, this will become a catastrophe if it continues, so although I’m flustered, I bring the troll’s club from out of the item box, and take the pose of a pro baseball player.


I take a swing and send the body flying far away into the distance.
Eventually, I spot a huge mushroom cloud, and I can hear a roaring sound in the distance.

“That was dangerous.”

I was in the nick of time. Without a doubt, that explosion would have hit the town if it had exploded here.
I don’t care about the people of the town, but it would be bad if the explosion had hit the girls. It’s a good thing I made it in time.

Before people spot me, I secretly return to the inn using the [Stealth] skill.
I don’t know why that monster was sent to this town.
However, if it was because of the [Hero] skill, a lot of troublesome things will happen from now on.

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