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The Case of Bathing Together
The bathtub in the Ovent Kingdom is the type of bathtub that allows you to fill it up with hot water and soak up to the shoulders.
There are luxurious and extensive baths that can accommodate up to one hundred people in the royal palace, but the general baths are big enough just for one person.

The rate of bath using has also spread to the extent it’s generally used once every two days, and basically, the next level is to enter the bath daily.
It’s normal for people to wash away the dirt with hot water on the days they don’t enter the bath.

The reason bathing spread to such a level is because of the rather cheap and stable water warming magic tool.
Since it’s a magic tool, there are limitations to the number of uses, so it has to be inexpensive as consumable goods.
Besides putting effort on studying, the Ovent Kingdom also puts emphasis on hygiene.
For that reason, the bathtubs are being endorsed, and subsidies are given for the water warming magic tools and bath constructions and repairs.

Thus, the Academic City Ovent is also occasionally called the City of Baths.


And since this is the City of Baths, there are naturally baths in the prided high noble house of the Christophe family too.
The biggest bath is larger than the Garden Bath which is the biggest bath in the royal palace.
But, that’s mainly reserved for servants.

Everyone in the Christophe House is taking baths every day, but they do not regard it that highly.

No, they didn’t, is more suitable.


Right, it’s different now.


“Now, let’s go together with Baa~ba today, okay~”


“…… Ojousama, I will wash your back. Guhehehe.”


“Nija, your innermost voice is leaking out.”

“…… Ha, Great Madame, Ojousama. You good.”


Because the Christophe House’s second daughter Lilianne got bigger, she has been recently taking baths with other people instead of using the baby bathtub.
That being said, it’s not like someone enters with her every day.
Although she grew bigger, a normal-sized bathtub is still dangerous for Lilianne, so there’s a substitute instead.
Therefore, she bathes once every three days.
Because parents, grandparents, the nanny, and the siblings were fighting to be that ‘someone’ who enters with her, they devised a rotation system.
It’s a plan that would allow getting everyone along at the times that both parents and grandparents are available.
But, that system is basically meaningless as the siblings enter together while the rotation system is on.
Since it would still be dangerous to leave her alone in a bath with a ten years old elder brother and eight years old elder sister, someone from either the parents or the grandparents and several more people go with them. Rather, as time goes by, they enter together with the children regardless of the system.
It’s a really meaningless rotation system.

This time, she’s entering together with the grandmother Annela and one of the personal maids, Nija, without her siblings which is unusual.
Annela is naked without anything on, but Nija is just accompanying them, so she’s wearing thin clothes.
Nija’s meager style can’t be compared with Annela’s slender, golden ratio proportions.
Lilianne who is wrapped in the twin hills is naturally in her birthday suit, but she’s still just a toddler, so she looks like a dazzling squid. The divine melons next to her are purunpurun and ponyoponyon and yet tsurutsuru and pettanponyori.

Incidentally, the bathroom they are currently at is the fourth biggest room in the Christophe Mansion.
Plants are planted in large quantities all around, making the room look almost like a jungle.

This place is commonly referred to as the botanical springs, but it’s not used to cultivate plants. It just simply means that it’s a bath full of plants.


“Uhoo~i! You are overflowingly sexy today as well!”

“It’s the botanical springs today, huh…… I prefer plain hot water……”

“Lily is radiantly sexy even when covered in bubbles!”

“It makes you want to slide down that white skin, doesn’t it…… ahh, I wonder why there’s no bath like this in the Forest next to the world……”

“The word sexy is not sufficient to explain the supreme figure of the dripping wet hair clinging to the skin!”

“A sheer bliss, absolute heaven~”

“So sexy I can’t take it anymoooooooore!”


The concealed sorcery around the two fairies hides the nosebleed gushing out from one of the fairies.
The height and amount of the nosebleed could be compared to a fountain.
It’s an amount of blood you are never supposed to let escape from your body, but such common sense, unfortunately, doesn’t apply to fairies.
The endless stream of blood goes against the laws of physics, gather in the air without any problems, and return to the fragment of the fairy left within the fountain.


“Gobogoboabu krapimpossibruuuuu.”

“What a nice bath~…… ahaha~”


The sight of a large amount of blood that is coming out like a fountain then flowing back into the mouth is something grotesque, but the responsible party is enjoying the bath without any concerns.


“I’m going to die, I’m going to die! Who is this fellow who made me bleed so much!”

“It’s you, it’s you.”


“Ha!? No way, are you saying that I’m a foolish ruffian who would do something like that after seeing Lily’s lovely and sexy limbs!?”

“It’s you, it’s you.”

“You ruffian~! Shuch up, shuch upp~!”

“It’s you, it’s you..”


The usual comedy sketch made in the magical power of a three heads tall, fully armed knight riding a horse and using a lance facing another three heads tall samurai wearing a kimono and a samurai sword with ‘ruffian’ written on his head begins.


Annela completely disregards that story――it’s not visible to her in the first place――and each time she takes a step, purunpurun the two melons filled with dreams and hopes freely shakes as she slowly enters the bath.
Naturally, Lilianne who is in her arms, with her head buried in the poyonpoyon’s purunpurun has already ponyonponyon reached the point of enlightenment.
A stunning, wrinkleless body which left age somewhere on the roadside because it wasn’t needed.

Even though if it was natural that there are no wrinkles naturally, the body of the strongest person on the Lizwald continent has the right amount of firmness with no hard muscles.
Although she’s a perfect modeling beauty, her body firmly emphasizes a feminine roundness.

But, in this hot springs room, Lilianne who observes Annela’s flow of magical power Muscles? What’s that? Is that delicious? is clearly seen in her expression.


(Obaasama’s magical power is beautiful as always. What do I do to have a magical power like that?)

“Lily’s is much prettier! It’s beautiful! It’s adorable! It’s the best! It’s sexy!”

“Ah, Yeahー”

(She’s supposed to be close to fifty or even above it, how come she doesn’t have a single wrinkle on her body……)

“Lily’s is also smooth and silky! You also don’t have a single wrinkle!”

“Ah, Yeahー”

(Well, I’m still only two after all…… it would be scary if I were full of wrinkles~)

“Lily as a granny…… that would do! That would do! It looks like Lily would do no matter what state she’s in! You’re amazing, Lily!”

“…… You have a nosebleed again, you know?”

“Do something about it then, Sani! This moment, I’m going to! Engrave! Preserve! Intracerebrally! Archive! Everything! Aaaaan!”


The blood fountain which spurted once again dyed the three heads tall warriors red.
The knight’s horse connected a clean hit with its foreleg on the samurai’s head after he slipped and he then exploded like a watermelon.
Despite being drawn in magical power, the depiction was seriously grotesque.
But, there was no one looking at the detailed depictions.
Even the person who made it wasn’t looking. It’s impossible to understand how she made it without even taking a glance.


(Kuti, moderately, okay~)



The stark naked fairy in the birthday suit concealed her slim chest with her little hands while rolling around in the air.
It’s because she’s able to fly that she’s rolling around in the air.


“…… Fuu…… you should hide that unsightly blood right about now. Here, I will wash you.”



On one side, a fairy getting swallowed in a whirlpool of water sorcery used by the fairy on the other side who is soaking in the bathtub for a long time.

It’s late noting this now, but both fairies are naturally in their birthday suits while in the bath――they are stark naked.
It’s impossible to activate that which requires an activation tool even for fairies.
But, that common sense has been already thoroughly pulverized in the hometown of the fairies in the Forest next to the world.

An insane existence that destroys common sense and makes up common sense.

That is the former blood fountain which is currently excited about the little girl’s――Lilianne’s smooth and flat belly…… no, she’s a lady who gets excited about everything.


Her name is Kulestilt.

The strongest sorceress in the Forest next to the world.

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