Chapter 215.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Unidentified life forms and B6-23.
“Ojousama, it seems that we will be arriving soon.”


While ascertaining my love with Kuti, we arrived at our destination.
Even though we could have taken longer to get there.

But well, it cannot be helped since we’ve arrived.

Our destination, of course, was that place where we arrived when we came from Auriol to the Forest next to the world.
But unfortunately, I couldn’t investigate the radio tower after all.
Well, instead, I was able to meet Mireilleoryl in the investigation of the Shinkansen, so this one is bigger than the other.
Besides, there would be another opportunity.

As the speed of the car slowly slowed down, the preparations for the descent began in the car as well.
Mira, who had yet to get accustomed to the car, fainted with her eyes wide open, so I had to wake her up with some sorcery first.

On this trip to the Forest next to the world, I learned a lot of things about Mira in particular.
Although she was usually dedicated to me as my personal maid and fluffer, there were still many things I didn’t know about her.
I can say that it was very meaningful to see a part of her talent.
Sooner or later, everyone in the Christophe family will know about the Kutipad, but I honestly don’t think that even the servants would be able to use it freely.
After all, it takes quite the effort to create even one Kutipad.
In addition, I need to use Reki-kun’s aether crystals for the battery.

The one I lent Natasha and the others this time was something I had prepared in advance because I knew they would need it, but the truth is that I don’t have that many.
It’s not just a matter of time before you’ll be able to get your hands on it. You can use them at Christophe’s house, but I’d like to spend a little more time on them to make them easier to use.
While Kutipad is very versatile, it takes time to master.
In that case, it would be better to make them more specialized.

Kutipad, in particular, is too ahead of its time as a magic tool.
It’s so over-technical that I still think it would be better to make a car that runs on magic power.
That’s probably why I think it was so rare for Mira to develop her talent in such a field.

Even in the Ovent Kingdom, which has an academic city with many schools and an environment where even the average commoner can study, it is still rather difficult to find the kind of job you’d want.
Moreover, the further you get from the capital city of Ovent, the less education is available.
It’s a far cry from the countries where compulsory education is still prevalent, such as was my past life’s country.

Nevertheless, the Ovent Kingdom boasts an overwhelmingly high literacy rate and a large number of schools compared to the rest of the countries.

And all the servants of the Christophe family are graduates of the school run by my grandparents.
Reading, writing and calculation are mandatory.
The Christophe family is a Count family, after all. Naturally, the servants have to be of a certain caliber as well.

… Well, even though the level of reading, writing and calculation education is at the elementary school level in this country.

That aside, I’m sure I will be able to find some buried talents, just like Mira.
However, it is true that it would take time to find them unless they are such dazzlingly outstanding talents like Mira.
Moreover, not all talents can be found via the Kutipad.





“Well then, Christophe-sama, we will have to excuse ourselves here.”
“Yes, thank you very much. Please be careful on your way back.”


Before activating Inter-dimensional movement sorcery, we saw off the fairies that picked us up and also dropped us off.
At this time, I’m secretly activating a variety of sorcery around them, but they won’t notice it.
It’s only natural, though, since we are trying to avoid being noticed.

The sorcery that is being activated is basically a defensive system and concealment sorcery.
There are many reasons for this, but it’s mainly because they have to return to the fairy town safely.
Perhaps these sorceries will end up being meaningless, but of course it’s better than nothing.
This is just my insurance.


“B6-23 please, Kuti.”
“Roger that!”


As soon as the car is far enough away from the drop-off point, we start to act as we had discussed in advance.

Today, all we had to do was return to the Ovent Kingdom, but unfortunately, not everything seems to be going as planned.


“Deployment complete! B6-23 activated! Open Sesame!”


On Kuti’s activation cue, the earth turned up and formed a huge dome.
The huge dome of earth that enclosed us was a huge one with a radius of two hundred meters.
It’s only possible for Kuti to complete the dome in just a few seconds after the activation of the sorcery.
If I did it, it would certainly take at least twice as long.
As expected of Kuti. The title of the strongest sorceress in the Forest next to the world is not just for show.

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