Chapter 92

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Two days after learning how to freely leave and enter the mind and time room.
I have not gone even once to that space since then, but I’m so bored I’m almost at my limit.

My self-control has been effective because I thought that Kuti and Sani sensei would return soon, but I’m now so bored that I feel a bit lax.


“Muu~…… ramerame! Shikkai, watashi!”
   (Muu~…… dame, dame! Shikkkari, watashi!/No good, no good! Get a grip, myself!)

“My, oh my, what is no good?”

“Yuunda kimochi wo hikishiete mashia!”
   (Mudana kimochi wo hikkoshiete mashita!/I was expelling useless feelings)

“Oh my, oh my…… is that so?」


“Lily-chan is admirable, aren’t you~”


“Fufu…… I have monopolized Lily-chan’s smiling face all for myself~”



I did my best to strengthen my will on top of Obaasama’s lap, but kyuu~ her tight, soft embrace threw it somewhere far away.



“My, my, does Reki-kun wants to be hugged as well?”

“Rieki-kun mo dakishiete hoshi~?”
   (Reki-kun mo dakishimete hoshii~?/Reki-kun wants to be hugged too~?)

“Waun, waun.”

“Sou janakute~”
   (That’s not it~)

“My, my, is that so?”



The reason Reki-kun’s left foreleg went forward with a snap is not that he wants to be hugged, but surely because he wants to play. His tail is flapping all over.


“Baa~ba. Rieki-kun to asobu!”
   (Baa~ba. I will play with Reki-kun!)

“Yes, yes. Jenny.”

“Yess~ Great Madame.”


Jenny probably went to bring Reki-kun’s toy box to answer his request. Her upper half of body disappeared as she held the large box.
Reki-kun’s toys naturally don’t have any magical power so those who hold it disappear behind them.
The toy box isn’t visible like the worn clothes.

Jenny who left the toy box with many contents nearby bowed and immediately went to standby in the distance.
Recently, she has stopped trying getting close. Did she have a change of mind?
Her flow of magical power became even more awe-inspiring like, watching over like…… a flow I don’t have words for.
It’s becoming similar to Mira’s flow.
Mira is humble and often looks at me with a touch of reverence.
It might be the cause of making her feel good until fainting, but I feel like that’s not it. I don’t know accurately, though.


“Rieki-kun. Kyoha doede asobi mashu ka?”
   (Reki-kun. Kyou wa dore de asobi masu ka?/What would you like to play with today?)



When I clap on the toy box that was put next to me and ask Reki-kun what he would like to play with, I immediately hear the sound of the box getting turned over.
He then put one of the toys in my hand.
From the feeling it’s giving, it’s a reasonably soft, yet strong flat object――it’s a frisbee.
It’s a mysterious object made of something that seems different than rubber, it’s soft and terribly light, so even I’m able to throw it.


   (Ikuzo~/Here I go~)




Even though I have gotten considerably used to it, the frisbee probably flew with a completely flimsy feeling.
Reki-kun who knows that moves at a blurringly fast speed, he catches it in his mouth, and brings it back.
It’s slightly frustrating that he doesn’t even need to jump, but it can’t be helped for the current me.


“Ai, yokudekimachita~”
   (Hai, yoku dekimashita~/Yes, well done~)



He skillfully caught it, so I praise him.
I scratch Reki-kun’s head with an exceptional feeling of touch.

As expected, I’m not as good as my siblings who train every day, but I take pride in being able to output magical power to make me stronger than an ordinary toddler.
After throwing for about thirty times, stroking his head, and hugging him, I thought I heard a voice from at some faraway place.
Moreover, it’s gradually approaching……


(Reki-kun. Can you hear it?)



Reki-kun who put forward his right foreleg appears to properly hear it too.
But, I feel like this voice is different from ordinary shouting.


(What is it? Is the voice strengthening itself by oscillation?)



Wolf-kun who tilted his head to my words of magical power was very adorable, but I have immediately started identifying the voice with sorcery analyzation.
Then, I found out from the results of the analysis that the voice is being strengthened and its oscillation has been stabilized with sorcery that makes it continue to reverberate at a certain distance. It was a type that could be seen even from a distance, so I was able to analyze it even though it was fluctuating.


This is not one of the existing sorceries. At the very least, it’s not among the existing knowledge I know of, but.

In other words……


(Reki-kun! Mission C008!)



Reki-kun and I start immediately the strategy we have trained beforehand because of the conclusion of the results of the analysis.
Reki-kun who is sensitive to words of magical power grows blurry from the laying posture and starts running leaving behind only bark.
Obaasama and Jenny turn their eyes towards the sudden high-speed movement.

The arrival time predicted from the analysis result of the sorcery from the previous time is considerably small.

The target was already in sight at the moment Reki-kun got to the predetermined location.





A loud voice and Reki-kun’s powerful howl which drowns it down.
Everyone got distracted by Reki-kun’s sudden actions.

I embrace my dear Tiny-sama who plunged in to meet me through the gap.


“I’m home, I’m home! Aaaaaan! It’s Lily~ It’s Lilyyyy.”

“Oaeri…… Kuchii…… aitakatta.”
   (Okaeri…… Kuti…… aitakatta/Welcome home…… Kuti…… I missed you)


I rejoice while shedding tears in large drops with Reki-kun’s continuous howling as BGM.


“And then, and then! What do you think Natasha said!? Please come back earlier! I mean! Isn’t she stupid~!”

“No, no she isn’t stupid. It’s a sound argument.”

“She doesn’t understand what it means to separate from Lily, it doesn’t make sense to return earlier!”

“You are not making sense. Do your work.”

“Being by Lily side making sure Lily is happy is my work ssu!”

“You…… are……”


Grinning from ear to ear, greatly excited Smugface-sama and completely exhausted Sani sensei.
We have been separated for just about a month, but as I thought, it’s a great difference with Kuti and Sani here.
Just watching the beautiful Smugface-sama makes my cheeks 300% more relaxed.

The “Reki-kun’s full power howling distraction and stealthy emotional reunion tactics” worked splendidly and no one witnessed the scene of my reunion with Kuti.
Well, Sani sensei who arrived later was shocked, though.

Since then, my cheeks have been loose all the time.
While my usually expressionless cheeks were loose, Obaasama, Jenny, and the nearby Knights have filled the Reki-kun room with the magical power to the full capacity.
Of course, it was warm, gentle magical power.

Because I have ended up releasing my magical power as well, it had blended in the Reki-kun room and created something incredible.
Incidentally, the majority of that appears to be my magical power.


“And then, and then!”

“Kuti, calm down first. Lily won’t escape. First, talk about your work.”

“Eh~ no way, no way~ Because Lily is mine, I will first talk about myself, you know~ Before recovering the time which was lost, we can’t advance forward! My road is Lily’s! Lily is next to me, and I next to her! We are two intimate friends, you know! It’s love, you know! Love!”

“Yes, yes, I know, I know. Here sweetie, go play over there with Reki, alright~”

“Nuaaaa. Not fair~! Don’t use force field~! Coward~! Also, that baby talk doesn’t suit you~! Gross~!”

“Fuu…… with this, it finally calmed down…… why are you also going over there!?”


Sani sensei forcefully moved Kuti towards Reki-kun with sorcery, so I chase after her.
I’m sorry to Sani sensei, but I want to talk with Kuti and don’t want to be separated from her.


“Wait, wait, wait! Hear me out first!”

(Sensei…… can’t we do that later?)

“D, don’t make such a reluctant face…… we will finish immediately!”

(Muu…… then, please make it short. With Kuti by my side.)

“Haa…… okay, okay. There, come back, you worthless fairy.”

“Hiyafu~ …… were you lonely, Lily.”

(Un…… how about Kuti?)

“Of course, I was~! Aaan! Lily!”



I hide in Reki-kun’s belly who returned with Kuti and embrace her.
My magical power is releasing on full throttle, but this won’t give Reki-kun any pleasant sensation. Rather, it gives him warm and fluffy feelings as he happily closes his eyes.


“Haa…… seriously, this bacouple……”


Sani sensei’s voice that was aimed at the sky was completely exhausted, but that’s a trivial thing.
For a while, I have been rubbing cheeks against cheeks with Kuti and rolled around Reki-kun’s belly.

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