Chapter 93

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I feel like Sani sensei is saying something, but I’m going in the ignoring direction temporarily.
I mean, right now, there’s Kuti here, I’m here, Kuti is here, Kuti is here, Kuti is here, you know?






Because I’m rolling around Reki-kun’s fluffy belly together with Kuti, the voice Reki-kun lets out shakes and trembles with vibration.
But, because of the reunion with my little beloved person, the reasoning limiter was easily destroyed, so I’m not able to stop rolling around.

How many times have I heard Sani sensei’s tired voice and sighs?
Her limit was pushed to the corner of the room all too soon.


(Fuu…… I’ve had my fill of Kuti.)

“…… Have you finally returned……”

“Yaa~! Not yet~! More~! Lily element is drying up, chuu~! Chuu~!”

(Wa~ Mou Kuti stop it~)

“Lily, have you had enough?”

(If possible, I would like you to let us alone for another 2, 3 days.)

“W, what do you……?”

(I mean, we didn’t see each other for a month, you know?)

“No, that’s right…… but……”

(It can’t be helped. It’s not like I want to cause trouble for Sensei. Kuti, let’s hear Sensei out for a little, okay?)

“No~! Still not, still not enough~! Lily’s Lily by Lily of Lily and Lily, with Lily!”

“…… Do you mind?”

(It can’t be helped, please go ahead.)


It may be because Sani sensei who hung her head in dejection looked a bit sorrowful.
Because Tiny-sama was sniff, sniff and her face looked like that of a runaway who ran out of control, I issued a permit.

Sani sensei’s eyes started sparkling due to the issued permit.
A phenomenon like this occasionally occurs in Sani sensei who can’t manipulate magical power. It appears to be similar to the unconscious release of magical power due to the emotional state.

Then, she started taking an orthodox boxing posture with a slightly lowered stance, her raised right knee paused at the 90-degree angle, that was the beginning of the strongest move of that person with somehow extreme aura.
Susu~ Sensei who drew nearer rapidly as if gliding, Ga such sound effect resounded when she seized Sniffsniff-sama and instantly turned her into a glint.

She’s releasing the magical power unconsciously, so why is her technique so precise? The moment I thought such, Baan Sani sensei who pretended not to hear that sound effect and rolling Dustcloth-sama under her feet.
Of course, I thought I saw a hallucination of words ‘Ameno’ on her back.


How nostalgic……




“――That’s the case.”


Object K….. cough, cough, was left into the custody of Reki-kun’s belly. Sani sensei reported, or rather announced, anyhow, the talk ended.


(Sensei, I have a question.)

“Umu, what is it”

(In other words, the holder of such special-grade magical power, what is he in the end?)

“Fumu, I think it’s a little shallow for you who has an understanding that towers above the rest, but oh well.”

(I’m sorry.)

“No, you have been rolling around that intensively, after all. Your thoughts must have been sucked by this tattered dustcloth. It can’t be helped.”


Sensei lifts up the worn-out Tiny-sama with one hand, but as expected the worn-out her can’t be drawing pictures with magical power.
If she really was so worn-out, I wouldn’t be so calm now.


(But, as expected of Kuti, huh. Her manipulation of magical power is maintained to perfection even though she’s unconscious.)

“Yeah…… I wonder how someone doing such stupid stuff like her didn’t lose her life yet……”

(Sensei, that is wrong. For Kuti, this kind of stuff is not stupid.)

“But, I think she’s making you do stupid things too.”

(Well, isn’t stupid this child’s cute charm.)

“There’s a limit to blindness……”

(Well, don’t they say that stupid children are adorable.)

“You are really stubborn, aren’t you……”


I send a gentle gaze towards Sani sensei who surrendered, and she returns the gentle gaze.
Sometimes, I say things like that, but Kuti is by my side, so I reply calmly.
As I thought, having a person you trust from the bottom of your heart by your side brings a lot of courage.


(So, Sensei.)

“Ahh, sorry. About the holder of special-grade magical power, right?”

(Yes, about me becoming a “candidate” for the holder of that special-grade magical power, I would like to learn more about that.)

“Fumu…… I think like I have talked about this before, but…… was that a different fellow……?”

(You were pretty obscure when talking about this part, you know?)

“Ahh, that’s right! You are something, as expected. You simply absorb everything I say. Do you know what the premise of that is?”

(…… Isn’t it, knowledge?)

“Correct. If you memorize without understanding the truth or the principle, you will struggle. The body memorizes, but it doesn’t mean it understands. It’s just a simple reflex. In order to understand, a prerequisite knowledge is indispensable no matter what you say. Well, there might be different opinions. But, this is what I’m trying to make you understand.”

(Haa, I somehow understand. Do I have possess too much knowledge that became the power of understanding?)

“Umu. As expected of my pupil.”


I don’t know since when I became her pupil, but I think myself as Sensei’s student, so it’s not much different.

In other words, I have a high understanding because I have memories of my previous life, so I’m qualified to become a special-grade magical power holder. No, I already became a candidate.


“It doesn’t mean that the magical power itself of the holder of special-grade magical power is “special.” Understanding the knowledge that ordinary people don’t is the essence, otherwise, it entails those who have reached the possibility of truth. Well, there are many more factors in the selection, but the main factors are those. In that regard, you are fit to be a candidate. And this time, “I” have reported on you, so you have officially become the candidate.”

(It wasn’t said in Kuti’s report?)

“To put it bluntly, it wasn’t. Rather, that fellow was hiding it.”

(…… Does it perhaps entail something dangerous……?)

“No, if I had to say, then she didn’t want other people to be dispatched to watch over you.”

(Yeah, I wouldn’t like that. I don’t want my honeymoon time with Kuti to be interrupted.)

“…… So direct.”

(Of course. The one who said that self-assertion is important is Sensei, you know?)

“T, that’s right…… well, leaving that aside. Anyway, you became a candidate for a special-grade magical power holder. Only four were discovered in about 4000 years in this country. Although I say that, it’s not like there will be any changes. You will take my lessons just as you were until now. We will expand your vast knowledge even further. Up until now, I did it as my hobby, but I will be doing it as my duty from now on. Well, no changes there as well, though.”

(Is that so? I appreciate your continuous guidance.)


I separate from the soft and fluffy belly, correct my posture and bow my head.
I understand that Sani sensei has taught me until now as her hobby. But, it will become her duty from now on.
In other words, she has an obligation to produce results.

I have to respond to that.

I don’t have much confidence, but Sensei is a person who goes beyond excellence, and above all, Kuti is here.
I would be lying if there’s nothing I’m scared of, but I’m confident that I can move on most of the things.
That’s how amazing this worn-out Dustcloth-sama is.


(Rather, how long does Kuti plan on mimicking a dustcloth?)

“Ah~…… I did it slightly hard, so wouldn’t it be for a little longer?”


“No, that’s…… sorry.”


When I looked at Sensei while frowning, she quickly averted her gaze and scratched her head, but she looked apologetic, so gave up.
Besides, I feel like I’ve been in overly high spirits because we haven’t met for a month.

It also became Sensei’s duty, so it can’t be helped.
They are always here, but Sensei is the director of the research institute and a person of high standing, and they finally found a rare existence that can be found once every millennium, so I understand that the candidate became their top priority.

Kuti’s resilience is marvelous to the degree that she wouldn’t die even if killed, so it’s okay.


“Ah~…… ahem. Well, that being the case, let’s continue getting along from now on too.”

(Yes, please take care of me.)


Sensei tried to look more dignified by clearing her throat, but it didn’t work that much.
But, tsukkoming would be insensitive, so I shook it off with my adult ignoring power.

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