Chapter 41

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Troyl’s internal conflict.
After learning that Anna was Troyl’s spy, all the trust I had for her before was lost. Instead, doubt was spreading within me. The stories Anna told me were at times vastly different from what I heard from my Father-in-law.

I imagined that “Her parents’ house” that she at times talked about was on Garland’s territory. I often gave her a day off so that she could visit her home. I heard that she was staying at some cheap inn and met with some unknown men, so they must have been her companions from Troyl.

I was also told that Anton was seen there once in a while. I couldn’t believe my ears.

“Just what did she want to accomplish?”
“It appears she was plotting with her companions to support the prince born by Duke Manela’s daughter.”

I could only feel that Anna used Hanks and Carl’s deaths as a stepping stone to get inside the Garland Household. I was taken aback by Fii’s words.

“Duke’s Manela’s daughter was the wife of Troyl’s former King’s son, right? I heard she’s a beautiful woman. She was the former Crown Princess, right? I heard that Crown Prince passed away and that she’s currently missing, though?”

Fii nodded.


I heard a little about Troyl’s from my Father. Troyl is a large country with huge military power. Troyl’s previous King was a military man who caused frequent tensions with the neighboring countries. Once upon a time, the Crown Prince visited our country and fell for a certain young lady.

That was Duke Manela’s daughter, he fell in love with her and begged our former Emperor for her hand. At first, the former Emperor didn’t look good. The young lady was already engaged to the Crown Prince of his country, after all. The Troyl’s Crown Prince tried to block that from happening.

While others tried to persuade the former Emperor to send her away before a war breaks out, the young lady voluntarily went back to Troyl with the Crown Prince. His Majesty apparently lamented over the young lady’s sacrifice, but at the same time, the worry that Troyl would invade his country was lost. That’s what my Father told me.

Unexpectedly, Troyl’s imperial couple were harmonious and several years later, a prince was born. But, the Crown Prince apparently died one day of sudden illness, starting a political power struggle among the other princes, creating an internal conflict.
I heard that this stormy conflict still rages on even after the Eight Prince, who won the struggle, became the King.

“You know that there’s a lot of infighting going on in Troyl, right? Presently, the Anti-monarchy faction is looking for the young prince’s whereabouts.”
“Anna belongs to the Anti-monarchy faction?”

I felt like the mystery of why Anna was persistently looking into Duke Manela’s daughter got solved. When I learned that, it felt like my husband’s elopement with Anna seemed like a lie.

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