Chapter 215.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Unidentified life forms and B6-23.
“The other side seems to be in a disorder.”
“They must have thought we wouldn’t notice.”
“We wouldn’t be able to discover them without your exploration sorcery.”
“Yes, they are capable of invalidating sorcery, after all. Whatever they are.”


There were unidentified life forms other than us inside the earth dome.
And all of the life forms had the frightening property of nullifying sorcery on their own.

It was only yesterday that I discovered these unidentified life forms.
I was in the midst of getting all sorts of information from Mireilleoryl, when a blank space appeared on the very edge of the expanded vision of my Contact Lenses.
My Contact Lenses are visualizing the environmental data obtained from the exploration sorcery through dozens of filters.
Naturally, if it can’t obtain the data, it can’t visualize it.

The acquisition of environmental data is done by sorcery, but it is often difficult to acquire information well because the extended outer limit range of the Contact Lenses is also the limit of the distance that information can be acquired from.
However, I was able to experience the discomfort of having my sorcery nullified during the inspection of the darkness.

And this was not an error in obtaining information due to distance, but rather a nullification of my sorcery.

Then, after careful investigation, I discovered that there were certain individuals who were probing us while nullifying sorcery around them.
However, the other side also seemed to be moving quite cautiously, always approaching just barely to the limit of my exploration sorcery.
I don’t know more about them because I am not actively investigating it since I don’t want them to notice that I am investigating and escape.
But the current situation of always using exploration sorcery worked in my favor so far.

The unidentified life forms can nullify sorcery, but they are not able to identify the sorcery they are nullifying.
And since I am always using exploration sorcery, they could not get away with using different sorcery to blend in.

The other side can nullify the sorcery.
That is to say, they are my natural enemy, since I specializes in sorcery.
However, it was significant that I was able to directly inspect the unique existence of darkness beforehand.

Although they can nullify sorcery, can they really be said to be invincible?
The answer, of course, is no.


“The scope of the nullifying sorcery has expanded. Invasion speed low. Kuti, C8-12.”



The inside of the earth dome was already filled with my sorcery.
The opponent was in full view because they were moving while nullifying the sorcery.
However, as soon as they stop nullifying, data will be gathered.
This is because the sorcery I filled the dome with was all sorcery that specialized in collecting information.
Even if it’s nullified, at the very least, the dimensions of the opponent’s movements could be understood.

Besides, we have already considered the means of nullifying the sorcery used by the opponents.


“Preparations complete! Launching—!”


With Kuti’s preparations done, the inside of the earth dome got stirred in an instant.
It could be called a local typhoon.
A storm created by sorcery requires a constant supply of sorcery until the moment it occurs, but after that, it’s all a physical phenomenon.
Even if they have the means to nullify sorcery, they cannot nullify the physical phenomenon created by sorcery.

We already experimented with it yesterday, so it should be an effective move as long as the other party doesn’t have other means to deal with it.
Of course, we will also be affected by the storm, so we have to deploy defensive sorcery in advance to withstand it.
We also considered that our defenses will be destroyed by the means of sorcery nullification, so we also use physical means for defense.

… Though that only entailed building a stronger earth dome inside the earth dome.

Of course, the earth dome deployed at the beginning was also intended to prevent escape by physical means.
Even though the dome was solidified with sorcery, once it was solidified, it was no more than a physical obstacle.
The strength of the dome was also tremendous, so when it is all around you and you are trying to escape, it’s going to be a hassle, but there’s no way around it.

But that’s only after it’s over.

The data collected showed that the area of sorcery nullification that had been expanding has disappeared.
It seems that my prediction was correct, after all.
So, let’s go onto the next step.

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