Chapter 91

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When I look up, characters.
When I look down, floors.


“Yeah…… it feels like a while…… since I came here.”


Not particularly surprising, but familiar space is spreading all around me.
Space full of floors as far as I can see.
In this space where the horizon can’t be seen, characters from my previous lifetime are floating above my head.


“If you ask me, I’m happy to be here because I can see videos of Kuti here, but……”


What I recall is the coma incident.
Because I stayed here too long the last time, it made a huge ruckus. I have to restrain myself this time.
But, I’m certain that the last thing I can remember is Ena’s gentle and beautiful lullaby, so I must be sleeping now.


I can’t stay too long if I don’t know the time, but if it’s just only for a little bit……
…… No, no, that’s not good. I must not settle here. I don’t want to make Ena that worried again.
But, if it’s here, I can watch Sani sensei using sorcery over and over again, I could remember anything except Kuti’s quality product sorcery……


“…… N? Eh……?”


I have sunk in the sea of thoughts because no one is here, but a window suddenly opened in front of me.
I nod when I recall that it’s possible to summon a video memory when imagining to a certain extent.


“Huh…… but, this is not a video? Rather, a text? …… Wrong. A program?”


A descriptive formula of something is tightly packed together. But, I recognize it. Too much.


“Oi, oi, oi. No way this is the concealment sorcery? Because I just thought of it……?”


I understand after reading the tightly packed formula. This is the only sorcery I have learned so far.
But, even though I can normally analyze it, it’s not like I can usually see such descriptive text, it’s fundamentally an image.
And now, characters are right before my eyes.

If I weren’t surprised by this…… umm…… that would be troubling.


“Hee~…… so it’s described like this. This method is way easier to understand. As expected, wouldn’t text be necessary…… in the lessons.”


Sani sensei’s difficult to understand lesson comes to my mind while reading the description.
Then, a window appears on the right side, and a video of Sani sensei’s lesson from my point of view starts playing.


“Haha, how nostalgic. Ah, right. The talk from that time……”


After such a long time, the difficult to understand knowledge I have shelved has been easily solved.


“Which reminds me, there’s a lot of knowledge I have shelved, isn’t there…… I can watch the videos in here, so it would be easier to review. I wonder if I could stay a little bit longer…… but Ena will get worried. Ah~ …… even though it would be fine for the time to pass slowly~”


Then, a bright red window appeared overhead together with a beeping sound, and slightly startling information was written on it.


“…… Ha? The setting of the domain’s speed……?”


The windows have buttons to raise and lower the numerical values.
Currently, the domain’s speed is set to 0. A polite explanation is attached next to the plus and minus buttons.


“Minus correction domain…… in other words, the passing of time in here will become slower than that in reality…… it will become slower? Plus can’t go above 0, but it can be returned to 0…… if this is real, isn’t this quite…… no, substantially convenient?”


I was quite excited and doubtful of the unrealistic explanation on the window before me.
The time of stay which I viewed as a problem has been abruptly solved, it can be said it was Godsend, but I should ask questions before that. It’s clearly too suspicious.

But, supposing that this is my consciousness, who would try to entrap me here?

Considering the fact that I’m able to reproduce my own memories in detail, and when I regain consciousness I return to reality…… otherwise it’s an intracerebral space, which would be a bit absurd, but not something I can’t assume.

I’m living in a fantasy world with fairies and sorcery. This much should be plausible.
Rather, it’s already ambiguous what is plausible and what is not. Kuti’s sorcery is extensive in all respects…… and profound.

“Alright, I decided for the maximum setting, -100!”
Even though I was cautious, I won’t understand unless I try, so I shouted ‘girl’s courage’ in my heart and tried it.
Recently, I feel like I’ve been using my gender only when it’s convenient for me.
I think that I’m a little bit sly for usually forgetting that I’m a woman, but that’s it.


“…… So, I tried it out, but there are no changes in particular. At least, I would like to be able to see outside to make sure it’s working, bu…… t……”


Before I could finish my sentence, a window showing my totally dark room has appeared.


“Ha……? Seriously?”


The room projected on the window is definitely my new room. Total darkness is the usual thing. I can see a little bit of Obaasama’s cherubic face covered by the blanket.
Before I noticed, I was enjoying Obaasama’s lovely sleeping face.


“I mustn’t, I must. Because Obaasama is too adorable, I ended up staring in daze……”


When I shook my head and looked at the window again, Obaasama moved.
But, her movements were extremely slow.
Obaasama is turning over, but her movements can’t be compared with her usual nimbleness. Specifically, it’s about 100 times slower.

I just thought it was 100 times because it’s set at -100.


“If this video is genuine, it means that the speed in the room is 100 times slower.”


That’s a wonderful fact, but that doesn’t mean it’s a definite answer.
But, having no way to inspect is sure a problem.
As expected, not being able to go out and in at will to investigate is troubling.

A window appeared the moment I thought such.
How to say this, I gradually begin to understand how to manage this space.


“Hee~ This looks like a help.”


The window has the method of going in and out of this “unconsciousness domain” written in a Q&A form.

Moreover, it’s not something to analyze and not make any mistakes when using, but a “sorcery” I’m able to use right away.


“In other words, I can go in and out from this space using sorcery…… then, how have I been entering until now?”


I have many questions, but I decided to try going in and out first.
I try activating the mentioned sorcery.
It’s exceptionally easy compared to the concealment sorcery, so immediately after activating it…… my consciousness returned to the pitch-black room.


I have returned…… rather, that returning sorcery…… I properly used it……
I was a bit uneasy that I might be able to use only the concealment sorcery, but other sorceries are good as well……
Alright! Alright! Al~right!


I look around while quietly making a victory pose several times.
Obaasama is sleeping right next to me, in the same state as projected on the window. She finished turning over.
Now then, how to verify the time, it’s simple.
I’m currently sleeping with Obaasama on this pointlessly spacious bed.
Although I’m sleeping together with Obaasama, the blankets are separate.
I can smell the usual scent of the sun from the feathery soft blanket and the fragrance of Obaasama’s favorite perfume.
The blend of the scents creates an even more pleasant fragrance, but let’s leave that aside for now.

I fumble to search for the blanket, lift it up and drop it.
I can’t see it, but I will be able to feel when the blanket falls on my body.
The laws of physics didn’t really change from my previous lifetime.
I can measure the time by entering the unconsciousness domain at the time moment of separation. Of course, only if the time setting hadn’t returned to normal, that is.

Anyhow, I will know only if I try, so I do it.


I lift the blanket as much as I can and use the sorcery.
A white space appeared before my eyes as soon as I released the blanket from my hands.


“I got in. Alright…… umm, the previous window……”


The domain speed manipulating window appears as soon as I think of it, and I found out that the setting stayed without change.
Next is the outside, the window appears when I think of it, and I could see the bla…… as if I could.
Even now, the blanket was slowly, slowly falling down. But, it has no magical power, so I naturally can’t see it.


“Should I stay here a little bit longer and return with a suitable timing?”


After looking at the totally dark video for no particular reason and returning at a suitable time, I felt the soft blanket falling on my body.
If the time were normal, I wouldn’t be able to feel that sensation the moment I returned from the unconsciousness domain.
In other words, it’s a success.

I have obtained something exceedingly convenient.
The time is a hundred times slower.
Even if 1 hour passes over there, only 36 seconds pass over here.
Truly wonderful. But, I’m really interested in demerits of this fantastic merit.

For example, will I get older while spending time in there?
But, since it’s named the unconsciousness domain, I feel like that’s not the case.

It would be better not to use it too much and ask when Kuti and Sani sensei returns.
The merits are staggering, but I’m worried about the demerits. I fell asleep, feeling fed up with my own cowardice.


While thinking about the two people who will come back soon and mainly remembering the smug face of my beloved Smugface-sama.

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