Chapter 96

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sudden visitor.
“You over there. Is Anton here?”
“Umm, who might you be? Lord Anton seems to have gone out earlier and is currently absent. May I help you with something?”
“I am Liamus. I don’t have a prior appointment, but Anton told me to come whenever I like.”

Several days later, while I was taking a walk with Dora in the courtyard, a middle-aged man called out to me from across the fence. The person was skinny with black hair and black eyes, and his oval-faced face looked pale. I thought his impressive black beard made him resemble a goat.
Liamus? Just when I thought I heard that name somewhere before, Dora whispered, “His Majesty” and the man crossed over the fence. Behind him followed strong men.

“Lady Yurika. It’s His Majesty Liamus.”

Dora whispered behind me, so I hurriedly bowed my head. I did not think the person himself would visit all of sudden.

“Although I did not know, I apologize for my rudeness.”
“It’s fine, it’s fine. I don’t mind. You are Anton’s wife?”
“No. We are already divorced, so I am his former wife.”

Dora, who was concerned about His Majesty’s reaction, called my name in trying to stop me. She wanted to tell me to not say anything unnecessary. But, no matter who my opponent is, I hate the thought of being recognized as Anton’s wife.

“Is that so…”

As I glanced nervously at His Majesty, he did not react. It might have been irrelevant information to him.

“But, I heard that you have protected him and got stabbed in his place. A woman’s body is precious. You are like his mother.”

His Majesty’s words sounded nostalgic. I wanted to tell him that I did not protect Anton of my own volition, but I could not say anything seeing His Majesty’s smiling eyes.


“… Did His Majesty know Anton’s Mother?”
“Of course. He resembles her a lot.”

His Majesty looked unfriendly when silent, but when he loosened his cheeks, I could feel gentleness from his face.
His Majesty seemed to be thinking of the Crown Princess. He seems to believe that Anton was her child. But, Anton is not the Crown Princess’s child. I was hesitating whether to tell him that Anton was actually the son of the Crown Princess’s maid.
His Majesty spoke sincerely.

“She was a person of loyalty. Although she was a woman, she was beautiful yet dignified.”

When I heard these words, it seemed to me as if he was describing someone I heard of before.
Anton’s stepmother Margot, spoke of his biological mother as “a dignified person”. It’s almost as if he was speaking about the same person. I had more questions to ask.

“Your Majesty, are you aware of Anton’s locket pendant?”
“I heard someone else is in possession of a matching one.”
“Then, do you know about the picture inside?”
“It should be a picture of her best friend. She always carried it close to her. She was that close to her. He seems to have misunderstood the maiden in the picture for her.”
“So you were aware? Why did you let Anton do as he pleases then?”

His Majesty Liamus is aware that Anton was not the son of the late Crown Princess. When I asked why he let Anton fool him, he did not tell me.

“I disturbed you. I will come again.”

He left such words behind as he left with the strong guards following him like his shadow.

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