Chapter 94

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Sani sensei’s lessons started immediately the day after the reunion.
Incidentally, Kuti has already recovered and now she’s scribbling in the background. The usual refreshing Smugface is warm and fluffy.


“Now then, I think about teaching you sorcery from now on.”

“It’s finally my turn, isn’t it! It’s my turn! DE・BA・N! Hiyahho~”

(I understand. I will be in your care. Kuti, please treat me well too.)

“But, I honestly think it’s still too early. I think it would be better to deepen your knowledge further……”

“Seriously~ Sani is really stiff~ Aren’t I managing with instincts, intuition, and the sixth sense~”

“They are all the same thing! Ah, is the last one different?”

“Fufun. Rather, I’m in the process of waking up to my seventh sense!”


Kuti began to refine the microcosm while striking the pose of some comet system, but Sani sensei ignored her as usual.


“But, in order to use other sorcery, you need the concealment sorcery that was initially planned first. And to use concealment sorcery that can hide sorcery, you must use sorcery this fellow has created. In addition, spirit power is also necessary.”


When the lesson resumes, in the background, a winged horse from the constellation twinkles, and something like a fighting spirit flickers in Smugface-sama.


“But, no need to worry about failure. We had a lot of time to prepare everything that’s necessary. In the meantime, we have created a magic tool that converts magical power into spirit power.”


Wrapped in the frenzy of battle, the dance-like movements of Tiny-sama’s arms finish, and the microcosmic darkness is about to explode.


“Then, let me explain about this magic tool.”

(Sensei. I have already mastered the technique of converting magical power into the spirit power. Yes, like this.)


With a slight delay after the words of magical power, I release the spirit power into the air.
Sensei who was about to start explaining suddenly stiffened with a Bita sound effect.
Tiny-sama who is creating many hitting techniques with her hands with magical power in the background stopped and looked at me too.

The blinking in surprise eyes of the two is very adorable.
Kuti, even in the pushing fist out pose is as I thought Kuti as her lovely face, style, and aura are adorable no matter what she does. Truly warm and fluffy.
Sensei is Pokan (open wide mouth), making such suitable face. Her half-opened eyes are 1.5 times more opened than usual. It’s quite wasteful as this person would be quite a beauty if she were like this normally.
Well, the said person is a research baka, lesson baka, and sorcery baka, so she most likely isn’t someone to put effort into her appearances.


“W, why…… can you do it? I’m sure you weren’t able to do this before we went for the regular report……”


Sani sensei just barely managed to squeeze out and recover from her state, but well, it’s as she said, I was able to do this after they have left. Moreover, it’s something I became able to do just recently.


(Yes, I became able to do this just recently.)

“No, no, no. Became able, you say! It took me two weeks to alter the magic tool that converts spirit power into magical power, you know!? You shouldn’t have such knowledge!”

“As expected of Lily! To do more than Sani in such painful times of not being able to see each other! But, I don’t want a time when I can’t see you anymore! Lily!”



Remembering the painful time of not being able to see me, Kuti comes jumping with tears in her eyes.
The constellation battle in the background has already dispersed.

We embrace of each other again, no, over and over again.

It’s party today! It’s a break! Hiyahoo~i!


“Impossible…… is this the true ability of a candidate………… kukkuku…… fine. This is why it’s worth doing it…… kukkuku.”


When I look at Sani sensei, who hung her head down with her face gradually becoming black while going round and round with Kuti, my mimetic muscles which don’t usually change unconsciously relax and form a smile.

I fully demonstrate my multitasking ability to observe the surroundings while dancing around with Kuti.
It can be already said that it stuck with me as a habit.

Obaasama, Reki-kun, the personal maids, and Knights are here, but everyone is watching over me who suddenly started smiling and going round and round with warm smiles.


Rather, it seemed like a few people were smitten, though.


“Ahem, let’s resume. It’s really delightful that you have become able to use the spirit power. The magic tool came to nothing, but it had only a few stages. That being the case, let’s devote to acquire sorcery.”



(I’d like to look at that magic tool!)

“Umu, well you should get detailed knowledge related to the magic tools.”

(I understand.)

“If it’s Lily, you will be able to use magic tools right away! A walk in the park! If it’s about materials, there are plenty slightly away from the mansion, so it’s okay!”

(Eh, is that so?)

“That’s right, you know! Probably within the mansion’s grounds? I don’t know well how far the grounds of this mansion stretch, so I can’t really say, though~ Should I check next time~?”

(Ah, let’s go together at that time! If Kuti is there, I would be fine even if I couldn’t see it!)

“Hiyahoo~i, exploration together with Lily~! Let’s go right away! Now, let’s go! Adventure! Adventure! Adve~nture!”



Kuti who got instantly changed into an explorer look dances around with a dagger in her hands.
She mixed exploration and dagger, didn’t she[ 探検 – Tanken – Exploration / 短剣 – Tanken – Dagger]. I won’t say it out loud though, I’m getting a little tipsy of her adorable figure.
I really don’t get tired of looking at Kuti. She’s so cute I want to eat her.
But, there stands a formidable opponent in the way of exploration. It seems to be still far away.


(Kuti, I’m sorry. I think it’s still impossible. I can’t convince Ena at all. I did a bit of mansion exploration while you two were away, but Ena was opposing it at that time, so I think it would be really difficult to explore outside the mansion……)

“Gaan! That can’t be…… b, but if it’S Lily! Lily can do it! I strongly believe! I don’t have even a tiny bit of doubt!”


My heart slightly aches at Kuti’s unconditional trust.
I feel like just this will have a quite high degree of difficulty. But, I have decided to not only to negotiate directly but to also use underhanded means on Ena even more.

If it’s for adventure with Kuti, I will make Ena surrender!
Now, let’s go, to the still unexplored land! And to the paradise together with Kuti!


“Cough, Ah~ May I?”

(Ha. I’m sorry, Sensei. Please, continue.)

“Umu. You keep it moderately too.”

(Yes, pardon me.)


I forgot I was taking a lesson and got excited with Kuti.
While reflecting, I switch to ‘it’s a lesson now’ feelings.


“Let’s leave the matters regarding magic tools for later and concentrate on using the spirit power to use concealment sorcery first.”

(Ah, yes! I can do it!)


(It’s this, right! Kuti, pardon me for a moment~ Concealment sorcery activate!)


Because Sani sensei probably wouldn’t be able to see it if I use it on empty space, and it would be troubling if I disappeared right in front of the people around, so I try using it on Kuti.
Because it’s basically sorcery that conceals the target from the surroundings, I judged it safe, and confirmed it on myself. Although, I knew from the analysis that it was safe in the first place.


“Wha……!? Kuti vanished……”

(How is it?)


When Sani sensei tries to touch the place where Kuti disappeared, Kuti who has concealment sorcery on her moves as if to avoid that hand.
This is due to the automatic avoidance function built within the sorcery.
I wasn’t able to include, change, or cancel this function. Therefore, if the target of the sorcery is about to be touched, it will automatically move to avoid.


“Kuti, don’t move.”

(Ah, Sensei. This has automatic avoidance built in, so it will avoid on its own when about to get touched. Therefore, it’s not like Kuti is moving away. Umm, she’s currently here.)


Sensei can’t see Kuti, so I put a magical power marker on her instead. Since she would automatically avoid when touched, I made arrows in six directions slightly further away from her.


“Fumu…… avoidance function, huh…… since it’s built within the concealment sorcery, is it for something waiting on alert?”

(Yes, Kuti has installed this behind me, there seems to be automatic defense sorcery included.)

“I see…… were you taught by Kuti?”

(No. I analyzed it by myself.)

“…… N? I thought I heard you saying you analyzed it, though.”


Sensei who rubbed her eyes with the cuffs of her white coat looked at the words of magical power again to confirm.
She repeated those actions several times as if she didn’t believe what she read, until she Sensei asked again.



(Yes, analyzed.)


Kuti’s magical power overflows from within when the concealment sorcery’s time limit passed.


“How cruel~ Lily! Inside that, sound nor magical power nor anything else can be transmitted outside, you know~!”

(H, huh…… was that so? I’m sorry…… Kuti. Because I could see from both outside and inside, I was sure that……)

“Uu…… as expected of my Lily…… but, normal people can’t see through that, you know~”

(I’m sorry, Kuti.)

“No, I forgive you…… Muchuu~n.”

(Ahaha, that tickles.)


Immediately after her magical power overflowed from inside, Kuti jumped and rubbed her cheeks against mine, then I felt a soft feeling on my cheek.


One person who was unrelated to the pink colored scene was Poka~n staring at the words of magical power in the background and fell into a state of not understanding the situation.

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