Chapter 94

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Because it’s a lie.
“It hurts quite a bit. Even though I know the wound is shallow, it still bothers me.”
“It cannot be helped. You were stabbed to your side. However, because you were wearing a corset, the tip of the blade was obstructed by it and didn’t go too deeply. I would not have the confidence to save your life if you got stabbed any deeper.”

I couldn’t believe that my wound wasn’t so deep because of the stinging pain I felt. Dora is saying that my life was saved because the corset I was wearing stopped the edge of the blade from stabbing any deeper.
I had never experienced being cut with a knife before, so I realized just how painful it is.

“I have a feeling that I’m going to have a hard time moving around for a while.”

I said with a sigh and Dora wrapped her hands around mine.

“I will assist you with everything, Lady Yurika. Please depend on me more and more.”
“You sound so reliable.”
“I will help you, too. Just ask for anything.”
“Then, I would like to ask you for another deep-fry guineafowl, Fii.”
“Got it.”
“But, are you sure you can be here? What are you going to say if other servants see you?”
“It’s fine. Everyone is away for business now and they won’t be back until the evening.”
“Everyone is away? How come?”
“It seems that the King of Troyl is going to visit this mansion incognito next week, so everyone is busy running around in preparations.”
“This country’s King is going to visit? What is he coming here for?”
“Who knows? Anton seems to be the King’s favorite, so he’s probably coming here to play.”

It’s strange to say he’s traveling incognito since everyone in the mansion seems to be aware of it. I don’t think you can call it incognito anymore. The King of Ligisia rarely visited other people’s homes. That is why the Side Consort, my sister Marlene, has never returned home. It was common for the imperial family to summon the nobles to the palace, so it seemed unusual for the King of Troyl to visit a private home like this.

Because I had heard that Troyl was particularly shaken by internal conflicts, I wondered if it was okay for him to sneak out of the palace and come here. It seemed like an unnecessary thing to do. What if encountered something that would put his life in danger?
But His Majesty of Troyl, as I’ve heard, must be very confident of his personal safety, since he always has strong bodyguards by his side.

The fact that he was coming to visit Anton in a situation like this seemed to indicate that he had let down his guard around Anton.

“What kind of person is he?”
“Are you curious? You better stop.”


The thought that His Majesty was fond of Anton made me curious about him, but Fii grimaced.

“Although you won’t hear the rumors of the King’s fondness for women, you won’t hear nothing nice either.”
“I don’t think I’m going to see him in this state.”

You don’t want to meet him, Fii advised. I heard that the King of Troyl is a man who loves to fight. I don’t have the courage to approach such a dangerous man.
Fii sighed.

“Yurika, please don’t think about anything aside from getting better. Leave the rest to us. Once your wound is healed, we will escape from here. Can you endure until then?”
“Of course.”
“Please don’t do the unreasonable. Do you know how worried I was when I heard you protected that idiot?”
“Ah. That is a lie.”
“What do you mean?”
“That man used me as a shield when Anna attacked him.”

Fii’s complexion completely changed. I didn’t want to protect Anton whatsoever.

“That guy…! Unforgivable.”

I thought I heard Fii’s teeth grinding.

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