Chapter 93

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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He finally came.
“Thank you, Dora. I narrowly escaped from death thanks to you.”
“But, I was nearly plunged into darkness when I heard you got stabbed, Lady Yurika. Please don’t do the unreasonable. You should have left that man alone…!”

Dora said vexingly.

“Truly. To think he would use me as a shield…”
“Shield? Didn’t you protect him, Lady Yurika?”
“There’s no way I would do that. That’s only what Anton made it look like.”

Knowing that Mille was Dora, my talking got lighter. She believed that I got stabbed because I protected Anton. Her complexion changed when I corrected her.

“He used you as a shield? Unforgivable.”
“Well, I guess you could say it was a spur of the moment thing or a reflex? Anyhow, it surprised me, too.”
“That’s not a good excuse. Not only he did not protect you, he used you to protect him? He’s the worst.”
“Well, at least I am safe…”

While calming the resentful Dora down, there was a knocking on the door and a chef entered inside. Even if he had the chef’s hat on top of his head and his eyes lowered, he couldn’t hide his features. I almost began to tear up when I met his eyes. He finally came, those thoughts ran through my mind. Blacky totteringly followed after him.


Fii approached with long steps and hugged me tightly. When I tried to hug him back, I felt pain on my side and retracted my arms.

“Yurika, sorry.”


Seeing me hold my side in pain, Fii quickly pulled apart. Blacky who was behind him swiftly jumped away as Fii nearly stepped on him.

“I’m glad you are safe…”
“Thank you. I survived thanks to Dora.”

I thought I was going to die, I smiled at Fii who apologized to me worriedly.

“I’m sorry, Yurika. I shouldn’t let you get put through all of this.”
“Geez, this is the second time already that you apologized to me.”
“Actually, I was already supposed to take you away from this place.”

Fii said dejectedly.

“Is it because I got stabbed?”
“… No. It was my miscalculation.”
“Getting injured was beyond my expectations, too. You don’t need to feel guilty. Of course, Dora too. My life was thankfully saved, so let’s stop this gloomy talk.”

I want you to be happy that my life got saved instead, the two showed relieved expressions when I told them this.

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