Chapter 92

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Behind the scenes of her captivity.
“By the time we replaced the servants here, you were confined in this room and we couldn’t get near. Lord Fionn was so concerned about you and your health so he often had Blacky bring you food away from Lord Anton’s eyes.”
“Is that why Blacky was coming so often? I get it now.”
“The meals were prepared according to Lord Anton’s instructions, but Lord Fionn made sure to prepare them as close to your preferences as possible.”
“So the meals were prepared by Fii, huh.”
“Yes. The deep-fried guineafowl is in fact, Lord Fionn’s specialty. He were allowed to have some after that, too.”

Dora said proudly.

“But then, when you were told to poison taste for me by Anton, you didn’t seem to want to eat it very much, why?”
“Of course, Lady Yurika. The fried food was so delicious that I wasn’t sure I could satisfy myself just by tasting it. Of course, I asked Fionn-sama to especially fry it up for you as a reward for your current situation.”

Apparently, the reason Mille looked shaken at that moment was not that she was afraid of the poison, but because she was on the brink of eating it all by herself.

“As expected of you, Dora.”
“You can rest assured while staying here, Lady Yurika. We will be always by your side.”

I felt alone because I thought I had no one here to stand by me, no one on my side. I was convinced that I had to keep fighting alone until help arrived. And yet here I was, with an ally right beside me.
Then I wondered why they didn’t rescue me sooner, and Dora apologized to me.

“Forgive me, Lady Yurika. I never thought Anna would try to harm you. I never thought she would target you when I was not by your side. It’s my fault that you were stabbed.”
“That was not your fault. That’s how things just ended up turning out.”
“Lady Yurika.”
“You were able to treat my wound properly, right? My abdomen feels tightly wrapped up in bandages.”


I was stabbed on my side. A bandage was tightly wrapped around the wound. When I touched it with my hand, I could smell a strong odor of medicine.

“Yes, although I am unworthy, I had the privilege of treating your wound. I have learned a lot about medicine. Fortunately, the wound was very shallow, so it should close up in just a few days. But, it would be best for you to rest for a while.”
“Your studied medicine? Just who are you?”
“I am a fledgling doctor.”
“Why are you working as a maid then?”

I cannot imagine. Dora is a female doctor? Why is she working as a maid then?

“That’s a long story…”

Ahaha, Dora laughed in an attempt to divert the conversation. It didn’t seem like she wanted to talk about it.

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