Chapter 4

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The First Request
We left the Imperial capital and headed over to the neighboring grassy plains.
In this area where adventurers complete low ranking requests, there are a lot of people.
Because it was difficult to hunt with so many people around, I just collected some herbs and continued another 2 kilometers in.
As expected, there are fewer people here because it’s far from the Imperial Capital.

As we keep walking, although I and Sara are okay, Mira is out of breath, so I decided to take a break.
Because I didn’t have enough money, we’re out of food.

“Say, how did you two become slaves?”

I talked with the twins because just sitting there and doing nothing was boring. Communication is going to be important from now on because we will be acting together.
It’s been a long time since I talked with someone, so I’m a little tense though.

“Umm, do I have to talk about that?”
“I want to hear it.”

It looks like it’s a difficult topic for Sara.
I can’t come up with any other topics to talk about though. Sara began talking little by little after I asked again in a slightly harder tone with my neck going potsuri, potsuri.
Still, when I first met Sara she was glaring at me, and it was definitely a rebellious attitude, but now she’s submissive. What happened?
The younger sister, Mira, won’t even look me in the eyes. It’s a mystery.

“Our family had to travel on business. This time our destination was the Imperial Capital. We were attacked by the thieves hiding in the woods along the way though, and mother and father became bait to let us escape…”

Though the two escaped, they were soon captured and sold to a slave dealer.
Sara couldn’t finish the story, but something like that must have happened.
This happens quite often in fantasy stories, so I’m not surprised.

Still, I can’t cheer them up with something like “such things often happen in novels and manga.” In the first place, it’s impossible for me to comfort someone anyway.
I’m somewhat happy that I had this conversation though.
Initially, I bought the twins so I could kill some time, but I’m getting attached. Was it a mistake to purchase the twins?

“It’s time to go.”

After a short time, the break is over. I use [Detection], and look for a boar.
I find one to the south-east about 500 meters from here, but I can see 3 people near it, so it’s probably their prey.
Afterward, I find a herd of 10 boars 800 meters west from here, and there aren’t any people nearby. There’s quite a number of them, but it’s okay since I’m here. Mm, this will do.

“Follow me.”

After a few minutes, we have reached the boars.
The herd is absorbed in eating grass, so they haven’t noticed us yet.

“Erm, aren’t there too many?”

Although the monster is herbivorous, it’s over 1 meter in length, and there are 10 of them. These monsters are scary to the twins.

“Wait here.”

I told the scared children to wait, and I jumped in alone.
Fast – the distance between me and the boars quickly shrinks.

The first one has his head cut off.
At that time, an unexpected thing occurred.
Under the impact of the slash, the ground cracks, and 6 more boars are caught up in the shockwave and die.
I’m at a loss for words. I’m stronger than I had imagined.
It may be a bad thing if I don’t learn how to control this power.

Inevitably, the sword was cracked by the impact, and I had to crack the heads of 2 boars with my bare hands.
It feels bad to kill these creatures barehanded though, and I don’t want to do it again if possible.
I need to learn how to control this power quickly.

“This, kill it.”

I throw one of the remaining boars between the twins.
The boar was thrown into the air, and since it crashed into the ground head first, it was stunned.
Though it’s an ideal chance to kill it, the twins tremble with watery eyes and don’t move.
Sara’s level is 3, so she had to have fought with monsters before. What are you doing?


Sara finally began to move again after I spoke.
She extends her hand towards the boar and closes her eyes.


At her words, a column of flame rises from the magical square that had appeared under the boar.


I unconsciously voice my admiration. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen magic, as I saw enough in VR, but that is different from this realistic magic after all.
Looking at it, I want to try it out as well. It’s too late to regret it now though. If I knew this would happen, I would have put a skill point into magic.

Afterward, I take a look at the reference book about monsters, that I received for free at the adventurer’s guild, as well as the katana I broke, Sara’s sword, and Mira’s knife.
To work with someone again after so long is nostalgic. Were we able to get closer after our last conversation I wonder?

Because I forgot to bring a material bag, I put the times in my item box.
It’s good than an item box is usable.
Mira and Sara look at me in surprise. I explain that this is my magic, and the twins look convinced.
However, this item box stands out too much, so let’s take bags with us next time.
If this is like in the novels, a space bag should be sold. (Ed: I assume by space bag the author means something along the lines of a dimensional bag which can usually hold an infinite number of things. Not the bag that shrinks when you suck the air out.)

One the way back, Mira and Sara are walking next to me. Both of them have started to talk to me a little bit more.
Walking together like this, it reminds me of “…”, my little sister.
… What’s this? That’s strange, “…” was my little sister? …
Yep, I had one. Certainly, there should be a little sister, but I can’t remember her face or voice. By the way, I remember that I was talking about “That child” before. Who is she?—–
——– When we are walking together like this, I become nostalgic and remember when I was walking with “That child”.
We will be together for a while, so I want to become friends with them.
That said, I think I heard a noise, or was it just my imagination?

Well, let’s leave it at that. It has been following us for some time.
At first, I thought it was a person returning to the Imperial Capital, but it seems that’s not the case. There seem to be 3 people up ahead. It’s probably the friends of the thing following us.

“Young ladies, would you like to form a party with us?”

The largest man says with a large grin on his face.

“My, my, don’t say that.”

I decline and try to go around them. However, a hand is placed on my shoulder. I want to slice his hand off with my katana, but the twins would get dirty from the blood, so I bear it.

“These two slaves are really cute.”

A man in the back says … and he touches Sara’s shoulder – the left arm of the man flies in the air.
The blood pours out from the man’s shoulder and falls on Sara.
I made a mess, I’m sorry.

While the men are distracted, I use [Coercion] at full power.
The men start to tremble and cry. The man who had his arm cut off died from shock.
Did you know though?

I don’t know why, but I hate people that try to hurt things that belong to me without my permission.
If you wanted to mess with me, I will be patient, but this is not okay.
You guys had malicious intentions towards my things.
I won’t forgive you for that.
This isn’t Japan, and unlike me from over there, I am not powerless in this world. Besides, they are adventurers. I don’t need to hold back.
These are people who can only do harm anyway. They will die here.


I stop the sword I had raised as a shivering Mira grabs onto my clothes.

Seeing her so frightened, I snap out of it, and my senses start to come back.
Though I was finally able to make friends, I made them afraid of me again.
Even though I bought them, I got attached and I don’t want to be hated again.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath… Yeah, I calmed down.


I lower my head and apologize to the twins.

“No, no, please don’t apologize. Thank you for getting angry for our sake.”
“Thank you very much.”

The twins lower their heads.
Dangerous, these girls are too nice.
I’m sorry, I only thought about killing time.
I will absolutely protect these two. Since I’m already so attached, I would be really sad if I lost them. So I thought … I don’t want to feel like that again… Huh? Why did I think such a thing?
Well, nevermind.

“Let’s returns for now. Sara needs a wash.”

The twins firmly hold my hands along the way.
It’s been a long time since I’ve felt the warmth of someone’s hand.

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