Chapter 95

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Even though I thought it was great that there was nothing to stress about.
Fortunately, Anton and I never saw each other again after that. I haven’t seen him once since then, probably because he feels guilty for using me as a shield to protect himself. It seems to me that his newfound obsession with me was just a lie.

But I was content. My time with Anton had been uncomfortable, and I’d always been forced to be nervous about my time with him. With that partner gone and out of sight, my mood was refreshed and my appetite was whetted.
It was wonderful to be stress-free. The meal Anton had recommended to me looked good, but I couldn’t really taste it because I didn’t know when he was going to try to drug me again.

Now that I have my trusty Dora by my side, I didn’t have to worry about my safety, and my appetite returned naturally. The nutritious meals Fii made for me were delicious, and I wished to never see Anton again. While having such thoughts, and when the wound was finally closed up and my laughter no longer caused my side to hurt, Anton showed up.

It had been about two days since I was able to get up from my bed.

“Hello, Yurika. You are looking a lot better.”
“Mister Anton. What can I do for you?”
“You are treating me coldly again. Oh well. You seem to be doing pretty good. I can let you meet him then.”

What do you mean by hello. He hurts people and there wasn’t a single word of apology from him. Anton looked as if nothing had happened. I think it’s natural to feel irritated when looking at him. If you can be affectionate to someone like that, you’re either a very capable person yourself or simply dumb.

“Who are you going to make me meet?”
“His Majesty Liamus.”
“… I would like to decline.”
“You don’t have to worry about it. He’s a kind-hearted person.”

The King of Troyl, His Majesty Liamus, should have visited incognito before, but he apologized on that day and didn’t come. I thought the talks ended there, but it seems they just postponed the visit.

“What do you want me to do?”
“His Majesty wants to meet you. It seems that he was curious about the wife who protected his husband from his lover’s attack.”
“Please decline it.”
“You don’t know why? I don’t want to see him.”
“You hadn’t had the chance to meet His Majesty Liamus before. It’s your good fortune.”
“That’s true to you, but it means nothing to me. What are you planning this time? Mister Anton.”

When I looked at Anton, he scowled, but it was only for a moment and the corners of his mouth immediately lifted. A stinky smile appeared on his face.


“What are you saying, Yurika?”
“Are you planning on using me as your shield against His Majesty next?”

When I glared at Anton, Dora who acted as Mille stood in front of me and spoke to Anton.

“Umm, Master. Madam has just become able to leave her bed. She does not seem to be feeling well, sir.”
“I see. Sorry about that. It seems I was impatient. I will talk to you about this at a later date.”

Thanks to Mille’s admonition to save such talk for a later date, Anton left.

“What is he planning? That man.”

I couldn’t believe Anton’s insensitivity. I’m not his wife as I have already divorced him. What is he planning by introducing me to His Majesty? Dora started to say something that made me uneasy.

“You don’t think that man is going to offer you to His Majesty Liamus, do you?”
“Stop it.”

A cold feeling ran down my spine, as if Anton was capable of doing it.

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