Chapter 40

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Anna’s objective.
“But… it might be a good thing that Hanks already passed away. He would be devastated if he learned about this.”

To Hanks, Anna was a good wife for Carl. If he learned that she eloped with my husband, he would receive a considerable shock.

“Did Anna deceive the two because they had good characters? If so, I cannot forgive her for that.”
“They won’t be able to rest in peace if that’s the case. Passing away without getting to know that Anna might have deceived them from the very beginning might be better…”

If the kindhearted Carl found out that Anna was Troyl’s spy, he and Hanks would have regretted inviting such a dangerous person to our house for life. I don’t think I will be able to forgive Anna for the rest of my life if she approached them only to use them.

“I heard from Father-in-law that Anna was a spy sent from Troyl, but… what was she looking for? Why did she approach us?”
“She seemed to be investigating about Duke Manela’s daughter. Duke Manela’s daughter is the current Emperor’s younger cousin, so it wasn’t possible for them to approach her, so she was gathering information about her. She might have thought it would be easier to obtain information by getting into the family of Baron Vise who has great connections thanks to his lumber business.”

Even if she uses a frontal attack, the other party was a high noble with Imperial blood. Approaching someone like her would be too difficult. That’s why Fii is saying that she might have wanted to enter a place where a lot of information went through.
If so, then the development that took place was too convenient for her. She wanted to get closer to the daughter of Baron Vise to gather information——


“Fifth sister entering the palace. She was aiming for that?”

Anna showed up after His Majesty saw older sister Marlene for the first time and decided to take her into the palace.
She came while we were celebrating.
If all went smoothly for her, Anna would accompany older sister to the palace, where she could gather information from inside. Realizing that, I shuddered. Come to think of it, Mother was considering making her Marlene’s personal maid at first. Because she did such a good job, I remember Mother asking Anna whether she worked in someone else’s mansion before.

I already forgot what Anna replied to her, but I feel that Mother was satisfied by her answer and was thinking about sending her with older sister to the palace. However, that discussion came to an end when Grandpa Hanks fell ill.
A year later, Grandpa Hanks passed away and Anna who continued working at the Baron’s house came to my side. I don’t think things went the way she planned. However, reality is a delicate thing. Didn’t her wish come true in the end?

“She couldn’t accompany older sister as she planned, but she accompanied me when I married Anton. She believed she still had a chance, no?”

Even though my older sister entered the palace without her and her hopes were cut off, Anna still had insurance in me, who was still unmarried, so she continued staying in the Baron’s household.

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